California's Year 2001 Dragonfly Sightings

Species are listed in order from MOST TO LEAST recently seen! Please send your sightings to Kathy Biggs.

Initials refer to those reporting the sighting as listed at the end of this page.

Species are reported using either the Common Name or the Scientific Name, whichever the sender used (inc. using both), but all county records and first sightings of the year are listed by both names. Initials after sightings refer to observer. See key at end of page.
**= first sighting of species of year in CA
* = possibly new flight data for species in CA
# = possibly a migratory event

91 species (out of 108 known species) were reported to this site as flying in CA in 2001.

County records are underlined and in orange text.
There were 27 new county records confirmed this year by catching/photos of live dragonflies
and 9 `sighting only' records for which we hope to get further documentation next year.
There have also been some upgrades of previous `sighting only' records and new specimen records from recently examined museum/private collections.
County records should be substantiated with specimen (preferable) or photo and notes.


San Diego County
Alan Wight

I saw a single *Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum* at Anza Borrego State Park in Southern California. The sighting was near the Elephant Tree Trail.
Douglas Aguillard
2 *Pacific Forktails, Ischnura cervula* at Greenwood Cemetery

[both of these reports are the very last sightings of the year, and both new flight data - kb]

Imperial County - BM:

Henry and I did the Imperial and Brawley site today and I have been all around the valley for a week now. On 12-27 I had a glimpse of one dragonfly at Wister Waterfowl Area on the North end but was not able to ID. Today I saw one dragon at the Imperial site. My first impression of it was Mexican Amberwing in color but it seemed too large. I saw it for about ten seconds out the window on the other side of the vehicle but when I got out and ran around it was never seen again. Oh well!! It was flying, pretty fast, over an open stretch of water, acting differently than what I would expect from the Mexican Amberwing. Did not struck me as Roseate Skimmer or Variegated Meadowhawk.

Sacramento County - TM:

A week ago I noticed a Variegated Meadowhawk sunning itself on a corner of our roof. Today (Xmas eve) I was out back and spotted it in the same corner. I figured it must have died on the spot, as it seemed perched in the exact same spot, oriented the same direction, etc. But when I climbed up to check it, it flew away! So we seem to have wintering ode in our yard. I'll be interested in seeing if it returns there again on other sunny days this winter. [One year I suspected we had a similar thing here in Sebastopol, because for weeks, if it was warm, one Variegated Meadowhawk would fly up from the same spot on our driveway when I went out. I too feel like they are possibly over wintering. Now what I wonder is, do they make it thru the winter and become our first Anisopterans to mate/oviposit? Like, when I saw the pair ovipositing in Seb. a few years ago the first week in March, were they ones who had been here all winter? And why else would they live on thru the inclement weather except to be the first here?!? IF anyone else sees one in the same spot frequently this winter, please let us know! - kb]

12- various dates
Sonoma County - RM:

Rod works outdoors and reports that whenever it has been sunny and at least in the mid-50s, he's seen Variegated Meadowhawks sunning themselves, low to the ground, on the dry grasses.

12-22: [WINTER!]
San Diego County - DA:

I'm keeping tabs on the bugs at Greenwood cemetery for late date records, and the Flame Skimmer was no where to be found, so I assuming it's dead. But there was an increase in the population of *Pacific Forktails, Ischnura cervula* - 3 females and 4 males.

Kern County - GB:

We had our Bakersfield Christmas Bird Count last Sunday and I looked for and asked others to look for any kind of dragonfly. I did, they did and the results were zilch, nada, absolutely zero. The weather was great so I expected to see something, but nothing was flying. [:-( - kb]

Imperial County - BM:

The north end of the Imperial Valley: The wind was extreme but a very nice day otherwise. I had a few dragons around!! There was one Variegated Meadowhawk flying at Wister Wildlife Area and several Roseate Skimmers at the Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR visitor center. [last date this species reported in 2001] Saw a few more unknown's scattered around or thrown past by the wind and guess they were one of the above.
San Diego County - DA:

I participated in the San Diego Christmas Bird Count, and guess what Cemetery was in the Count Circle? That's right-Greenwood, and I just had to go and take a peek.
1 *Flame Skimmer, L. saturata* . [New late flight date and last date this species reported in 2001] & 2 Pacific Forktails
Sacramento County - TM:

Had a Variegated Meadowhawk male sunning himself on the roof this morning!

Imperial County - BM:

I was at the Brawley site yesterday and the Imperial site morning and evening today, valleywide for two days......NO dragons or Damsels seen anywhere!! So, one heck of a lot of I. ramburii from one week ago are just gone! I even crawled around looking on the ground beneath the sedges looking for corpses......none!
[I inquired about weather, etc. - kb] The last night that I saw them there was a front coming in and the strong wind was quite cold. I would have thought they would be down low in the veg but to my surprise they were crowding the tips of the highest Sedges (The last group of pics I sent). The orange females in those pics were by flashlight, some of the other pics were with flash. The weather was pretty much cold and stormy for the next few days although we had no rain and it was about 50% cloud and sun. Temps were probably mid 30 for low but a little cooler in the river bottom. We are an ag area so they always broadcast the ground level temps for lettuce ice in the fields. There were no warnings for lettuce ice.

San Diego County - BM:

Today I birded San Felipe Creek as it comes out of Scissors Crossing along Hwy. 78, just east of Hwy. S2 and drops into Anza-Borrego State Park, San Diego Co. There were four Variegated Meadowhawks on one of the hidden vernal pools.
Sonoma County - AW:

While hiking around in Helen Putnam Park near Petaluma today, my wife Shelly (Hernandez) spotted a dragonfly. It landed and I got good looks at it - a Variegated Meadowhawk. [A few more were reported on 12-10 from Lynch Rd in Sebastopol by G&HC]

San Diego County - DA:

Yaqui Wells, Anza Borrego SP - 5 Variegated Meadowhawks- nothing else was flying at all.
San Diego, Greenwood Cemetery- 1 Flame Skimmer & 6 Pacific Forktails.

Sacramento County - TM:

....I did see a dragonfly today (probably Variegated Meadowhawk?) flying across Watt Avenue (pretty busy street in mostly residential neighborhood area). So they are still out around here (not that unusual really).

Imperial County - DA:

At the Imperial site of the NRW project -
*Rambur's Forktail, I. ramburii*- Only about a 100 or so, not the thousands that Bob reported earlier in the month, but it's getting later in the season. [New late flight data and last day seen this year] Photos to follow. *Familiar Bluet, E. civile*- Only had about 50 of these [new late flight season data for CA], & 1 Variegated Meadowhawk. No Roseate Skimmers as Bob had reported earlier.
I then had a *Blue Dasher, P. longipennis* do a flyby at Fig Lagoon near Drew rd.[New late flight data and last day seen this year]

San Diego County - DA:

Greenwood Cemetery- San Diego, CA
Things have gotten real cold at night, and activity was definitely down today.
1 Flame Skimmer
3 Pacific Forktails (2 males- 1 female)

Imperial County - BM:

I went out to the NRW Imperial site this evening and was totally blown away by the numbers of Rambur's!! I would estimate 10,000 is a conservative number. They were literally lining the sedges. I saw 11 of the orange females and was only able to find about 15 other females. They were almost entirely males! No other dragons seen but I was there very late. [Bob sent amazing photos to go with this message. I hope to add a link here later...kb]

Imperial County - BM:

I visited the Brawley site just before sundown and went to the only spot where I had seen damsels yesterday. I found only 17 individuals and netted / released all but three that I collected. All were Rambur's and 16 of them were male. That really surprised me because I had read somewhere that last of the flight were usually female and first were usually male. Of the three I collected, two were typical but one seemed to be markedly different, I have not had a chance to see what that difference is yet.

Yolo County - KW&BO:

....we found a female *Green Darner, Anax junius* in Winters .... It looked very fresh but was suffering from the cold. [a very unusual late date for northern CA - and it turns out to be new late flight data and last day seen this year]

San Diego County - DA:

Greenwood Cemetery. Numbers were down but at least some were there.
1 Flame Skimmer - first time reported in December
2 Common Green Darner - first time reported in December
1 Variegated Meadowhawk
2 Pacific Forktails (1 male/ 1 female) - first time reported in December
Imperial County - Bob Miller:

At the Imperial site of the NRW project -
Rambur's Forktail - thousands, first time reported in December, possibly some Desert Forktails included
Familiar Bluet - only about 20 - first time reported in December
Roseate Skimmer - 8, and that was it for the dragons!!


11- 20-27:
San Diego County - DA:

Greenwood Cemetery -
3 Flame Skimmers
3 Common Green Darners
1 Variegated Meadowhawk
3 Pacific Forktails

11: 19-24:
Imperial County - Bob Miller:

At the NRW Project last week near Imperial, I still had plenty of Roseate Skimmer, a few Common Green Darner and very few *Blue-eyed Darner* [last sighting of the year and new late season flight data]. Still lots of damsels.

11- 17/18:
Imperial County - Bob Miller:

On the Colorado River, South of Blythe, I had a blue-eyed darner male that actually sat still and got some good shots. There were also a few variegated still flying there too.

San Diego County - DA:

At Greenwood Cem. in San Diego, I had a Flame Skimmer, a Variegated Meadowhawk, several Pacific Forktails, and one unknown until the pictures are developed.
At Lincoln Acres Cem. in the Community of Lincoln Acres, next to National City. I had Common Green Darners, Variegated Meadowhawk, and a few Pacific Forktails.
Colusa County - Bruce Deuel:
...saw 2 Variegated Meadowhawks in spite of the recent rainy, cold weather.

Sacramento County - TM:

Saw a Variegated Meadowhawk at the American River Fish Hatchery.

Kern County - SS:

Just when I thought the damselflies were over for the year I found 2 vivid dancers today in Indian Wells Canyon, Kern Co. [last date reported in 2001] Also had a couple of variegated meadowhawks in the same location. Only other dragonfly for the week was blue-eyed type darner at NAWS, Kern Co.

San Diego County - DA:

Yesterday I had (2) Blue-eyed Darners [a photo taken for ID purposes] and (1) Variegated Meadowhawk at the east side of Lindo Lake in the City of Lakeside, CA, and then I had a Variegated Meadowhawk today in my yard (National City, CA)
San Joaquin County - various sighters:
People coming back from field trips associated with the Central Valley Birding Symposium in Stockton reported seeing dragonflies in various parts of the Central Valley that, from their descriptions, sounded like Variegated Meadowhawks, Blue-eyed Darners and Common Green Darners, plus "little blue damselflies" that were no doubt Familiar Bluets.

Sonoma County - AW:
Today on the RROS fieldtrip to Willow Creek Canyon, we saw a Variegated Meadowhawk flying around by the road a few miles up the canyon. I got nice looks as it hovered. We saw another dragonfly later that was probably this species (but can't say for sure).

Kern County - GB:
The water in Kern River as it enters Bakersfield is so low now you can walk up it with just short wading boots. Three species of dragonflies were observed: COMMON GREEN DARNER, VARIEGATED MEADOWHAWK and FLAME SKIMMER. The darners were very numerous,(50+) and so were the meadowhawks (25+), but only 2 Flame Skimmers were seen. The Common Green Darner and Variegated Meadowhawk were both very busy laying eggs in the slow moving, shallow water. One damsel fly, a Bluet species was also observed.
Kern County - SS:
There are still plenty of variegated meadowhawks and a few mosaic type darners here in the Ridgecrest area. Had 5 pairs of meadowhawks depositing eggs in a puddle a foot across that was being created by a sprinkler dripper yesterday.

Siskiyou County - K&DB with Lela Claypole:
Found Archiliestes californicum, California Spreadwing in the county, but couldn't catch it. HOPEFULLY my brother (Bob Claypole) will.[he netted it the next day but it got away - last date reported in 2001] It was right where he said he'd seen them in a previous yr (Cayuse Put-in on the Klamath River ~5 miles east of the town of Klamath River), but we didn't' get to the site till 15 mins. before the sun went behind the hill. We tried two other sites the next day near our Mt. (Shasta) property, but couldn't find them elsewhere. But this does make 3 people with sightings up and down the Klamath River, and we did take some photos, but I don't expect them to turn out very well. We saw at least one male and one female. The female was solo ovipositing while the male could 'loosely' be defined as guarding her as he was within 3' of her, but foraging for food also. Might have seen a 2nd male. We were looking into the sun, not certain as we were looking into the sun. Saw one Aeshna sp., Mosaic Darner sp.(very dark, probably umbrosa, ) nearby and one bluet at the same site. Saw no other dragonflies at any of the other various sites we tried near McCloud the next day.
Glenn County - K&DB:
At highway speeds saw quite a few *Black Saddlebags* as we drove by all the rice fields on I-5 [last date reported in 2001 and new late season flight data], and a few others that we couldn't ID at the distance and speed! Maybe corruptum, maybe ....
Sacramento County - TM: I saw my first ode of the month (November) in the backyard this morning -- S. corruptum of course.

Sonoma County - K&B:

Saw a Variegated Meadowhawk hawking insects in the front yard. It was not paying any attention to the pond in the backyard at all.


San Diego County - DA:
Lindo Lake, Lakeside- a small marshy/creek area that runs into the east side of the lake:
Variegated Meadowhawks (4)
Blue-eyed Darners (2)
Common Green Darners (3)
Roseate Skimmer (1)
Pacific Forktail (1)
San Diego County- San Elijo Lagoon, Encinitas- Coastal Lagoon:
Blue-eyed Darners (2)

Kern County - SS:
On Oct. 29 at NAWCWD I saw 4 blue-eyed darners and 4 variegated meadowhawks.
On Oct. 28 in Ridgecrest, I saw a wandering glider and 12 variegated meadowhawks7. The wandering glider really surprised me. # [last date this species seen in 2001]

Sonoma County - KB, TG:

At Ragle Park in Sebastopol:
Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum - several seen, including ovipositing tandem pairs; a few also seen at Laguna Wetlands Park
Tule Bluet, Enallagma carunculatum - two pairs seen [last date this species seen in 2001]
Darner sp. - one seen at Laguna Wetlands Park

Nevada County - DL:
Great Spreadwing, Archilestes grandis,
today! Actually found them to be common along the South Yuba River from the town of Washington and on upstream for a few miles. What a beauty and astonishingly large too, caught me off guard! [last date this species reported in CA in 2001]
Sonoma County - K&DB, TG:
Great Spreadwing, Archilestes grandis, - 2 females seen, one collected at Copeland Creek out of Cotati. I guess this was the day for them!!
Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum - several seen at Fairfield Osborn Preserve out of Cotati. No other dragonflies seen there.

Sonoma County - RM;

Red Rock Skimmer - a male seen near Cazadero. [last date this species seen in 2001],

Kern County - SS:
In Inyokern I had a pacific forktail, a variegated meadowhawk, and 4 desert firetails [last date firetails seen in 2001].
Siskiyou County - K&DB:
At Gumboot Lake we had ONE damselfly - it was blue colored as it flew by; < or = 2 dozen Shadow Darners (one male examined in hand) [last date this species seen in 2001],; ONE Common Green Darner, ONE Variegated Meadowhawk (at Little Gumboot Lake); and ~ 6 male and 1 female * Saffron-winged Meadowhawk *(one pair collected) - new late flight data for CA [last date this species seen in 2001].
Sonoma County - RM
Cardinal Meadowhawks [last date this species seen in 2001], and Green Darners in Putnam Park near Petaluma.

Imperial County - DA & Craig Reiser:
West of Calexico, along the West Main Canal:
Variegated Meadowhawks (15)
White-belted Ringtail (2) [last date this species seen in 2001]
American Rubyspot (3) [last date this species seen in 2001]
Roseate Skimmer (1)
Blue-ringed Dancer (5) [last date this species seen in 2001]
Familiar Bluets (2) [last date this species seen in 2001]

Kern County - SS:
In Inyokern, I have 5 desert firetails (including 2 breeding pairs), a western forktail [last date this species seen in 2001], a familiar bluet, variegated meadowhawks.
Yesterday in California City I saw familiar bluets, variegated meadowhawks, a common green darner, black saddlebags, blue-eyed darners

Kern/San Bernardino Counties - SS:
There are still a few blue-eyed darners and variegated meadowhawks at the ponds at China Lake, and at my house [Inyokern] I still have black-fronted forktail [last date this species seen in 2001], familiar bluet, and variegated meadowhawk.

Sonoma County - RM;

Flame Skimmer - a male seen.

Butte County - TM:

** Libellula croceipennis, Neon Skimmer** 1 collected in Bidwell Park [first & last date this species seen in 2001!]

Placer County - DL:

I went up Hwy. 80 and followed the Yuba River, kind of meandering back and forth over the Nevada/Placer border. Pretty quiet, though there were a number of larger active species always over a distant bend of the river and never close. Caught a Northern Bluet in Placer [last date this species seen in 2001],. Also caught a**Yellow-legged Meadowhawk, Sympetrum vicinum** (female with conspicuous trumpet shaped ovipositor)in Placer Co., but within a quarter mile of Nevada Co. I'm positive we could get one in Nevada Co. for a new record, especially since the river is no different where I caught her than it is in Nevada Co. just hundreds of yards away.[last date this species seen in 2001]
Kern County - TG: #
I have seen only Common Green Darners, meadowhawk sp. (probable Variegated?) and a Wandering Glider at the turkey vulture migration count site [last date this species seen in 2001]. Most appear to me moving south but they are singles and no mass movements. Is this a migration? [? ...maybe..... kb]
--- GB #
I also noticed a considerable amount of Common Green Darners while counting Turkey Vultures in Tehachapi on October 3rd. They were all flying in a SE direction, but I was close to some sewer ponds and thought maybe they were just heading to another area. No groups, just ones and twos, but I did see about 30-40 going the same direction in 6 hours.

Siskiyou County - DPa:
Just west of Seiad Valley by about three miles or so.
Am. rubyspots - 8
northern bluet - 3
another spreadwing. Got a good look at this one and think it is a California Spreadwing. Did not have anything to catch it with. [DARN - still trying to get documentation for this species in Sis. Co.! kb]

Nevada County - DL:
Since your visit I have already tracked down Vivid Dancer, Blue-eyed Darner, Paddle-tailed Darner [last date this species seen in 2001], Variegated Meadowhawk, Cardinal Meadowhawk, and Striped Meadowhawk. Even netted the Paddle-tailed Darner and Cardinal Meadowhawk, so had an opportunity to try holding them. Also had California Spreadwings today, but alas you beat me by two days to that first county record! [sorry! - kb]


Colusa County - K&DB:
At Bear Creek/Hwy 20:
Archilestes sp. Stream Spreadwing sp. - two seen in top of Tamarask tree. Backlit by sun, impossible to ID but appeared the size of the CA Spreadwings we'd seen earlier in the day elsewhere. A first report for them for Bear Ck, giving the site 37 recorded species.
Vivid Dancer - many
Desert Firetail - 1 female seen
Tule Bluet - abundant
Familiar Bluet - some
no darners of any type
no clubtails of any type
Flame Skimmer - 2-3 males seen ONLY
Variegated Meadowhawk - some
Striped Meadowhawk - some
Nevada County - K&DB:
Along Pleasant Valley Road/ French Corral Creek (dry):
Archilestes californicum, CA Spreadwing - 2 seen: 1 male photographed and collected.
At the South Fork Yuba River/Hwy 49:
Hetaerina americana, American Rubyspot - a few females and a male seen, photographed as documentation for county
This species was also reported to us as having been seen earlier this year by David Lukas
Common Green Darner - several
a red colored Skimmer - either a Flame or Red-Rock
Variegated Meadowhawk - one
At the South Fork Yuba River/Hwy 20:
Dancer sp. - appeared to be either an Emma's or CA/Aztec type (not Vivid)
At Hwy 20/Spring Valley:
Black Saddlebags
Variegated Meadowhawk
Reported to us by David Lukas:
Macromia magnifica, Western River Cruiser - seen well in county, a new sight record.

Siskiyou County - DPa:

Floated river today, (9/30) collected several different species of exuvia that had been protected from first rains. Wild looking dudes...saw paddletail darners? No greens? One flame skimmer, and a spreadwing of some sort. Didn't have book handy to check it out. Mostly blue on abdomen, weak flyer, perched with spread wings. First I have seen! It did not stay around long. Odes are noticeably absent and the gnats and small flies are a nuisance. Floated from Ferry Point to Coon Creek.
Floated yesterday, (9/29) Blue Heron to Rocky Point (through Hamburg). Few paddletail darners and one variegated meadowhawk.

Shasta Co. - BD:

Redding, Turtle Bay park - Variegated Meadowhawks and Green Darners abundant, 1 Cardinal Meadowhawk. #

Siskiyou County - DPa:

On the Klamath River out of the tiny town of Klamath River -
... did [a] river trip the other day. Odes are noticeably absent. Saw about three individuals. Maybe some sort of meadowhawk? [probably a Variegated] Nothing else. Did add paddle tail darner to my yard list the other day 9/20. Had two ... working the driveway and orchard.
Mono County - K&DB:

Along Little Walker Creek beside Hwy. 395, west of Bridgeport -
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer - several pairs, a few collected
* Enallagma anna, River Bluet* - several pairs, a few males collected - a lifer for us :-) and new late flight data [last date this species seen this year]
At Jenny Lakes, no dragonflies seen
At Mono Lake, no dragonflies seen

Mono County - K&DB:

At Convict Lake - no dragonflies seen
Kern County - GB:
Birding in the Hart Flat area, the oak woodlands east of Bakersfield, I came across a cattle watering trough, 3 by 10 foot, buried in the ground. What drew my attention to it was I could see some Flame Skimmers flying back and forth over it. Approaching closer I could tell the female was depositing eggs in the algae that nearly covered the trough. Closer inspection I found Western Forktails just hanging around and Desert Firetails in tandem, laying eggs in the algae scum. There were also small green frogs in the trough and at one time the female Desert Firetail landed on one and tried to deposit an egg. It kept trying until the frog moved. Quite a show.
San Bernardino County - SS, K&DB:

At China Lake Naval Air Base, in the restricted area -
around Lark & G1 Seeps -
* **Pauite Dancer, Argia alberta** * - some; new late flight data for CA [last date this species seen this year]
Familiar Bluet - several
Tule Bluet - several
Desert Forktail - many males and females seen [this turned out to be a lifer for Dave and I as what we saw at Dos Palmas in 1999 had turned out to be the new for the state Rambur's Forktail!] [last date Desert Forktail seen this year]
Blue-eyed Darner - a few
Common Green Darner - a few
Western Pondhawk - several [last time this species reported in 2001]
* Comanche Skimmer * - 1 male seen only by Susan; new late flight data for CA [last date this species seen this year]
Blue Dasher - several [last time this species reported in 2001]
Variegated Meadowhawk - many
Black Saddlebags - several, inc. tandem pairs

Kern County - GB, K&DB, Chuck:

Kayaking down the Kern River east of Bakersfield for 2 hours the following species were seen, but in about 20-30% lesser numbers than three weeks ago.
Flame Skimmer
Black Saddlebags
Pale-faced Clubskimmer [last date this species seen this year]
Blue-eyed Darner
Common Green Darner
White-belted Ringtail
American Rubyspot
Bluet sp.

Kern County - GB:

While participating in the Tehachapi Turkey Vulture migration count a CALIFORNIA SPREADWING, ARCHILESTES CALIFORNICUM landed near the count site and was caught for identification. This is the first reported sighting of this species in Kern County. The only other odes seen on this dry, grassy hill were Variegated Meadowhawks. [specimen in his private collection viewed by KB]

Fresno County - K&DB:

In the area east of Huntington Lake,
Variegated Meadowhawk - 1 at Portal Bay
At tiny Ward Lake:
Lestes congener Spotted Spreadwing - a few; a male collected for county voucher [last date this species seen this year]
Common Spreadwing, Lestes disjunctus - a few; a pair collected [last date this species seen this year]
Black-fronted Forktail - 2 females examined in hand
a black and yellow large sized dragonfly seen (possibly a Spiketail)
Variable Darner - one male collected [last date this species seen this year]
Darner sp. (Mosaic type) - probably some Shadow Darners, males seen cruising logs in the water, female seen ovipositing into wood
Darner sp. (Mosaic type) - probably at least one Blue-eyed Darner male seen
Darner sp. (Mosaic type) - some very small Darner males seen that looked like CA Darners!
Darner sp. (Mosaic type) - probably some Shadow Darners, males seen
Flame Skimmer - several males seen, one examined in hand
Meadowhawk sp. - red colored, several pairs in tandem ovipositing when we arrived at 1 pm. But when we went to catch some, a few hours later after kayaking (3 pm), none were to be found! - probably Cardinal or Cherry-faced.
At Jackass Meadow:
Mosaic Darner sp. - possibly Shadow Darner because of behavior
Common Green Darner - one female seen
Pond Spreadwing sp. - possibly Common Spreadwing
Stream Spreadwing sp. - possibly CA Spreadwing
At Mono Hot Springs:
Mosaic Darner sp. - ?ID
Flame Skimmer- female, photo taken
Striped Meadowhawk - one female, photo taken

Madera County - K&DB:

Along Road 225 in a dry creek bed we found
**Archilestes grandis, CA Spreadwing ** - 2 seen: 1 female photographed and collected for county record voucher specimen. [scanned live on 9-23]
At a creek below Redlinger Lake while on Road 235 we saw American Rubyspots; Emmas [last date this species seen this year], Sooty, and Vivid Dancers; Northern Bluet (1 male collected); a mosaic Darner sp. (it acted a lot like a Walker's), a red colored skimmer (probably Flame Skimmer or Red Rock Skimmer
At Lake Kerckhoff we found the most beautiful lavender colored male Emma's Dancer we have ever seen (1 male collected), several CA Dancers were seen (2 males collected) [last date this species reported this year]. We also photographed one female Dancer with a white stigma which we haven't been able to ID yet; Also seen were many Familiar and Tule Bluets (examined in hand), 2 Varigated Meadowhawks, and a few Darner sp. (Mosaic type).
Mariposa County - K&DB:
Along Mariposa Creek we saw Emma's Dancers, Common Green Darner, Mosaic Darner sp., Glider sp., and Black Saddlebags.
At Bass Lake (3400 ft) in the meadow by the Forks Resort we found
Tule Bluets, 3 (2 examined in hand)
Common Green Darners, 500-1000 both males and females in a feeding swarm #
Striped Meadowhawk, 1
Varigated Meadowhawk, 1

San Bernardino County - SS:

[I asked Susan to check to see what was still out as Dave and I are planning on heading that way in a week. Her reply follows]
I went to Lark Seep and looked for skimmers. The good news is that there are still some * Bleached * and Comanche (I found 2 of each without putting any effort into it); new late flight data for CA for Bleached Skimmer. [last date this species seen this year] No Desert Forktails this day.

Butte Co. - TM:

**Aeshna interrupta, Variable Darner**-- I netted a male at Summit Lake

Colusa Co. - K&DB:

At Bear Creek/Hiway 20 -#s of dragonflies were greatly reduced already:
American Rubyspot (Hetaerina americana) - none
Emma's Dancer Argia emma - none
Sooty Dancer Argia lugens - one male seen [last date this species seen this year]
Vivid Dancer Argia emma- none
Enallagma carunculatum, Tule Bluet - some here and there. Specimen collected for Mark McPeek's DNA study.
Enallagma civile, Familiar Bluet - some here and there. Specimens collected for Mark McPeek's DNA study.
Clubtails - none
Common Green Darner - males seen patrolling
Giant Darner Anax walsinghami - none
Moasic Darner sp. Aeshna - one male seen patrolling
Western River Cruiser Macromia magnifica - one male seen patrolling near bridge [last date this species seen this year]
Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa - none
Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata - some males patrolling
Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata - some males patrolling; one found floating dead in the water
Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum - some males patrolling

Shasta Co. - K&DB:

At Soda Creek near Dunsmuir:
Dancer sp. seen, photos taken - we hope to ID it by photo.
Pacific Spiketail Cordulegaster dorsalis - male on patrol, low over the water [last date this species seen this year]

Siskiyou Co. - K&DB:
Many Green Darners seen wherever we went, but no aggregations of more than ~50. Places seen inc. McCloud River area, Lake Siskiyou, Mt. Shasta City.
Shadow Darner - one female seen ovipositing into saturated wood at Lake Siskiyou.


Nevada Co. - Gregg Pasterick:
Soda Springs, across the road from Van Norden Lake. We're just off Donner Pass Road, and about 0.8 mile from I-80.
....sitting here at the computer, looking out the window, I can see dozens...dozens?...that really doesn't sound like enough...but I can see dozens of Green Darners in the sunlight, and against the shaded conifers they look like dandelion seeds blowin' around. Given what I can see, and what I must be missing because of the obstruction of nearer trees, there must be hundreds of them, across the road, feeding along the railroad tracks and open gravel lot.
I witnessed the same thing last evening. I went across the road to watch, try to estimate the given time, in whatever direction I faced without sunlight in my eyes, I counted at 10 to 15 Green Darners. What I am seeing here, at the computer, compared to the same situation last night, I would say there are definitely more Green Darners.
Look at 'em! It's ridiculous, how many there are...
Earlier yesterday my wife and I hiked around Van Norden Lake and saw several dozen Green Darners, definitely not as many as last evening, and obviously now.
We also saw several dozen...and forgive me here as I am new to the area and have all these new birds, butterflies, odes, wildflowers, etc. to learn...I think they were Streak-winged Red Skimmers (Audubon Field Guide), (Sympetrum illotum), or something similar... [some Meadowhawk sp. at least! - kb]

Siskiyou Co. - DPa:

Where have the darners gone? They were massing last week and now there are none! Did they migrate outta here?
At Ferry Point, a few flame skimmers (3), common whitetail (1) [last time this species reported in 2001], twelve-spot skimmer(1) [last time this species reported in 2001], and a few bluets. Odes are thinning out dramatically.

San Luis Obispo Co. - Lisa Kirchner:

She is in Morro Bay and found this dragonfly dead next to her half barrel pond. I asked her send me the specimen after her description of it peaked my interest. It turned out to be a new distribution record for San Luis Obispo Co.: Pantala hymeneae, Spot-winged Glider . Nice!

Sonoma Co. - K&DB:

Along Warm Springs Creek near Kenwood, while at Dave's company picnic we saw
Emma's Dancer -- A few netted and released
Vivid Dancer -- some seen, inc. in tandem.
Bluet sp. -- A few
Forktail sp. - one quick sighting of a male.
Moasic Darner sp. - one male on patrol, probably a Shadow or Walker's
We also stopped along Copeland Creek out of Cotati to look for Great Spreadwings, but none were found.
Contra Costa Co. - Steve Linsley: #
The Sindicich & Maricich lagoons in Briones Reg. Park were hotbeds of ode activity. Lots of black saddlebags, common green & blue-eyed darners, northern & tule bluets, black-fronted forktails, & variegated meadowhawks were coupling. One seen was a Western Pondhawk Ereythemis collocata , & I remembered from when you came & spoke to us Friends of Baxter Creek, you said we should look for certain species which hadn't been found yet in Contra Costa Co. Well, unfortunately, I didn't collect a specimen or have a camera along, although this individual was very cooperative at the easternmost of the 2 ponds there. It might be the first sight record for the county, though. The Western Pondhawk was by himself, almost always perched in the forbs 15-20 feet from one lagoon, but still well inside the cattle exclosure. He did hover & fly short distances before returning to his perch. It was a male, looking a lot like a blue dasher male except that pruinescence spread all the way up his thorax so there were no stripes or streaks laterally. His face & eyes were dark green. The terminal end of his abdomen was black.
[this is indeed a first sighting. Does anyone with a net or at least a camera want to go try for further documentation? - kb]

Nevada Co. - Gregg Pasterick:
Green darners have been gathering here, in Soda Springs, CA, which has me pondering migration. [me too - kb] #
Kern Co. - Gordon Black:
On a quick trip to the Kern River, 10 miles east of Bakersfield, dragonfly hunting with my grandson, we observed, and captured a few for his education and collection ... in less than an hour:
Pale-faced Clubskimmer - caught and released.
White-belted Ringtail
Widow Skimmer
Flame Skimmer
Common Green Darner
Black Saddlebags
Blue-eyed Darner
American Rubyspot
Bluet species
Wandering Glider seen & photographed by Susan Steele. A new `lifer' for her :-) She photographed the exuvia of a Common Green Darner earlier in the week.

Lassen Co. - TM:

Primarily in the vicinities of Honey Lake and Eagle Lake. Species included:
California Spreadwing Archilsestes califoricum -- A big surprise was a population along the Susan River in Susanville, observed on 23-24 August. About 10 seen, 2 collected. These are the first recorded in Lassen County and the first for California east of the Sierras (there are no records for Nevada, but it is known from the Great Basin in southern Oregon).
**Spotted Spreadwing, Lestes congener** -- A female was collected at Mahogany Lake.
A few other spreadwings seen there may have been this or some other species.
**Common Spreadwing, L. disjunctus** -- A male netted, and probably others seen, at Deans Meadow.
Emma's Dancer -- A few along the Susan River in Susanville.
Vivid Dancer -- In Red Rock Canyon and along the Susan River in Susanville.
**River Bluet** -- a male collected at Willow Creek Valley.
Tule Bluet -- widespread and fairly common, many spots.
**Alkali Bluet, Enallagma clausum** -- a few seen along the shore line of Honey Lake. [only date this species reported in 2001]
Northern/Boreal type Bluets -- some seen, various spots.
Pacific Forktail -- some along the Susan River in Susanville.
Black-fronted Forktail -- Fairly common along Long Valley Creek near Red Rock Canyon and at a hot spring run near Wendel.
Western Forktail -- widespread in modest numbers.
Common Green Darner -- fairly common and widespread.
Mosaic Darners -- many were seen at nearly all stops, but none were netted so identifications are tentative. However, single Blue-eyed Darners were along the Susan River in Susanville and at Willow Creek Valley, apparent Paddle-tailed Darners were seen well at Deans Meadow and Willow Creek Valley, and probably Paddle-tailed, Shadow and Variable darners were seen at Coleman Lake.
Great Basin Snaketail -- A male was seen well along the northeast shore of Eagle Lake. [last date this species reported in 2001]
Gray Sanddragon Progomphus borealis -- A male seen well at a puddle in the mostly dry creek bed in Red Rock Canyon. This was the other big surprise of the trip, a first sight record for Lassen County (a pitiful attempt to net it failed). This species is unrecorded from northern Nevada, but the state line is only a few hundred yards from this site.
Western Pondhawk -- a few seen along Long Valley Creek and the Susan River.
Eight-spotted Skimmer -- 1 seen at northeast end of Eagle Lake. [last time this species reported in 2001]
Flame Skimmer -- a male seen at a farmyard in Wendel.
Glider sp.-- a few seen in Red Rock Canyon, including possible Wandering, still unrecorded for certain in Lassen County.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- fairly common and widespread.
Western Meadowhawk -- fairly common in Willow Creek Valley, a few at Eagle Lake. [last time this species seen in 2001]
**Saffron-winged Meadowhawk, Sympetrum costiferum** -- small numbers seen at Eagle Lake and Mahagony Lake.
White-faced Meadowhawk -- male netted at Coleman Lake.
Striped Meadowhawk -- male seen at Coleman Lake.
Black Saddlebags -- 3 in Red Rock Canyon, 2-3 along the Susan River in Susanville

Napa Co. - Kathy Kernberger:

Western Pondhawks and Cardinal Meadowhawks are still emerging from her pond.

Shasta Co. - BD:

Redding, along a canal - hundreds of Green Darners and dozens of Black Saddlebags. #

Yuba Co. - TM:

Linda Sewage Ponds, in Yuba River floodplain at confluence with Feather River just south of Marysville
Familiar Bluet -- abundant.
Pacific Forktail -- common.
Common Green Darner -- 30-40.
Western Pondhawk -- fairly common, about 100 seen.
Common Whitetail -- 8-10 males, 1 female seen.
Blue Dasher -- 20-30 seen.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- 100s seen. #
Black Saddlebags -- 20 seen.
East Side Park, Marysville,
Familiar Bluet -- abundant, 100s seen.
Common Green Darner -- pair ovipositing in waterlogged wood, a few others seen.
Blue-eyed Darner -- a male patrolling.
Western Pondhawk -- 3-4 seen.
Blue Dasher -- more abundant than I have ever seen it anywhere. 100s were in weeds and grasses lining the shore, nearly all mature males. They were oddly inactive, just perched in droves on the vegetation. Typically mature males at water are very aggressive towards one another, but perhaps at such incredibly high densities, aggression is "turned off"(?).
Wandering Glider -- 1-2 seen.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- 30 seen.#
Black Saddlebags -- 1-2 seen.
Butte Co. - TM:
Coal Canyon Road, Table Mountain near Oroville, Butte Co. (mostly open grassland with small, spring-fed drainages crossing the road).
Vivid Dancer -- a few at the springs.
Common Green Darner -- small numbers flying by.
Widow Skimmer -- 1 female at a spring run.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- a few seen.
Black Saddlebags -- a few fly-bys.
Dry Creek @ Hwy 149. The creek was actually dry (first time I have seen it so).
Familiar Bluet -- a few around.
Vivid Dancer -- a few seen (also possibly California Dancer)
Common Green Darner -- 5-10 flying by.
Black Saddlebags -- 10 or so flying down "stream," some in tandem pairs, as if looking for pools in which to oviposit.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- fairly common.
Butte Creek at Durham
American Rubyspot -- 5-10 seen.
Sooty Dancer -- 20-30 seen.
Emma's Dancer -- 1 male seen.
Vivid Dancer -- a few seen.
Familiar Bluet -- a few seen.
Common Green Darner -- 50, moving downstream.
Pale-faced Clubskimmer - 3-4 seen.
Flame Skimmer -- 2 males seen.
Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- 1 female seen. [last time this species reported in 2001]
Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens -- 15-20 seen. A female collected for a first Butte County specimen (upgrades the last remaining "seen only" species on the county list).
Spot-winged Glider -- 4-5.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- 50-75 seen.
Black Saddlebags -- 30 seen. #
Tehama Co. - BD:

Red Bluff, Sacramento Discovery Center in the Red Bluff Recreation Area -
many Black Saddlebags. #

Shasta Co. - BD:

Mary Lake: Out running errands, I stopped here on a whim to look for dragonflies.
Dozens of Black Saddlebags, many mating; #
several Green Darners;
several Widow Skimmers;
2 Flame Skimmers;
1 Western Pondhawk (I think the face was green, not the eyes!);
1 I didn't know at first, but I think it was a teneral Blue Dasher. Same pattern of alternating light and dark stripes on the thorax, but otherwise all gray-green, including the eyes.

San Mateo Co. - LBG:

After my bird census at Stanford's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve I checked for dragonflies. There was a big cloud of insects over the dam and most of the dragonflies were up and after them. I did see a Flame Skimmer land for a short time, otherwise it looked mostly to be Blue-eyed type darners zipping around. After watching for a while I saw a Common Green Darner, gorgeous...It never landed, like the other "darned" darners, but I got pretty good looks through my binocs when it hovered.

Humboldt Co. - BD:

Arcata Marsh -
1 Cardinal Meadowhawk, lots of Aeshna, one of which I got a good enough look at the appendages to call a Paddle-tailed Darner.

Sonoma Co. - KB:

Things are slowing down a bit here in our backyard pond in Sebastopol, but Bigsnest Pond still has Aeshna (Probably Blue-eyed, but also possibly Shadow Darners) and Forktails emerging.
Also seen have been:
Vivid Dancers - mostly around walkways, but a nymph found in pond
Tule Bluets - a few
Northern Bluets - a few
Pacific Forktails -some
Western Forktails - some
Blue-eyed Darners - males flying by and females ovipositing
Flame Skimmer - a male whenever it is warmer than 70s
Blue Dasher - one shy male, photographed
Cardinal Meadowhawks - there is even one `claiming' the new little wash tub pond I've put out on our front walkway!
Variegated Meadowhawk - just quick fly-bys so far

Siskiyou Co. - DPa:
On the Klamath River today, green darners swarming! really fun.... also flame skimmers (3), and widow skimmers (dueling). Did stretch from Rocky Point to Sluice Box (Seiad Valley).

Kern Co. - SS:

(NAWS, Kern Co) Photos taken of female
8-spotted Skimmer
Black Saddlebags
Tehama Co. - BD:

forebay below Black Butte Reservoir
Widow Skimmer, Black Saddlebags, Green Darners

Lake Co. - K&DB:

Along the Cache Creek at the preserve along Hwy 20:
Black Saddlebags - many feeding
Common Green Darner - many feeding, all attempts at capture failed yet again!
Glider sp. - one
Colusa Co. - K&DB:
At Bear Ck/Hwy 20 just for 30 mins:
Am. Rubyspot
Emma's Dancer
Sooty Dancer
Vivid Dancer
Tule Bluet
White-belted Ringtail
Common Green Darner
Giant Darner (#s seemed lower than mid-summer already)
Western River Cruiser - 1
Flame Skimmer
Black Saddlebags
Variegated Meadowhawk
Napa Co. - AW:
Here are a few odes from near St. Helena:
Black-fronted Forktail - 1, male photographed
Western Forktail - 1, female
Desert Firetail - 1
Variegated Meadowhawk - 1-2
Black Saddlebags - 1, female
Common Green Darner - 1
Santa Cruz Co. - LBG:
I saw a male Variegated Skimmer at the Las Cumbres Community Center, just inside Santa Cruz County near the border with Santa Clara County along Skyline Blvd. last Sunday Aug 12. Las Cumbres is about 5 mi south of the intersection of Skyline and Hwy 9-- it is a development with a homeowners association that operates the community center. Anyway it seemed to spend most of its time perched on rosemary bushes for the 15 minutes or so I was watching it.

Siskiyou Co. - DPa:

I encountered an ode event on Sunday evening between 6:45 and 7:15pm. I was traveling to Yreka [on Hwy 96]....At the area around Beaver Creek I began to encounter a mass of darners along... highway 96. Sadly I probably killed a bunch driving through. Did pick three out of grill and windshield wipers. They were green darners, and Blue-eyed darners. What was interesting was the fact that there is a large forest fire that was burning just over the hill in Oregon at the time. These guys were en mass. I did not notice any other concentrations like this anywhere along the highway. Any ideas? These guys fleeing the forest fire? massing up for migration? or just a late hatch? [probably not fleeing the fire, but we are inquiring about this - kb] #
Other sightings...common whitetail, 12 spot Skimmers, flame skimmers, western pondhawk @ Ferry Point Access on Saturday August 11.

Trinity Co. - TG & Geoff:
At Weaver Creek just west of Weaverville (west of Whiskeytown Lake) on Highway 299, there were hundreds of Common Green Darners in view over the pine trees and thousands moving along the creek beside the road.
Humboldt Co. #
Right alongside Prairie Creek State Park on Highway 101, in the meadow there where you can stop and see the elk, I estimated seeing 4500-5000 Green Darners milling around. I also saw 3 Mosacic Darner sp. mixed in with them.

Siskiyou Co. - K&DB:

Along the Shasta River just north of Weed:
Am. Rubyspot - some
Emma's Dancer - some, ovipositing
Vivid Dancer - some
Bluet sp. (probably Northern or Boreal)
Mosaic Darner sp. (not Blue-eyed)
12-spotted Skimmer - 1 female
Common Whitetail - 1 immature male, 1 female
Flame Skimmer
Trinity Co. - K&DB:
At the Deadfall Meadows/Lakes west of Weed on the 10th:
No./Bo. Bluet
Dancer sp. (possibly a Sooty, which would have been a county record but we weren't able to catch it and didn't see it well enough otherwise)
Black Petaltail - one female late in the day on the creek just beyond where you start up the trail
Mosaic Darner sp. (not Blue-eyed)
Common Green Darner - 100s swarming over the meadow at 4 pm #
4-spotted Skimmer - one at lower Deadfall Lake [last time this species reported in 2001]
Flame Skimmer - one male

Tulare Co. - SS&TG:

Upper Kern River, USFG Kern River Fish Hatchery and Headquarters Campground north of Kernville. Elevation 2772'.
Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata) - three individuals seen along edge of river.
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) - 4 males seen interacting in cattails, marshy tributary stream.
Striped Meadowhawk (Sympetrum pallipes) - one male seen perched in vegetation along tributary.
Blue-eyed Darner (Aeshna multicolor) - 2 or 3 flying over the river, one male captured and released.
Common Green Darner (Anax junius) - several flying over rapids in the Kern River.
American Rubyspot (Hetaerina americana) - scarce, few males seen along tributary and edge of river.
Spotted Spreadwing (Lestes congener) - male captured and released, mating pairs in dry depression with cattails along tributary.
Emma's Dancer (Argia emma) - male captured and released, mating pairs and individuals fairly common along edge of river.
Sooty Dancer (Argia lugens) - male captured and released, few individuals seen.
Vivid Dancer (Argia vivida) - many males and females, mating pairs.
Northern Bluet (Enallagma cyathigerum) - probably this species, one male captured and released, scarce.
Pacific Forktail (Ischnura cervula) - few males and fewer females seen.

Plumas Co. - BD:

Round Valley Reservoir -
Eight-spotted Skimmers, Variegated Meadowhawks, Green Darners, Aeshna.

Lake Co. - K&DB:

We went kayaking on Clear Lake, on the part just outside Anderson Marsh, in hopes of collecting a Green Darner &/or Western Pondhawk as both are needed as documentation for county distribution. But although we saw some Darners, and took many a swing with our net, a touch was the best we got! We even saw some tandem pairs which stopped to oviposit, giving us a photo opportunity, but, alas, if we approached, they flew off. And we didn't even see a Pondhawk, although we did see several Blue Dashers. In fact, the dragonfly fauna was amazing paltry, with the exception of Aeshna. In the end, we did see & collect Argia emma at the boat ramp where we put in, a new species documentation for the county. The days recordings:
Argia emma, Emma's Dancer - a few, one female caught for county voucher.
Enallagma carunculatum, Tule Bluet - some here and there
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail - a few
Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner - one every 40 feet!
Aeshna sp. , Mosaic Darner sp. - some appeared to not be Blue-eyed
Anax junius, Common Green Darner - some
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - Dave saw one male
Pachydiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher - a few males
Kern Co. - SS & son:
Anax walsinghami, Giant Darner - a male caught, photographed and released
Paltothemis lineatipes, Red Rock Skimmer - a male caught, photographed and released


San Mateo Co. - T&AM:

Went to SF Airport ....and stopped at Coyote Point to look at the SF Forktails for my "year list."

Sacramento Co. - TM:

I have been out a little lately but not seen anything unusual, other than yet another frustrating view of a female Olive Clubtail along the American River near home on (close to where I saw one a few weeks ago). This gal was sitting in the middle of a blackberry patch, and though I recognized the futility of attempting a capture, I waded into the stickery bed after her. No dice, of course. [last date this species reported in 2001] Lots of pantalas around still. #

Kern County - SS:

**Bleached Skimmer Libellula composita** Susan found Bleached Skimmers at two different places on the Naval Air Weapons Station -- China Lake. One was in Kern Co. at a place called the G1 seep and the San Bernardino County! Wow! [Susan later discovered that she had photographed an immature male of this species on 7-26! -kb]
San Bernardino County - SS:
Bleached Skimmer Libellula composita Naval Air Weapons Station -- sake at a ditch in between G1 seep and Lark Seep. [Susan also saw and photographed pairs this day and on 7-29 -kb]
Orange County - Trude Hurd:
I went for a walk down Bell Canyon, discovering ....... several dragonflies (Flame Skimmer and Western Pondhawk).
Los Angeles Co. - Anthony Smart:
We were at the Huntington Library ..., and I took some pictures of a cooperative dragonfly.[A beautiful male Blue Dasher - kb]
Sierra Co. - BD:

I'm not any better with damselflies than I am with Aeshna, but I got a good look at one I called a Northern Bluet.

Los Angeles County - Jamie Somerville:
We live in San Pedro(suburb of Los Angeles on eastern side of Palos Verdes Peninsula) - a few miles from the LA Harbor. Noticed today BUNCHES of dragonflies hovering over our roof... have never seen dragonflies in our area...let alone at our home. [I inquired if there were any eucalyptus trees around] Ans: ...there IS a HUGE eucalyptus tree between our neighbor's yard and our yard. Weather has been weird here, but no major front. [probably another example of swarming Gliders (Pantala) - kb]

Sonoma County - KB, DHo:

At Fairfield Osborne Preserve, out of Cotati, in the foothills. 18 species of dragonflies seen - visiting both the upper and the lower areas this time.
1. Archilestes californicum, California Spreadwing - 1 female caught and released
2. Lestes stultus, Black Spreadwing - 1 female caught for DNA work [last date this species reported in 2001]
3. Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer - some seen along trails; caught and released
4. Enallagma praevarum, Arroyo Bluet - 1 male specimen taken for ID, DNA work [last date this species reported in 2001]
5. Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail
6. Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail
7. Telebasis salva, Desert Firetail - a few seen near lower pond
8. Cordulegaster dorsalis, Pacific Spiketail - at least 12,
9. Aeshna sp, Darner sp. - many seen feeding solo up high, none on the water. Those seen possibly Shadow Darners
10. Anax junius Common Green Darner - two seen at upper pond, inc. female ovipositing
11. Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - abundant at upper (Kelly) pond
12. Libellula luctuosa, Widow Skimmer - many seen all over the preserve, female photographed. Many on Kelly Pond, inc. some seen emerging.
13. Libellula lydia, Common Whitetail - some seen
14. Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - a few males seen
15. Pachydiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher - many on Kelly Pond, inc. several seen emerging.
16. Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk - several seen
17. Sympetrum madidum , Red-veined Meadowhawk - several seen [last time this species reported in 2001]
18. Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags - ~15 seen; many at (upper) Kelly Pond
Kern County - TG:
Audubon CA Kern River Preserve
Striped Meadowhawk Sympetrum pallipes - one immature male captured and kept for identification [ID confirmed by DP -kb]
**Spotted Spreadwing Lestes congener** - male and female captured. Others seen in tandem and ovipositing in vegetation around a pond.
Blue Dasher - one male caught and released.
Blue-eyed Darner - one male caught and released.
Pacific Forktail - one male caught and released.
Eight-spotted Skimmer - one male seen perching on sticks in the pond.
Black Saddlebags - one seen patrolling pond edges.
Spot-winged Glider - one flyby seen overhead.
Bluet sp. - one seen on pond vegetation.
Common Green Darners in tandem and ovipositing in the pond. Interesting to me, I saw a CG Darner teneral in the vegetation around the pond.

Sonoma County - KB, Erin Howseman and the Den 5 Webelos:

At Spring Lake in Santa Rosa, ~12 of us had views of the following dragonflies. Those marked with a ^ were caught, placed in containers, examined and released, unharmed.
^Tule Bluet
^Pacific Forktail
Western Forktail
Common Green Darner
Blue-eyed Darner
Western Pondhawk
Widow Skimmer
Common Whitetail
^Eight-spotted Skimmer
^Blue Dasher - one specimen taken
Black Saddlebags

Kern County - TG:

I was birding along Kelso Creek in the Piute Mts. (6400ft). This perennial creek is about 1 meter wide in most places with willows, grasses, sedges and other wetland species on the banks. This area is grazed. I found:
Pacific Spiketail (Cordulegaster dorsalis) - 3 individuals, one male caught and released and one pair in wheel position in flight.
Mosaic Darner (Aeshna sp) - probable Blue-eyed, one female ovipositing.
Vivid Dancer (Argia vivida) - males and females numerous in some areas along the creek.
Bluet sp. (Enallagma sp. ) - a few individuals.
Western Forktail (Ischnura perparva) - several scattered males and females seen.

Mendocino County - RM:

Rod saw many and photographed some Western Meadowhawks Sympetrum occidentale at Lake Pillsbury

Humboldt County - BC:

At Fish Lake near Bluff Creek, Bob found several Chalk-fronted Corporal Libellula julia. [last time this species reported in 2001]

Madera County - John Parr:
I live in Coarsegold, at 2200' elevation in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, about 45 miles south of Yosemite Valley. I have seen the dragonflies passing over for several years. The last time the greater body of dragonflies passed over was approximately a week ago, followed by smaller bunches for the next few days, and by a single straggler yesterday (the village idiot - couldn't pass through the house, so turned round and had several goes before it realized that more altitude was needed). The swarms pass over at about 8 - 8:30 am, travelling almost due south. A friend in Auberry, about 40 miles south of me, also notices the migration every year (4000' elevation). As I recollect, there has been little or no wind and a virtually cloudless sky on every occasion. The beasties are definitely terrain-following, dipping down over the treeless areas and rising again to clear trees - and rising further to clear my 2-story house. Apart from 0.14" of rain on 7/7, we have had no rain for three months. Last year we had no rain at all in June or July. The airspeed is about a walking pace, but they fly very erratically, veering some 15 degrees in either direction from a straight line of flight.
[this sounds like it could be Gliders, Pantala - kb]

Imperial County - TM:

Sunbeam Lake County Park, near Seeley, Co.
Blue-ringed Dancer -- fairly common, about 50 seen
Familiar Bluet -- common, 100s seen
Rambur's Forktail -- fairly common, 20-30 seen, some collected
Desert Forktail -- uncommon, 10-15 seen, some collected
Mexican Amberwing -- common, 100s seen [[last time this species reported in 2001]
Roseate Skimmer -- about 10 seen, some males at low perches or flying near water, females away from water perched atop twigs in brush piles
Western Pondhawk -- 3 males and a female seen
Widow Skimmer -- fairly common, 20 seen, including an ovipositing female
Spot-winged Glider -- 6-8 seen
San Diego County - TM:

Same day, I made a brief stop at a small cattail marsh on the edge of Jacumba, and saw 2-3 Flame Skimmers, 8-10 Blue Dashers, and 2 Black Saddlebags.

Sonoma County - K&DB, Joe Smith:

At Fairfield Osborne Preserve, out of Cotati, in the foothills. 15 species of dragonflies seen - we only visited the lower areas this time.
1. Lestes stultus, Black Spreadwing - 2 females seen in a briar patch; 1 photographed
2. Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer - some seen along trails
3. Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail - some females seen at lower pond
4. Telebasis salva, Desert Firetail - one male seen near lower pond
5. Cordulegaster dorsalis, Pacific Spiketail - at least 14, maybe more - the most we've ever seen at one place! Interesting behavior observed: all were males except for one pair (to be described in a minute). They all seemed to be claiming FEEDING territories of ~100 yds over the sunny glades and dry grassy hills. We spent ~2 hrs there and as we returned along the path, we'd see (presumably) the same individual in the same spot where it had been seen on our way in! The only female was observed just as a male grabbed her at the lower pond. They immediately went into the wheel and perched for at least 5 mins., then were interrupted by another species and flew off in tandem a few feet, and then they went back to perching and into the wheel again for at least 5 mins more when they were interrupted by a western fence lizard who thought they looked like quite the meal. This time they flew off in wheel, out of sight.
6. Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner - at least one seen patrolling the lower pond
7. **Aeshna umbrosa Shadow Darner** - some seen flying mostly with the Glider swarms; one fairly fresh male specimen caught while perched on blackberry vines
8. Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - 2-3 males seen at lower pond
9. Libellula luctuosa, Widow Skimmer - at least two mature males and several females. None were seen on the water. Those seen on way in were still there 2 hrs later on our way out.
10. Libellula lydia, Common Whitetail - one female seen at blackberry patch on way in and again at same area on way out 2 hrs later
11. Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - a newly emerged male caught and released near the lower pond
12. # Pantala hymenaea, Spot-winged Glider - hundreds swarming over the area feeding with a few Mosaic Darners and Saddlebags amongst them. There were possibly some Wandering Gliders mixed into the groups, but despite attempts (you should have seen Joe Smith trying to `clap' them with 2 nets!), we were unable to capture any for verification.
13. Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk - several seen at the lower pond
14. Sympetrum madidum , Red-veined Meadowhawk - several seen along pathways. A male and a female caught and released
15. Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags - ~15, all flying with the Gliders. We looked for Red Saddlebags, but saw none.

Los Angeles County - TM, JC, Joseph Ramirez, Karen Nakashima and Michael Storc friends:

Piru Creek at Frenchmans Flat. We spent midday collecting along the creek.
American Rubyspot -- abundant along the creek
**California Spreadwing Archilestes californica** 2 females caught and a couple others seen as well. Their exuviae were certainly abundant along the creek.
Sooty Dancer -- fairly common, tandem pairs seen
Lavender Dancer -- quite common, tandem pairs seen, some collected
California Dancer -- fairly common, tandem pairs seen
Vivid Dancer -- fairly common
Northern Bluet -- fairly common
Tule Bluet -- some seen
Arroyo Bluet -- fairly common
Black-fronted Forktail -- uncommon, a few seen
Desert Firetail -- one (some?) seen by Jeff Cole
Common Green Darner -- males patrolling the creek
Giant Darner -- female seen near parking lot, males patrolling the creek
**Serpent Ringtail (Erpetogomphus lampropeltis)** -- uncommon along the creek, some collected [only date this species reported in 2001]
Flame Skimmer -- fairly common along the creek
Red Rock Skimmer -- uncommon, some males patrolling, a female seen ovipositing
Pale-faced Clubskimmer -- a male seen along the creek
Spot-winged Gliders -- a few seen in the area (most away from water)
Black Saddlebags -- males patrolling the creek

Madera County - Kris McNew:

At Bass Lake, located on the east end of Madera County, at 3,500 feet in the Sierra Nevadas
Twelve-spotted Skimmer (Libellula pulchella) - males
Widow Skimmers (Libellula luctuosa) - both males and females. An immature male photographed.
Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum) - one photographed. There were lots of these flying very low over the shoreline. When they landed, they landed on the ground and not on plants.
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata) both males and females
Common Green Darners (Anax junius)
Tule Bluet (Enallagma carunculatum) - both males and females; a male photographed

Kern County - TG & SDI:
We looked for odes on the Kern River at the Audubon CA's Kern River Preserve, Weldon for the first time today. The South Fork Kern River is very low right now as it flows through the Preserve. It is only one to three meters wide and ankle deep. There were few odes flying but we did get:
** Red-veined Meadowhawk, Sympetrum madidum** , male.
Pale-faced Clubskimmer - one flyby.
Western Pondhawk - one male perching over a backwater area of the river.
Eight-spotted Skimmer (male) - flyby.
Flame Skimmer - at two males on territories, pairs seen
Spot-winged Glider - flying high over desert scrub and riparian forest.
Variegated Meadowhawk - one male and female.
Black Saddlebags - one flying near an irrigation ditch.
Common Green Darner - one seen flying high over the river.
Vivid Dancer - one male.
Western Forktail - two males and one female.
--- At the South Fork Kern River in Onyx from 800PM to 845PM we had:
Darner sp. - probable Blue-eyed
Giant Darner - one male caught
Western Forktail - one teneral male.

Kern County - TG:
Briefly looked for odes on the South Fork Kern River in Onyx this morning.
Pale-faced Clubskimmer - one female caught.
Flame Skimmer
Blue Dasher
Variegated Meadowhawk
Western Meadowhawk
Common Green Darner
Giant Darner, Anax walsinghami - caught male for upgrade of my previous `sighting only' record.
Probable W. River Cruiser
American Rubyspot
**Aztec Dancer, Argia nahuana - one male caught [first and last date this species reported in 2001]
Western Forktail

7-this week (8-13): #
Sonoma County - Curle family:
At least 500 Spot-winged Gliders have been swarming above their eucalyptus trees all this week; they report this sight as almost scary!

Sacramento County - TM:
After many tries, I finally found an **Olive Clubtail (Stylurus olivaceus)**along the American River Parkway today. The trick of batting at hanging tree branches finally paid off, flushing a female that landed briefly for a close look, but then flew off before I could net her (darn!). Spot-winged Gliders continue to be all over the place, and I saw a few Wandering Gliders in amongst them today.

early July:
Inyo County - Steve Valley:
Steve saw and took some beautiful pictures of the desert subrace of the Pacific Spiketail, Cordulegaster dorsalis deserticola. He has decided to study this race to see if it is actually a separate species.

1st week of July:
Marin County - KH
No more Red Saddlebags have been seen.
Nothing unusual was sighted this week. Seen near the town of Bolinas were Common Whitetails, Flame Skimmers, Cardinal Meadowhawks and over 20 Black Saddlebags.

7/6 & 7/8:
Colusa County - RM (7-6) & K&DB (7-9):
At Bear Creek where Highway 20 crosses it:
16 species seen -
American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana - a few
Sooty Dancer, Argia lugens - some
Bluet sp., Enallagma sp. - many seen
Gray Sanddragon, Progomphus borealis - some seen & photographed
White-belted Ringtail, Erpetogomphus compositus - many seen & some photographed
Darner sp., Aeshna sp. - seen
Common Green Darner, Anax junius - seen
Giant Darner, Anax walsinghami - many seen inc. females
Western River Cruiser, Macromia magnifica - seen
Pale-faced Clubskimmer, Brechmorhoga mendax - seen
Western Pondhawk , Erythemis collocata - some
Widow Skimmer, Libellula luctuosa - seen
Common Whitetail, Libellula lydia - 1-2 seen
Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata - many
Red Rock Skimmer, Paltothemsis lineatipes - one male seen
Spot-winged Glider, Pantala hymeneae - many
Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata - 1 female collected

San Diego County - TG:
I spent 7 days on San Felipe Creek in Anza Borrego State Park studying nesting birds from 30 June to 6 July. I also looked for odes at the very small concrete ponds at Palm Canyon trailhead and at the Visitor's Center. I briefly checked the ford and creek at the lower end of Coyote Canyon. Temperatures ranged from approximately 75F to 118F with monsoons and localized flash flooding during the later part of the week.
San Felipe Creek:
Pale-faced Clubskimmer (Brechmorhoga mendax)
Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata)
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis)
Cardinal Meadowhawk (Sympetrum illotum)
Pacific Spiketail (Cordulegaster dorsalis)
American Rubyspot (Hetaerina americana)
Vivid Dancer (Argia vivida)
Palm Canyon trailhead and the Visitor's Center:
Western Pondhawk (Erythemis collocata)
Lower Coyote Canyon:
Western Pondhawk (Erythemis collocata)
Comanche Skimmer (Libellula comanche)
Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata)
**Desert Whitetail (Libellula subornata)** [only time this species reported in 2001]
Common Green Darner (Anax junius)
White-belted Ringtail (Erpetogomphus compositus)
California Dancer (Argia agrioides)
Aztec Dancer (Argia nahuana)

Siskiyou County - K&DB & Harry Conley:
Gumboot Lake, ~10 miles SW of Lake Siskiyou, Mt. Shasta City (~6600 ft):
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer- a few; emerging
Enallagma cyathigerum/boreale, Northern/Boreal Bluet - abundant
Tanypteryx hageni, Black Petaltail - two females collected (we thought one was a male!); 7 others seen and some photographed - a lifer for us!
Aeshna sp, Darner sp - 1-2 seen emerging, all females; exuviae collected to attempt ID
Anax junius, Common Green Darner- busy patrolling
Cordulia shurtleffii, American Emerald - some flying, a few females caught and released
Somatachola albicincta , Ringed Emerald- a mature male collected, many seen flying; no females found [last date this species reported in 2001]
Lecorrihinia glacialis, Crimson-Ringed Whiteface- many seen and photographed; one pair collected for ID purposes [last time this species reported in 2001]
Lecorrihinia hudsonica, Hudsonian Whiteface- some seen and photographed; a male collected for ID purposes [last time this species reported in 2001]
Lecorrihinia intacta, Dot-tailed Whiteface- one male seen and photographed [last time this species reported in 2001]
Libellula pulchella, 12-spotted Skimmer- - many flying and ovipositing
Libellula quadrimaculata, 4-spotted Skimmer - very common
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk- very common
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags - some seen

Shasta County - K&DB:
McArthur Swamp/Big Lake near McArthur -
Argia sp.
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail - some; a male & female collected to upgrade our previous `sighting only' county record
Ischnura denticollis, Black-fronted Forktail - a male netted and released before we realized it was new for the county. It will have to be a `sighting only' record for now as we could not relocate one.
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail - some
Enallagma carunculatum, Tule Bluet - fairly common
Anax junius, Common Green Darner - fairly common
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - fairly common
Libellula forensis, Eight-spotted Skimmer - some
Libellula luctuosa, Widow Skimmer - one male seen at the creek near town; unable to catch/photograph so documentation for last year's `sighting only' not obtained
Libellula lydia, Common Whitetail - a few
Libellula pulchella, Twelve-spotted Skimmer - some
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - many
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk - abundant!
Sympetrum occidentale, Western Meadowhawk - one male caught and released
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags - a male collected to upgrade our previous `sighting only' county record

Siskiyou County - Dave Payne:
Out on the Klamath River. Big drop in water from the first of July. (1800 cfs down to 1020 cfs). Probably took a toll on lots of dragonfly eggs that were laid in vegetation that is now dried up.
Ferry Point to Coon Creek River Access (Klamath River):
Major mating frenzy and ovipositing going on with Emma's Dancers (hundreds of pairs)! Would this have anything to do with the full moon? Green Darners mating and ovipositing; American Rubyspots mating; Northern Bluets mating and ovipositing; Eight-spotted Skimmers; Twelve-spotted Skimmers; Flame Skimmers; River Jewelwing; Pacific Spiketail; Common Whitetails; and one new one not yet identified by me, a Familiar Bluet.
Shasta Co. - BD:

Lassen NP, Cold Boiling Lake -
lots of Crimson-ringed Whitefaces

Siskiyou County - Dave Payne:
Sarah Totten Campground to Rocky Point River Access (Klamath River): Flame Skimmer; Eight-spotted Skimmer; Green Darner; Emma's Dancers; Sinuous Snaketails [last date this species reported in 2001]; Common Whitetails; Northern Bluets; and American Rubyspot.

Del Norte County - Dave Payne:
July 2nd - Whiskey Lake (just north of Siskiyou Wilderness near Oregon Border) along the Waldo Lookout Road:
The emerging dragonflies looked like Mosaic Darners. Many emerging. Saw at least one adult flying. Lake is high elevation (4500'), very shallow and covered with lily pads. It sits in bowl under Sanger Peak and is located in. These were only dragonflies seen. A teneral collected to attempt ID.

Sonoma County - K&DB:
We spent today kayaking the Russian River from Cloverdale to Asti (~5 1/2 miles). LOTS of River Cruisers - really neat to see so many! Quite a few Pale-faced Clubskimmers too. And to think that 2 yrs ago we were trying so hard to find them in the county! Also seen were many Flame Skimmers, a couple female Bison Snaketails that landed on us/our boats/paddles and 2 Common Whitetail and 1 Widow Skimmer male. Otherwise just Bluets and Rubyspots and a few Sooty & Emma's Dancers. A couple of Black Saddlebags were seen, and although we were near where Rod saw the Red Saddlebags, and later we even drove up there, we couldn't get a Sonoma Co. sighting.


Sonoma County - K&DB: #
Dave & I went out to Chileno Valley Rd in hopes of seeing the Red Saddlebags at noon. We spent an hour looking for it along the lake shore with no luck, but then went into the gravel pit across the road midway down the lake's length and FINALLY found it! - one male Red Saddlebags (slight chance there were 2, as 2 different times Dave or I thought we might have seen it in a very brief encounter with another similarly sized/colored dragonfly). It was a great place to watch it as from down where the junked truck is, it is above you, but you can easily climb up the road, which switches back and watch it from above too. He was a feisty guy, fighting off any Blue-eyed or Green Darners that challenged his feeding area!! [last time this species seen in 2001]
There also was a quick fly-by there in the quarry of what appeared to be a Hoary Skimmer, which would be a Marin Co. record if proven. They breed in seeps and there appears to be one on that same side of the road across from the western most part of the lake, which makes the possibility feasible. So, heads up!
Seen on the lake:
Tule Bluets - abundant
Blue-eyed Darners - many
Green Darners - many
Flame Skimmers - many
Blue Dasher - some
Cardinal Meadowhawks - some
Black Saddlebags - 2 pairs
Plumas County - T&AM:
While I was standing on the shoreline at Willow Lake waiting for emeralds to fly by, a Black Petaltail flew up and landed on my shoulder about three inches from my face. I reached out with the other hand and picked it up by the wings. This is the first record for the lake I am aware of. I let it go, though.
We saw Chalk-fronted Corporals at three different places in three different counties. There were some were at Willow Lake. There were a few **Red-waisted Whitefaces, Lechorinnia proxima** at the bogs at Willow Lake, and a few teneral **White-faced Meadowhawks, Sympetrum obtrusum** there, the first I have seen this year. [only time this species reported in 2001] Otherwise, odes were not extremely numerous, diverse, nor impressive. Only whitefaces, bluets, and skimmers (4-spotted, 12- spotted, and of course the corporals) seemed out in good numbers.
Tehama County - T&AM:
Chalk-fronted Corporals were abundant, the most common ode, at Wilson Lake.
Lassen County - T&AM:
There were a handful (including one collected) Chalk-fronted Corporals, Libellula julia at Shotoverin Lake.
San Mateo County - LBJ:
At Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.
Still lots of Vivid Dancers around. We found Blue Dasher, Flame Skimmer, Widow Skimmer and Eight Spotted Skimmer in the vicinity of the dam. We got good scope views of all of them. The latter two were chasing each other around and knocking each other and Flame Skimmer off of perches. Eight-spotted seemed to be the aggressor most of the time. There are a lot of mosaic darners around but they never seem to land and we were unable to ID them.

Kern County - TG & SDI:
In the morning, Terri caught a male Western River Cruiser (Macromia magnifica) on the South Fork River in Onyx. The Giant Darner was not in evidence even though the breeze was only 0-5mph.There are a lot on new odes and greater numbers of many. Steven caught a Common Whitetail.
In the afternoon, Terri saw a Four-spotted Skimmer (Libellula quadrimaculata) on the South Fork River in Onyx. She viewed it with 10X binoculars and feels that she got a good ID. She was, however, not able to catch it.

Siskiyou County - Dave Payne:
While working down by the banks of the Klamath River out of the Happy Camp Ranger District, my assistant and I ran across twelve different species on the first day and 15 the second! Here's the list for the first day (23rd):
at Indian Creek river access:
Sooty Dancer- (F)
Sinuous Snaketail- (M and F)
Emma's Dancer- (M and F, mating)
Twelve-Spotted Skimmer- (M)
Western Pondhawk- (M)
at Douglas Creek (on highway 96):
Common Green Darner- (M)
at Ferry Point river access:
Flame Skimmer- (M)
Widow Skimmer - (M)
Pacific Clubtail- (M)
Northern Bluet- (M)
Common Whitetail- (M)
at Ukonom Creek (on highway 96):
Western River Cruiser- (M)
Then on the 24th we again saw all the above and at Lizard Head campsite:
American Rubyspot - (M)
River Jewelwing- (M) [last date this species reported in CA in 2001]
Cardinal Meadowhawk- (M)
San Francisco County - Loretta Trautman:
Today we finally saw a San Francisco Forktail in our yard (our house has Glen Park Canyon as our backyard [Glen Park is a known locality for them -kb].) With the help of your book and the Forktail staying put for at least twenty minutes, we were able to get a really good look.
Tularie County - TG:
I had a Western River Cruiser (Macromia magnifica) on the dirt road near Portuguese Meadow in the Greenhorn Mts. The only other ode was a pair of Vivid Dancers in the little creek in the meadow.
Kern County - TG:
The life on the South Fork River is changing. American Rubyspots have become abundant and there are many fewer Vivid Dancers. We had:
Flame Skimmer -three males.
Western Meadowhawk - numerous females, one young male. Much more common than 2 weeks ago.
Blue Dasher -one male.
Vivid Dancer -two males, two females
California Dancer -two males and many females and tenerals. First time for this species in this location.
Northern Bluet (probably this species) -numerous near an impoundment of the river for irrigation out take.
Tule Bluet -a few individuals.
Pacific Forktail -a few individuals, mostly females seen, only one male captured, a few tenerals.
Western Forktail -numerous, females predominating, many tenerals.
American Rubyspot -abundant males and females.
Significant were the numbers of tenerals of Forktails, especially. There also appeared to be Dancer and Bluet tenerals. The exuvia of these were easy to locate on vegetation in and around river and irrigation ditch. The Giant Darner was nowhere in evidence. Although it was windy, I would have expected to see it as I do each time I go out. I fear that its season has passed and so our chances to catch one to confirm this Kern County record.
NOTE: I saw only a four Vivid Dancers (two males and two females) for sure. However, both males in particular appeared to be large. They were longer and more a little more stout than any I had see before. When measured, the one I caught was 39mm long. This is 1mm larger than your outside measurement for this species. I guess we grow them big down here on the Kern! Seriously though, I was impressed with the size of this Vivid as soon as it was caught. It looked more like American Rubyspot size.
Secondly, we caught a number of California Dancers. This is the first time I have caught these on the South Fork River. My suspicion is that they are just emerging.
Marin/Sonoma Counties - K&DB:
We went to the Chileno Valley site where Rod caught the Red Saddlebags, but it was windy and mostly overcast. It was not seen. We did see Pacific & Western Forktails; Tule Bluets (many captured for the DNA study); Western Pondhawks; Flame and Widow Skimmers; Cardinal Meadowhawks; Black Saddlebags; Blue-eyed and Green Darners; and one female Pacific Clubtail.

Mendocino County - K&DB:
At the ponds at Real Goods in Hopland we saw Pacific & Western Forktails; Tule Bluets; Western Pondhawks; Flame, 8-spotted and Widow Skimmers; Cardinal Meadowhawks; Black Saddlebags; Blue-eyed and Green Darners . No Red Saddlebags there either!
Sonoma County - K&DB:
In the Asti area where Rod saw the Red Saddlebags, we again were unable to find any, however we did not arrive on site until nearly 5:30 pm and both of Rod's sightings were in the early morning. We did see the following species along the Russian River there: American Ruby-spots; Emma's Dancer; Pacific Forktails; Tule Bluets; Flame Skimmers; Cardinal Meadowhawks; Black Saddlebags; Green Darners .
Pine Flat Road, Sonoma Co. - AW:
Sooty Dancer - 1 male
Vivid Dancer - a few
Bluet sp. - 1
Desert Firetail - 2-3 at upper pond
Western Pondhawk - 1-2
Common Whitetail - 1 male
Hoary Skimmer - 1 male [last time this species reported in 2001]
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - 1 male
Flame Skimmer - 1 male
Cardinal Meadowhawk - >= 3
Black Saddlebags - 3, 2 males and 1 female
Pacific Spiketail - >= 3, as well as what looked like the last few abdominal segments of one sticking out of the mouth of a Western Kingbird
Colusa County - RM:
At Bear Creek where Highway 20 crosses it and just to the right:
13 species seen -
American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana - a few
Sooty Dancer, Argia lugens - many
Bluet sp., Enallagma sp. - many seen
Gray Sanddragon, Progomphus borealis - seen
White-belted Ringtail, Erpetogomphus compositus - seen
Common Green Darner, Anax junius - one male seen
Giant Darner, Anax walsinghami - many seen inc. female ovipositing and some flying high over the nearby fields; one photographed eating a River Cruiser, another seen eating a White-belted Ringtail!
Western River Cruiser, Macromia magnifica - many seen
Pale-faced Clubskimmer, Brechmorhoga mendax - a male seen
Widow Skimmer, Libellula luctuosa - seen
Common Whitetail, Libellula lydia - seen
Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata - abundant
Spot-winged Glider, Pantala hymeneae - abundant
Siskiyou County - Dave Payne:
While working down by the banks of the Klamath River out of the Happy Camp Ranger District, my assistant and I ran across twelve different species - in just one day! Here's the list for the day:
at Indian Creek river access:
Sooty Dancer- (F)
Sinuous Snaketail- (M and F)
Emma's Dancer- (M and F, mating)
Twelve-spotted Skimmer- (M)
Western Pondhawk- (M)
at Douglas Creek (on highway 96):
Common Green Darner- (M)
at Ferry Point river access:
Flame Skimmer- (M)
Widow Skimmer - (M)
Pacific Clubtail- (M) [last date this species reported in 2001]
Northern Bluet- (M)
Common Whitetail- (M)
at Ukonom Creek (on highway 96):
Western River Cruiser - (M)

Marin & Sonoma Counties - Rod Miller: #
A male Red Saddlebags was captured at Laguna Lake (aka Chileno Valley Reservoir) on Chileno Valley Rd. out of Petaluma. This lake crosses the county line, however the specimen was taken on the Marin Co. road side. This specimen will be the voucher for only Marin county. Also seen were a tandem pair at noon and a pair of tandem Cardinal Meadowhawks captured by a Green Darner, who was eating the female while the male Cardinal was still holding her! Kathy returned with Rod at 3:30 p.m. but the wind had picked up and no other Red Saddlebags were seen. Also seen were Pacific & Western Forktails, Tule Bluets, Western Pondhawks, Flame Skimmers, Blue-eyed Darners.
Kern County - TG & Susan Steele:
At the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake. They caught the `mystery' damsel that they had seen the week before at the sewage ponds [special passes are needed to enter this restricted area]. It is indeed a new species to be recorded in Kern Co.: **Desert Forktail (Ischnura barberi**) .

6-19& 21:
Sonoma County - RM: #
A male Red Saddlebags (Tramea onusta) flying at 8:30 am on the 19th & 9:30 on the 21st on Highland Ranch Rd. between Cloverdale and Geyserville [near Asti Summer Bridge]! AMAZING! Rod was on the job so wasn't able to try to catch or photograph it. This is the furthest north the species has been recorded along the west coast.

Kern County - TG:
I went birding today in the Greenhorn Mountains and also looked for odes on a stream off Old State Road (Elevation approximately 5,000ft+) and in a small meadow at Tiger Flat Campground (Elevation approximately 6,100ft). At the small stream (mostly shaded), I saw only two dragonflies and no damsels. I caught and identified the dragonflies as a male and female Grappletail Octogomphus specularis [last date this species reported in 2001]. They were perching on low vegetation along the stream in small patches of sunlight. At Tiger Flat, there were shallow puddles in the dirt road of the campground (where it crosses the meadow) and very slow, narrow trickles of water in the meadow. Along these puddles and in the meadow trickle I found: Western Red Damsel Amphiagrion abbreviatum. - one male and female in tandem\ovipositing [last date this species reported in 2001]. Vivid Dancer Argia vivida. - 10-12 individuals, males and females in tandem, two males netted Common Whitetail Libellula lydia. - one male patrollling the puddles. An unknownmedium dark\black dragonfly that I could never get a good look at (possibly another Grappletail).

Marin County - Rich Stallcup: #
A male Red Saddlebags was sighted at the Fish Docks in Point Reyes!

Marin County - Steve Howell: #
A male Red Saddlebags in Bolinas! This almost seems like an `invasion'!

Kern County - TG:
I went to a new location for the first time today. Walker Basin is about 1 hour south south/west of the Kern River Valley. It is a big, isolated valley with desert influences surrounded by chaparral and Sierran foothill habitats. I saw Black Saddlebags, Flame Skimmer, a Mosaic Darner species and Northern Bluets. I also caught a Cardinal Meadowhawk male.
Marin Co. - KH: #
Keith called saying he had a possible Red Saddlebags (Tramea onusta) female in his Bolinas gallery courtyard and he was busy photographing it. This would be a new species for Marin County and would probably be a vagrant. They are occasionally reported as sightings up and down the coast so getting photo documentation will be wonderful.
Sonoma Co. - K&DB with Madrone PeeWee Audubon group:
~40 of us had views of the following dragonflies at Spring Lake in Santa Rosa. Those marked with a ^ were caught, placed in a plastic zip lock bag, examined and released, unharmed.
^California Dancer
^Vivid Dancer
^Tule Bluet
^Pacific Forktail
^Western Forktail
Common Green Darner - seen in tandem
Mosaic Darner species
Western Pondhawk
^Widow Skimmer
Common Whitetail
Flame Skimmer
^Eight-spotted Skimmer
^Blue Dasher - MANY!
Cardinal Meadowhawk
Black Saddlebags - seen in tandem

Sonoma Co. - K&DB:

At Bigsnest Pond (our Sebastopol backyard) so far this month: our first Blue Dashers (Pachidiplax longipennis) showed up on 6-12, 2 males, they keep battling the 2 male Western Pondhawks (Erythemis collocata) while the 2 female Pondhawks hide out in the sunny vegetable garden; 5 male Cardinal Meadowhawks (Sym. illotum) try to chase away every other dragonfly that approaches the pond and occasional ovipositing pairs are seen, the males even try to chase away the lone male Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata) who wasn't here on 6-8, the day the female came in to lay eggs! Common Whitetail (L. lydia) have been in the garden (6-8) but we've not seen them at the water. On 6-14 the first 8-spotted Skimmer male arrived and claimed a territory. Many damsels are still present: Exclamation Damsel (Zoniagrion exclamationis) pairs are still ovipositing [last date this species reported in 2001]; Western Forktails (I. perparva) also; and always ~ a dozen Pacific Forktails (I. cervula) breeding with many still emerging. Vivid Dancers (Argia vivida) are often present in the afternoons and one emerged earlier this month.

Butte County - TM:
Took a spin up to the Butte County high country today assuming, because it has been a warm, early spring, the snow pack is gone, and water levels in Sierran lakes are low, that things would be emerging early, but was pretty disappointed. Things were actually quite similar to a similar trip I made up there around mid-June a couple of years ago. In particular, the only thing flying in any numbers were Black Petaltails(?!) at the bogs near Cherry Hill Campground. This has to be the easiest place in the world to see them. They are flying around over the paved road as you approach the spots, in good numbers, including tandem pairs, etc. One kept landing on my net as I walked through a bog! They were everywhere in this limited area. Other than the petaltails, I just saw a few Vivid Dancers, bluets, aeshna spp? and one immature Cordulia shurtleffii around lakes, bogs and creeks in the high country. In considerable contrast was the "action" down in the Central Valley part of Butte County, along Dry Creek at Highway 149 (just east of Hwy 99) between Chico and Oroville, where I made a quick stop on the way home. There were:
American Rubyspot -- 10-15 seen
California Dancer -- fairly common, 10-15 seen (am assuming this species because I've collected it here before)
Emma's Dancer -- one female seen
Tule Bluet -- a few seen (male netted)
Familiar Bluet -- a few seen (males netted)
Common Green Darner -- one seen
Gray Sanddragon -- 3-4 males seen (one netted)
**White-belted Ringtail (Erpetogomphus compositus)** -- 1-2 males seen
Pale-faced Clubskimmer -- 2-3 males seen
Western Pondhawk -- 10-15 seen
Comanche Skimmer -- 2-3 males seen
Widow Skimmer -- 20-30 seen
Flame Skimmer -- 2-3 males
Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- one male seen
Blue Dasher -- 6-8 seen
Spot-winged and/or Wandering Glider -- 2-3 seen, possibly both species
Variegated Meadowhawk -- 2-3 seen
Black Saddlebags -- 3-4 seen
Kern County - TG:
I was birding (as a guide) today and had a few dragonfly sightings: Central Park, California City: Flame Skimmer, Black Saddlebags, Common Green Darner, Blue Dasher (Note: The large numbers of damselflies at the lake in Central Park were not present today, there were only a few.) Galileo Hill: Flame Skimmer, Black Saddlebags, and best of all good views that confirm that what we've been seeing here is the Giant Darner (Anax walsinghami) !

Kern County - TG & SDI:
We have a female ** Western Meadowhawk (Sympetrum occidentale) ** ! I saw the male earlier today but was unable to catch it. Steven got the female which we checked with photos from your web site and Dennis Paulson's scanned images. We were not able to relocate the possible Mexican Amberwing although Steven may have seen it. Once again we saw the large darners that may be Giant Darners. Steven and I saw the same species today as reported 6-9-01 except also a Desert Firetail was caught.

Siskiyou County - K&DB:
Sites visited and initials:
Pumice Stone Well, Medicine Lake Highlands area (~4300 ft) = PSW, June 9th
Little Medicine Lake, Medicine Lake Highlands area(~4300 ft) = LML, June 9th
Gumboot Lake, ~10 miles SW of Lake Siskiyou, Mt. Shasta City (~6600 ft) = GL, June 10th
Larry Wheyerman Environmental Education Area, ~ 1/4 mile north of Lake Siskiyou, Mt. Shasta City (~4200 ft)) = LWEEA, June 10th
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer- GL (at seep on the road in, not at lake itself), LWEEA - some
Enallagma cyathigerum, Northern Bluet - PSW, LML, LWEEA, GL - many seen and many emerging, some collected for Mark McPeek's DNA studies
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail - LML, LWEEA - a few
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail - PSW, LML, LWEEA - some
Aeshna sp, Darner sp - PSW, GL (a female at seep on the road in, not at lake itself)
Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner - visual ID of a male - LWEEA
Anax junius, Common Green Darner- GL, LWEEA- patrolling and tandems seen
Cordulia shurtleffii, American Emerald- PSW & LML; GL (none caught here, ID an assumption) - many seen emerging, some flying, a few tenerals captured
* **Somatachola albicincta , Ringed Emerald** *- GL - two tenerals collected, many larger sized emeralds flying and landing low in grass, presumed to be this species also [a lifer for us!] New early flight data.
Lecorrihinia glacialis, Crimson-Ringed Whiteface- GL, a few seen emerging
Lecorrihinia hudsonica, Hudsonian Whiteface- GL, a few seen emerging
Lecorrihinia intacta, Dot-tailed Whiteface- LML, PSW - a few seen emerging; some flying patrol. One collected, some others caught and released
Libellula julia, Chalk-fronted Corporal - GL, 1-2 males flying [new for our CA list]
Libellula pulchella, 12-spotted Skimmer- - PSW, GL - a few flying and ovipositing each site
Libellula quadrimaculata, 4-spotted Skimmer- LWEEA & GL, a few flying and ovipositing each site; some emerging
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk- PSW, one teneral in hand
* **Sympetrum danae, Black Meadowhawk** *- LML, many seen emerging (new early flight data - only date this species reported in 2001])
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags - 1-2 males seen LWEEA and over town of McCloud.

Kern County - TG & Steven:
I spent 4 hours in the ditches and South Fork River in Onyx with my friend Steven (11 years old). We caught Vivid Dancers, American Rubyspots, Tule Bluets and saw Common Whitetail, Black Saddlebags, Common Green Darners, Flame Skimmers (Steven caught one but it got out of his net), Western Pondhawks and Black-fronted Forktails. We also saw Western Fence Lizards, bullfrogs, tadpoles, many large carp, a muskrat, a Common Kingsnake and baby Mallards.
Steven and I both saw Mexican Amberwing (Perithemis intensa) on the South Fork River. This species is not recorded for Kern County! We are going out again tomorrow to try to catch it. I saw what could have been a Giant Darner. We saw and tried to catch many Common Green Darners, but this looked significantly larger, flew with a bent abdomen.

Tulare County - TG:
I went birding today in the Sierra Nevada and caught some odes. I was in Holey Meadow and the Trail of 100 Giants. In Holey Meadow, I caught male and female Four-spotted Skimmers (Libellula quadrimaculata). They were breeding and ovipositing in the wet meadow. I also caught a Cardinal Meadowhawk (Sympetrum illotum) . In addition, I caught two species of damselfly which I'll need help with!
[one has now been IDed as a Western Red Damsel (Amphiagrion abbreviatum) . -kb]
The most interesting thing I saw was what appeared to be Emeralds! I was unable to catch any of these, in part, because they did not appear to be breeding, just paroling the meadow.
San Diego County - AR:
....there were few odonates on the wing, but things are starting to move now. Yesterday I picked up **Argia hinei (Lavender Dancer) ** in upper Roblar Canyon on Camp Pendleton. It's a beautiful canyon. [first and last date this species reported in 2001]

6-first week:
Colusa County - GK:
At a seep above Fouts Springs.
Black Petaltail (Tanypteryx hagenii)

Sonoma County - KB & DHo:
We hiked into The Cedars, near Cazadero, where Alan Wight photographed the Black Petaltail at just this time last year (private property). Darn, on the return, near where Alan got the photo, one landed clear across the ravine from us (60 ft). We got long looks....both time wise and unfortunately distance wise. We are about 90% certain it was a **Black Petaltail (Tanypteryx hagenii)**, but can't say 100% for sure at that distance. We were able to ID the abundant Bison Snaketails, many Emma's and Sooty Dancers, some Vivid Dancers, one male Red Rock Skimmer that flew by; several Pacific Spiketail were seen, as were Blue-eyed Darners and at least one Common Green Darner. At the personal pond of Betty Campbell we also saw Flame Skimmers, Common Whitetails, Blue-eyed Darners and what was either a Western Pondhawk or Blue Dasher male (it was only seen once and was heading away from us).
San Mateo County - LBG:
Flame Skimmer, Widow Skimmer, Blue Dasher, Vivid Dancer, uncooperative blue Darner (sp?)---all at Stanford's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Portola Valley, CA
Colusa County - ACR (A. Rehn):
Black Petaltail (Tanypteryx hagenii)
N39o 21.17' W122o 40.13' Seep above Fouts Springs

Sonoma County - K&DB & Julie Atkins:
On a kayak trip from Asti to Geyserville (~6 miles):
American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana - many
Emma's Dancer, Argia emma - several, inc. pairs
Sooty Dancer, Argia lugens - a few
Northern Bluet, Enallagma cyathigerum - no bluets held in hand, so there could have been others
Mosaic Darner sp. - a few seen, some appeared to be CA Darner, (Aeshna californica) [last date this species reported 2001]
Mosaic Darner sp. - a few seen, some appeared to be Blue-eyed, (Aeshna multicolor)
Common Green Darner, Anax junius - one seen
Bison Snaketail, Ophiogomphus bison - 1 female, (handed on Dave's arm!)- first seen flying this year
Gray Sanddragon, Progomphus borealis - 2 males under Geyserville Bridge, one specimen caught
Western River Cruiser, Macromia magnifica - 4
Beaverpond Baskettail, Epitheca canis - 2
Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata - 2 males
8-spotted Skimmer, Libellula forensis - 4 males
Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata - 10 males

Kern County - TG:
I went birding at California City yesterday, and identified with binoculars were:
possibleTule Bluets - (breeding tandem pairs)[not examined in hand, so could have been Arroyo Bluets, but probably this species - kb]
Black Saddlebags (defending territories)
Flame Skimmers (breeding, territorial pairs)
Blue Dashers(breeding tandem pairs)
Odes were very numerous with #s of Bluets in the thousands on the main lake in Central Park. These are just the ones I felt I could get with visual ID. Some probable Blue Dashers at Galileo Hills and others not determined. Odes are getting very numerous and more varied. The big boom seemed to start about 1 June.
San Mateo County - LBG:
Eight-spotted Skimmer--Bear Gulch Reservoir in Atherton, CA
Exclamation Damsel-- Stulsaft Park in Redwood City, CA
Plumas County - TM:
seen at Willow Lake
Dot-tailed Whitefaces (L. intaca) a few
Hudsonian (L. hudsonica) a male
**Chalk-fronted Corporal (Libellula julia** -- only 1-2 males (too early for them?).

Lassen County - TM:
After breeding bird censusing on the weekend days, Tim had time to look for odes. He reports....
The afternoons were sunny and mild but windy, especially Sunday, and odes in general were rather sparse (but for one exceptional event, described below). Only the early stuff (e.g., Pacific and Western forktails, some bluets and A. vivida, Green and Blue-eyed Darners, Eight-spotted and Four- spotted Skimmers (Libellula quadrimaculata), Common Whitetail seemed out, and even that in small numbers. I thought with warm weather in May and low water levels everywhere, stuff would be coming out early, but for the most part that did not seem to be the case.
The climax of the trip, however, was a truly awesome display at Blue Lake on Saturday. I arrived there about noon. [Two years ago] Annette and I found 100s of exuviae of Spiny Baskettail there in late June of 1999. Last year I visited the site on June 6, or thereabouts, found no exuviae, and had but one brief glimpse at what may have been a baskettail. This year I hit the jackpot. As I walked down to the lake shore, I noticed a few teneral odes fluttering up out of the sedges. I walked up to one and picked it off the ground by hand. It was a **Spiny Baskettail (Epitheca spinigera)**. As I walked back to the truck with my "prize," more fluttered by, one landing on the side of truck a foot away from me. I got out my net and walked up through the open woods bordering the lake, there were sparse clouds of teneral Spiny Baskettails fluttering through the clearings. I decided to check the lakeshore more closely, and then I saw them . . . hundreds of emerging baskettails, nearly one for every sedge stem along the shoreline. I eyeballed roughly a square foot of shore and counted 15 just-emerged baskettails perched on their exuviae. This was the case along a good 100 square yards of shore line, for an estimate of about 13,500 simultaneously emerging odes (plus the hundreds, if not thousands, that had already emerged and were fluttering around in clearings just a few yards away). Some larvae had climbed out to the tips of branches on logs half-submerged at the water's edge, to a height of about 3-4 feet, to emerge, but most were underfoot, a few inches above the water or muddy shore on sedge and grass stems. I had to stay a good 1-2 feet away from the shoreline to avoid trampling 8-10 tenerals with each footstep. Certainly the largest mass emergence I have ever seen and a true spectacle. I sure wish I had taken the video camera! On the downside, everything I saw was teneral. Even a mile or so from the lake, where they still could be found in reduced numbers, they were still immature-looking. So though I bagged a few (including one I pulled, half-dead, out of a spider web), none are good, adult specimens. They are, however, to the best of my knowledge, the first specimens (not counting exuviae) of Spiny Baskettail collected in California since Kennedy collected them at Donner Lake in 1914. [only date this species reported in 2001 - or for many other years!]
After that, other stuff seen seemed rather anticlimactic, but some other observations of note were:
**Taiga Bluet (Coenagrion resolutum)** -- a male collected at Blue Lake. I collected some in the Silver Lake area east of Lassen Park last summer for the first Lassen County records, but this is the first record I am aware of for the Warner Mts. There are no records for Modoc County, but the county line is only about 3 miles north of Blue Lake, so they no doubt occur in that county, and elsewhere in the Warners, as well. [first and last date this species reported in 2001]
Whitefaces ( Leucorrhinia) -- these were rather scarce (still too early?). A female (L. hudsonica?) was seen at Blue Lake
**Great Basin Snaketail (Ophigomphus morrisoni**) -- one hit the truck and stuck in the grill for a salvaged (but slightly mangled) specimen near Clear Creek


Placer County - TM & Josh Rose:
Josh and I made a quick trip to Sculpture Park, Roseville, this morning before he had to get to the airport. Highlights for him were Brechmorhoga mendax, Zoniagrion exclamationis, Argia emma, and Ischnura denticollis, all new for him. He also found a large jumping spider devouring a just-emerged teneral L. pulchella. A photo may appear at his web site if it comes out okay.

El Dorado Co - TM & Josh Rose:
At Sweetwater Creek, along the south shore of Folsom Lake, east of Folsom, we saw a few Cordulegaster dorsalis (a lifer for Josh) and 1-2 **Red-rock Skimmer (Paltothemis lineatipes)** and Josh (visiting from back east) found Gomphus kurilis and several common things (Aeshna multicolor, Libellula lydia, L. saturata, L. luctuosa, L. pulchella) downstream on the same creek later on his own.
Sacramento County - TM & Josh Rose:
Along the American River Parkway (just a few miles from Tim's house, on the other side of the river we saw large numbers of recently emerged libellulids : **Widow Skimmers (Libellula luctuosa)**, Flame Skimmers, Common Whitetails, Blue Dashers, and especially, Western Pondhawks in weedy areas away from water, also a female Ophiogomphus occidentis and some Blue-eyed and Common Green Darners.

Siskiyou County - K&DB; Lela Claypole:
Along the Shasta River, 7 miles north of Yreka; 14 species seen:
**River Jewelwing, Calopteryx aequabilis** - ~ one male every 6 feet (much display dancing - GORGEOUS to watch!), one male collected and many photos taken; females were clustered in the blackberries, photos taken
American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana - almost as many as the Jewelwings, a few caught and released
Emma's Dancer, Argia emma - abundant; males and females caught and released
Northern Bluet, Enallagma cyathigerum - common; males collected
Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula - one male seen
Western Forktail, I. perparva - some seen
Mosaic Darner sp. - a few seen, one appeared to be a Blue-eyed, (Aeshna multicolor)
Mosaic Darner sp. - one seen which appeared to be a **Paddle- tailed (A. palmata)**
Common Green Darner, Anax junius - 3-6 seen
Pacific Clubtail - abundant; males caught and released - females seen
Sinuous Snaketail, Ophiogomphus occidentis - a few males seen
Common Whitetail, Libellula lydia - 1 female seen
Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata - one seen
Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum - 1-2 males seen, one female seen solo ovipositing
Lassen County - Josh Rose:
At Honey Lake I saw Libellula forensis, Pacific Forktail, **Emerald Spreadwing (Lestes dryas)** {only date this species reported in 2001], and lots of little blue jobs (E. civile?).
Plumas County - Josh Rose:
At Lake Almanor - **Cordulia shurtleffii (American Emerald), **Libellula quadrimaculata (Four-spotted Skimmer)**, and at least three species of Leucorrhinia - **L. intacta (Dot-tailed)**, **hudsonica (Hudsonian)**, and I think **glacialis (Crimson-ringed)** - I should have photos of most, when I finish my present roll of film and get it developed.

Siskiyou County - K&DB:
At Widow Springs Pond, 7 miles East of McCloud:
Western Red Damsel, Amphiagrion abbreviatum - males and females seen
Common Whitetail, Libellula lydia - 2 males seen
elsewhere in the eastern area of Mt. Shasta
Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida - a few males and females seen
Kern County - TG:

This is a preliminary report; I still have some ID work to do this afternoon. I was bird banding at the Canebrake Ecological Preserve today and was able to see and capture some odes. Specimens Captured:
American Rubyspot, male
Also got other specimens including tandem pairs of Vivid Dancers
other unknown Damsels
female Flame Skimmer
and an exuvia.
Got a visual ID on a Blue-eyed Darner.
Saw at least two species of tenerals. One, I think, was a Darner and it left the exuvia, the other may have been a clubtail of some kind (note emergence during the day).

Colusa County - K&DB:
We stopped by Bear Creek where Hiway 20 crosses it for ~40 mins
39 00.490' N 122 22.105' W alt: 1015 feet
11 species seen -
American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana - many
Sooty Dancer, Argia lugens - 1 male and 1 female
Tule Bluet, Enallagma carunculatum - many seen
Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula - some
Western Forktail, I. perparva - some
**Gray Sanddragon, Progomphus borealis ** - 1 male seen
**Giant Darner, Anax walsinghami** - 1 male seen flying; 10 exuviae collected
**Western River Cruiser, Macromia magnifica** - many seen flying; 10 exuviae collected
**Pale-faced Clubskimmer, Brechmorhoga mendax** - 2 seen; in wheel
Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata - 1-2 males seen
Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata - already abundant; 1 seen emerging
Kern County - TG:

In the morning while bird banding, I saw a Flame Skimmer and a Common Green Darner on the South Fork Kern River along the nature trail on the Kern River Preserve. Then in the afternoon I saw the Western Pondhawk. I IDed these by the few males, green face and blue body (although I could not distinguish blue eyes, their whole head looked green) and the numerous yellow/green females. I saw two pairs flying in tandem. The second was a Twelve-Spotted Skimmer! When I saw it, I dropped my net. I was stunned by its beauty and unexpected arrival. I had been standing in the hot sun for about 2 hours trying to remain still enough for the wary female Pondhawks to come within net range when it flew by. I saw only one, a male, and saw it only that one time.
Santa Clara County - LBG:

Vivid Dancers were mating at Stanford's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.
Siskiyou Co. - BD:

Porcupine Lake (about 10 mi NNE of Hambone) -
several Twelve-spotted Skimmers and Aeshna sp. (I despair of ever learning these).

5-all month:
Contra Costa Co. - CH:

Here's the kind of activity in Oakley right now.
-Very common-
Common Whitetail
Green and Blue Darner
Tule Bluet
Western Forktail
Blue Dasher
Flame Skimmer
Western Meadowhawk
Variegated Meadowhawk
Black Saddlebag
-Very rare-
Desert Firetail
-Non existent-
CA Spreadwing
Widow Skimmer

Riverside Co. - TM & BW:

At Mayflower Co. Park, at sunset:
Argia moesta , Powdered Dancer -- about 10 seen roosting in tamerisk away from the lagoon. [last date this species reported in 2001]
**Ischnura hastata , Citrine Forktail** -- about 10 around the marshy lagoon. [only date this species reported in 2001]
Pantala flavescens , Wandering Glider -- 2 seen going to roost in trees in the park.
San Bernardino Co. - TM & BW:
At Moabi Regional Park near (south of) Needles Along the Colorado River and marshy backwaters we had:
Argia moesta, Powdered Dancer -- 2-3 seen.
Enallalgma civile, Familiar Bluet -- fairly common, 20-30 seen.
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail -- 4-5 seen, a male and female collected.
Ischnura ramburii, Rambur's Forktail -- 5-10 seen, a male collected.
Anax junius, Common Green Darner -- 1 patrolling male in the backwater.
Erythemis collocata, W. Pondhawk -- female or young male seen by Bruce Webb.
Pachidiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher -- common, 50-60 seen, most in brush away from water.
Libellula comanche, Comanche Skimmers -- 1 male seen.
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk -- about 10 seen.
Pantala hymenaea, Spot-winged Glider -- one ovipositing(?) in large puddle in the road.
Pantala flavescens, Wandering Glider -- a male patrolling the shore, chasing off all other dragonflies.
At Sacramento Springs:
Both Vivid and California Dancers still present, but seemed in reduced #s. Also 6-8 Flame Skimmers and about 10 **Comanche Skimmers (Libellula comanche)** (all but one of the latter were males, and one male was collected).
Kern Co. - TM & BW:
At California City, at the marshy bordered ponds in the Central Park were:
Enallalgma civile, Familiar Bluet -- common (males netted, examined and released)
Enallalgma carunculatum, Tule Bluet -- fairly common (male netted, examined and released)
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail -- common.
Ischnura denticollis, Black-fronted Forktail -- a few probably seen.
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail -- a male collected (only one seen).
Anax junius, Common Green Darner -- a number of males seen patrolling.
Pachidiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher -- common, mating and ovipositing observed.
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags -- 7-8 seen.
Tramea onusta, Red Saddlebags -- 8-10 seen, a tandem pair collected.
Sonoma Co. - KB:
At Lake Ralphine in Santa Rosa where I went to photograph Baskettails and Clubtails, I saw
Vivid Dancers (Argia vivida)
Tule Bluets(Enallagma carunculatum) - 8 males caught
Northern Bluets (Enallagma cyathigerum)
Pacific Forktails (Ischnura perparva)
Exclamation Damsel (Zoniagrion exclamationis) - 1 male caught
Pacific Clubtails, (Gomphus kurilis) - many, photos taken
Darner sp. (Aeshna sp.) - none observed well
Common Green Darner (Anax junius) - a few
Beaverpond Baskettails (Epitheca canis) - several, photos taken
Western Pondhawk (Erythemis collocata) - a few
8-spotted Skimmers (Libellula forensis) - several
Common Whitetail (Libellula lydia) - plentiful
Flame Skimmers (Libellula saturata) - a few
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata) - 2-3
At home in Sebastopol, on the pond there also were many Cardinal Meadowhawks (Sympetrum illotum)
Sonoma Co. - RM:
Along Cherry Ridge Rd west of Cloverdale, Rod saw his first
Grappletail (Octogomphus specularis)
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata)
of the year.
and at the seep on Pine Flat Rd, he saw 6-7 Hoary Skimmer (Libellula nodisticta)!
Kern County - TG:

At Galileo Hills, a resort oasis near California City. Identified by sight,
Bluet sp. - common around the edges of the manmade ponds
Flame Skimmer, male, - perched on a planted agave.

Sonoma County - KB & DHo:

Seen along Pine Flat Rd in the foothills east of Healdsburg -
I went up Pine Flat Rd today with Dave Hofmann. It was in the 90s. Understand that we MAINLY looked for odes, and spent from 10-2 on the road, so we had opportunity to see more than was seen 2 days before -
American Rubyspot - one at the wide spot in the creek to the west of the road, below the upper pond.
Black Spreadwing - several at upper pond, far side
Vivid Dancer - many at seeps along the pond and at seep on walk in to upper pond
Northern Bluet - plentiful at upper pond
Tule Bluet - quite a few
Bluet sp - possibly Familiar Bluet - held in hand but escaped, upper pond!
Western Forktail - abundant at upper pond
Pacific Forktail - one male seen at wide spot in the creek
Desert Firetail - 1-3 males seen at far side of upper pond
Pacific Spiketail - one male which perched nicely for us alongside upper part of road.
Darner sp. - many, all believed to be Blue-Eyed because of their size, none caught (despite attempts!)
Common Green Darner - 1 male at top of road, several at upper pond inc. one ovipositing tandem pair, others along road.
Grappletail - ~3 at seep alongside the road just above cement lined pond
Beaverpond Baskettail - 1 male at upper pond (poorly seen); 1 male at wide spot in creek (poorly seen!)
Western Pondhawk - many at upper pond, both males and females; one at wide spot in creek
Common Whitetail - abundant, easily 2 dozen at upper pond and many at cement lined pond also. One at seep with Cattle through - it scared up the one...
...* **Hoary Skimmer (Libellula nodisticta)** * - one male, we worked hard to find it at the seep (new early flight season data).
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - many at upper pond
Flame Skimmer - several males, upper pond and cement lined pond, one at wide spot on the creek
Cardinal Meadowhawk - several
Black Saddlebags - one only, possibly a female, at upper pond
and darnit NO Pacific Clubtails!
We also went up to Cloverdale to check out that new park along the Russian River there (north end of town). There we saw
American Rubyspot - many
Emma's Dancer - several, inc. pairs
Sooty Dancer - at least one male
Northern Bluet (no bluets held in hand, so there could have been others)
CA Darner - held in hand
Cardinal Meadowhawk - 2 males
and I found the exuviae of 3 clubtails which key out to **Bison Snaketails (Ophiogomphus bison)**.
Anyway, it was a mighty fine day and its amazing how many more species we saw (23 species+) than were seen on the 18th - I believe this was partly the longer time we spent looking at odes, rather than at birds, but also maybe just more and more is coming out now! Yippee!

Sonoma County - AW & RROS group:

Seen along Pine Flat Rd out of Healdsburg -
Vivid Dancer - a few
Bluet sp. - several
Western Forktail - 2, females
Common Whitetail - several
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - >= 3
Flame Skimmer - 1
Cardinal Meadowhawk - 1
Black Saddlebags - 1
Darner sp. - 1
Common Green Darner - 1

Sonoma County - RM:

One **Pacific Spiketail, Cordulegaster dorsalis)** seen on Cherry Creek Rd. out of Cloverdale in the foothills at 1 pm.
Kern County, - TG:
Seen in the Kern Valley and at a desert oases where she takes birding groups: Blue Dashers, **Red Saddlebags (Tramea onusta)**[ on 5-2], Cardinal Meadowhawks and some type of Dancer damselfly.

Santa Cruz County, - LBG:

Common Whitetail, Blue Dasher, Western Pondhawk, Cardinal Meadowhawk, Flame Skimmer---Quail Hollow Park, Ben Lomond, CA

5-15: (Nevada sightings)
Clark County, NV - SPo&CP:

Seen at Bowman Reservoir, Logandale, Clark Co., Nevada.
A large Darner, probably a Green Darner
Variegated Meadowhawks
Black Saddlebags
Red Saddlebags
Flame Skimmer (a VERY deep red example)
Blue Dashers
What looked like a Glider of some kind
Various Damsels, mostly believed to be E. Civile.
A suspected Blue-Ringed Dancer.
LOTS of things were mating but photo opportunities were made difficult by a gusty breeze and the steep banks to some of the water.

Sonoma County - K&DB, BO, more:

At Fairfield Osborne Preserve, out of Cotati, high in the foothills (Kelly Pond, at the top is at ~2200 ft) 16 species of dragonflies seen
1. Lestes stultus, Black Spreadwing - dozens emerging from a shaded vernal pool under some oaks. A female collected (with permission). This pond dries up by August. All netted were females. I will be giving this specimen to Mark McPeek for DNA work. I hope to get to collect more later in the season when I can try to see what a mature male will look like there.
2. Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer - a few - examined in hand
3. Enallagma carunculatum, Tule Bluet - one male examined in hand; a few others seen
4. Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail - several pruinose females seen at Kelly Pond.
5. Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail - plentiful
7. Aeshna californica, CA Darner - many seen, perhaps 30+, one male examined in hand
8. Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner - a few seen amongst the CA Darners
9. Anax junius, Common Green Darner - 2-3 seen
10. Epitheca canis, Beaverpond Baskettail - one seen at lower pond with the spreadwings
11. Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - one mature male seen at Kelly Pond
12. Libellula forensis, Eight-spotted Skimmer - 10-12 seen, most not `colored up' yet
13. Libellula lydia, Common Whitetail - one immature male seen
14. Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - several females and two mature males. None were on the water.
15. Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk - 6+ on Kelly Pond
16. **Sympetrum pallipes, Striped Meadowhawk** - 3 tenerals seen in the oaklands
San Bernardino Co. - TM & BW:
Sacramento Springs, Hwy 95 about 1.5 mi. N of Hwy 40, near Needles. At a small, cattail-lined spring run in a desert oasis were Vivid and **California Dancers (Argia agroides)** (some of each collected) and 2 male Flame Skimmers.
At Jack Smith Park, Needles, and the adjacent golf course with sparse emergent vegetation along the Colorado River and a small cattail pond:
Argia sedula, Blue-ringed Dancer -- a few males along the river.
Enallalgma civile, Familiar Bluet -- a few along the river -- tandem pair netted.
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail -- fairly common in Scirpus bordering a river backwater.
**Ischnura ramburii, Rambur's Forktail** -- a few along the river, a female collected. [only date this species reported in 2001]
* **Pantala flavescens, Wandering Glider ** *-- one fly-by (new early flight season data).
Pachidiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher -- 4-5 males at the golf course pond.
Riverside Co. - TM & BW:
Palo Verde Diversion Dam:
Hetaerina americana, American Rubyspot -- a few males seen.
Argia moesta, Powdered Dancer -- fairly common, tandem pairs in good numbers.
Argia sedula, Blue-ringed Dancer -- good numbers along the canal.
Enallalgma civile, Familiar(?) Bluet -- probably this species, common.
At Mayflower County Park, at the small, marshy lagoon we saw:
**Argia moesta, Powdered Dancer** -- a few close to the river.
**Argia sedula, Blue-ringed Dancer** -- a few close to the river.
Enallalgma civile, Familiar Bluet -- fairly common.
Pachidiplax longipennis , Blue Dasher -- common.
**Perithemis intensa, Mexican Amberwing** -- 2 males and an ovipositing female seen.
**Orthemis ferruginea, Roseate Skimmer** -- 1 male.
Tramea onusta, Red Saddlebags -- tandem pair and a lone male seen.
Pantala flavescens, Wandering Glider --1-2 seen.

Marin County - WD:

At Lake Lagunitas - several Cardinal Meadowhawks and 12-spotted Skimmers,dozens of Common Whitetails, and HUNDREDS (if not thousands!) of NorthernBluets
At Boyle Park, Mill Valley - Vivid Dancers and several Grappletails.
Sacramento County - TM:
These were more "first-of-the-years" for Tim. . .
** Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata)**, and **Familiar Bluet (Enallagma civile)** and **Boreal Bluet (Enallagma boreale)** at an artificial lake in a residential area of Citrus Heights, in the northeastern section of the county [first and last time this species reported in 2001]

Sonoma Co. - DHo:

Off of Pine Flat Road, east of Healdsburg
Common Green Darner
Beaverpond Baskettail
Cardinal Meadowhawk
Common Whitetail - now abundant!
Calif. Darner
Vivid Dancer
Western Forktail
Northern Bluet

San Luis Obispo Co. - KB:

In San Luis Obispo at the Botanical Garden's 10th annual Garden Festival, 3 Vivid Dancers were seen - 2 males along the creek side and one female in a garden display!

Contra Costa Co. - CH:

In Oakley, on a photo expedition to the delta, Chris saw and photographed several Flame Skimmers, Common Whitetails, Green Darners, and Blue Darners.
Yuba County - TM:
**Spot-winged Glider (Pantala hymeneae)** at Star Bend on the Feather River below Marysville

Sacramento County - TM:

Blue-eyed Darner at the Consumnes River Preserve
Sonoma Co. - DHo:
At Santa Rosa Creek and Willowside Rd, Sebastopol, American Rubyspot

Marin County - WD:

At IVC Open Space - Beaverpond Baskettail
San Joaquin County - TM:
These were all "first-of-the-years" for Tim. . .
**Desert Firetail (Telebasis salva)**, **Arroyo Bluet (Enallagma praevarum) **, and Cardinal Meadowhawk at Mokelumne River Day Use Area along Mokelumne River just below Camanche Dam


late April/early May:
San Diego Co. - LM:

Anza-Borrego State Park:
Although the flowers were fabulous this late April/early May in ABDSP, it wasn't great for dragons and damsels compared to previous years. But we did see some interesting critters.
In Borrego Palm Canyon three Flame Skimmers were flying. And another was perching and patrolling across the BPC Pupfish Pool along with five perching male Western Pondhawks. That was their world! Another male Western Pondhawk was at the Visitors Center Pupfish Pool. No female dragonflies, though.
Those were the only dragons we saw. With damsels we saw Vivid Dancers(M & F) in the Culp Valley area and several Tule bluet, Enallagma carunculatum (M & F) at Mission Dam in San Diego and at the Laguna Lakes area.

Sonoma Co. - K&DB:

At Bigsnest Pond in our Sebastopol backyard the first Blue-eyed Darner, Aeshna multicolor exuvia was found on the 28th and the first Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata, a male, was seen on territory on the 30th.

Yuba & Butte Co. - TM:

American Rubyspot(Hetaerina americana) -- a few along Prairie Creek near Loma Rica, Yuba Co.
**Black(/Emerald?) Spreadwing (Lestes stultus/dryas)** -- many tenerals emerging from a small pond on Table Mt. Butte Co. I have tentatively identified this population as L. stultus over the years, but one male collected today had as emerald a green back as any L. dryas. The true status of this population (and these "species") awaits further work.
Vivid Dancer -- A few at Honcut Creek @ Loma Rica Road, Butte/Yuba cos.
Tule Bluet -- male netted at pond on Table Mountain. Bluets seen at various other spots but not specifically identified.
Pacific Forktail -- male seen at pond in Yuba River floodplain at end of Hallwood Blvd., Yuba Co.
Western Forktail -- male seen at pond on Table Mountain.
Beaverpond Baskettail -- one seen at Pond on Table Mountain.
Western Pondhawk -- immature females fairly common in Yuba River floodplain at Hallwood Blvd.
Eight-spotted Skimmer -- 7-8 at pond in Yuba River floodplain at Hallwood Blvd., female ovipositing, males chasing each other about.
**Twelve-spotted Skimmer ** -- male at pond at Table Mountain, female along Yuba River at Hallwood Blvd.
**Blue Dasher** -- common (mostly active males) at pond in Yuba River floodplain at Hallwood Blvd.
Common Whitetail -- males seen at pond on Table Mt. and along Yuba River at Hallwood Blvd.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- good numbers, many ovipositing, rice fields along Loma Rica Road south of Loma Rica, Yuba Co.

San Diego Co. - KB:

At seeps below Torry Pines State Park near Del Mar, I saw one male **Argia lugens, Sooty Dancer**(only seen on 27th and not yet sooty pruinose) and a few male A. vivida; the only other sighting was a darner sp. fly-by as we ate lunch on the beach.
Placer Co. - TM:
Went up to Roseville to visit Bruce Webb and stopped at Sculpture Park along I-80 at Eureka Ave. exit at about 1:30 in the afternoon . The Ophiogomphus occidentis, Sinuous Snaketail were out in good numbers (the common anisopteran) and there were good numbers of Gomphus kurilis, too. The latter, in particular, were teneral or immature for the most part, but the Ophiogomphus looked fairly "new" for the most part and most were away from water foraging in grassy areas. I suspect they are still in the process of emerging. Only other anisopt seen was a brief flyby, probably T. canis -- no libellulines! Zygopts seen were **H. americana**, A. vivida, ** A. emma (Emma's Dancer )** (just young ones, no adult males yet), I. cervula, ** I. denticollis, (Black-fronted Forktail)**, I. perparva, Z. exclamationis, and only 2-3 Enallagmas, none caught and identified.

Sacramento Co. - TM:

Had my first L. saturata in the backyard, a fresh-looking female. Lots of painted ladies still moving NW.

Sonoma Co. - DHo:

David drove up Pine Flat Rd. out of Healdsburg today to see if anything was out there. His sightings include: Common Whitetail, Darner sp., Cardinal Meadowhawk, Western Forktail (pruinose female), and Bluet sp. at the upper pond. Vivid Dancers were very busy mating at the little seep where he & Doug saw them Jan. 2nd (!) and then at the cement lined goldfish pond alongside the road there were Pacific Clubtails, Darner sp. and Cardinal Meadowhawks.

Sonoma Co. - RM:

At a farm pond off of Green Valley School Rd. outside Graton, Rod found a mature **Flame Skimmer, Libelula saturata** claiming a territory, the first one reported this season. Also new this season was an **Eight- spotted Skimmer, Libelula forensis**. Other species present were a Common Whitetail, Libelula lydia; Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sym. illotum; Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata; Beaverpond Baskettail, E. canis; Pacific Clubtail, G. kurilis; and CA Darner, A. californica.

Marin County - WD:
At Indian Valley Open Space (Novato) - Cardinal Meadowhawk

Sonoma Co. - K&DB:

We went out on Lake Ralphine in our new kayaks. We were rewarded with the first sightings of Beaverpond Baskettails, (Epitheca canis). They were plentiful with one patrolling the shoreline ~ every 30 ft with more up on the trails. Also seen were many Pacific Clubtails, (Gomphus kurilis) - but only about 1/3 as many as the Baskettails. Amazing to us was seeing the smaller Baskettails chasing off the Clubtails. The Clubtails claimed territories by perching on the ground near the water. No exuviae were found. ** Tule Bluets** and **Northern Bluets (Enallagma carunculatum & cyathigerum)** were also flying in good numbers and busy ovipositing. We watched one pair on a tule stem as she climbed down below the water surface and he finally released her. She continued to oviposit until 6 inches under the surface and I lost track of her when the wind blew my kayak off in another direction.
Sonoma Co. - RM:
At Pepperwood Preserve off of Franz Valley Rd, Santa Rosa, Rod saw the first **Western Pondhawk (Erythemis collocata)** of the year: a very teneral female. Elsewhere this week Rod noted many Exclamation Damsels in the Laguna near Graton and Blue-eyed and CA Darners on Green Valley Rd out of Graton. [on 4-23 he also saw Beaverpond Baskettail on Green Valley Rd]
Marin Co. - BO:
Becky saw many darners(Aeshna) flying at 5 Brooks. They were larger than the CA Darners she'd been seeing elsewhere and may possibly have been Blue-eyed Darners
Marin Co. - CS:
Carolyn saw what was most likely a Cardinal Meadowhawk at Audubon Canyon Ranch in Bolinas.
Yuba Co. - T&AM:
We saw a *Common Green Darner (Anax junius)* cross the road near Marysville. In the rice country NE of Marysville were good numbers of Variegated Meadowhawks, many in ovipositing pairs, in shallowly-flooded fields (no green growth yet). There were bluets, seen at a distance around some of these fields and other foothill ponds. The greatest variety was seen at Hammond Grove Co. Park, just off Hwy 20 about 14 miles E of Marysville (near Brown's Valley). The Park borders the Yuba River and also has a nice little creek running through it. **Beaverpond Baskettails** were common and everywhere along the road, creek, clearings. Also along the Creek were Pacific and Western Forktails, bluets (by the amount of blue on the abdomen I would guess either Northern or Familiar), **Common Whitetails, Libellula lydia**(a few), **Eight and/or 12-spotted Skimmers Libellual forensis &/or pulchella**(they were all on the other side of the creek, seen at some distance, and it was tough to determine the number of black wing spots, but I suspect both might have been present). Also a possible Blue-eyed Darner seen at a distance.

Sonoma Co. - BO:

Becky saw small red damsels at Fairfield Osborne Preserve out of Cotati today. They possibly were the first **Western Red Damsels, Amphiagrion abbreviatum** of the year [confirmed by re-sighting 5-29].
Sonoma Co. - G&HC K&DB:
In Sebastopol, at the Conley backyard pond, we saw more than 7 Cardinal Meadowhawk (Sym. illotum) emerging, and one mature male. Also a few CA Darners (A. californica) exuviae. Here are scans of some of the meadowhawk exuviae.
At Bigsnest Pond there were 5 pairs and one `wanna-be' male Cardinal Meadowhawks, many Pacific Forktails, one pruinose female Western
Marin Co. - WD:

Wendy wrote that she possibly found a Grappletail in a small creek in Boyle Park in Mill Valley.

Sonoma Co. - RM:

At Thomas Rd, near Green Valley Rd. outside Graton, what are probably the first *Blue-eyed Darners (Aeshna multicolor)* were seen. They were not held in hand for positive identification (Rod was at work), but were larger than the CA Darners, with bright blue eyes and faces. They were flying low, with many clashes between them, unlike the CA Darners which seem to be seen flying higher and perching frequently. Several more first Pacific Clubtails (Gomphus kurilis) were also seen and many teneral Cardinal Meadowhawks (Sym. illotum) which still had a brownish tinge.

Sonoma Co. - RM:

At Mays Canyon Rd near Guerneville, the first **Pacific Clubtail (Gomphus kurilis)** was seen.

Mendocino Co. - K&DB:

Several CA Darners (A. californica) were seen near the Gualala River by us and we received reports of them elsewhere along the coast. We saw a very teneral Cardinal Meadowhawk (Sym. illotum) along Hwy. 20 ~22 miles west of Willits and we received a report of blue & black Pond Damsels - seen at Pudding Creek. The pond Damsel size description fit the Swift Forktail, but we were unable to find access to the site the next day; and it rained:-(

Sonoma Co. - G&HC:

At the Conley backyard pond they have been finding ~5 Cardinal Meadowhawk (Sym. illotum) exuviae each day, but they have only seen one mature male at the pond. Also a few CA Darners (A. californica) exuviae are being found.
Sonoma Co. - K&DB:
At Bigsnest Pond (our Sebastopol backyard) this week: we've had 5 Cardinal Meadowhawks (Sym. illotum), 3 males and 2 females, ovipositing and 2 exuvia were found; our 30th CA Darner (A. californica) exuvia was found while several adults were seen feeding in the yard & on the 11th the first female returned to the pond to oviposit; on the 9th the first Exclamation Damsel appeared (Zoniagrion exclamationis), a male; on the 10th the first Western Forktail (I. perparva) was seen on the pond, a mature, pruinose female; and there continued to be ~ a dozen Pacific Forktails (I. cervula) breeding.

Sonoma Co. - K&DB:

At the Sonoma Horticultural Gardens off Hessel Rd. in Sebastopol, we saw 3-4 **Exclamation Damsels, Zoniargion exclamationis**, all males. Also seen was one Cardinal Meadowhawk and one CA Darner which was patrolling the creek.


Sonoma/Marin Co. - K&DB:

We went kayaking down the Estero Americana which divides the 2 counties. Despite gale force winds, in a protected area we found some forktails that were either Black-fronted or San Franciscos. The habitat and robustness of the damselflies lead us to think they might well be Ischnura gemina, but we hadn't brought a net. We will return with one at a later date. Also seen 500 yds. away were Pacific Forktails and a CA Darner that was patrolling. One Cardinal Meadowhawk was also seen.

Placer Co. - TM & BW:

Had a chance to get out briefly on a warm, sunny afternoon to Scuplture Park in Roseville, from about 4-5 p.m. A greater variety (although small in total number) of odonates was seen than was expected. Perhaps most interesting was a teneral * **Ophiogomphus occidentis [Sinuous Snaketail]** *. This was observed perched in a tree near the stream, above net range, but low enough for a long, close study through binoculars. The thorax pattern (including sinuous "shoulder" stripes) was well seen. It looked very teneral. We saw it near the beginning of our hike, and when we returned back by the spot about 15-20 minutes later, it was still in the same spot but seemed to have "colored-up" a bit (more green on thorax and yellow on dorsal abdominal spots than when first encountered). My guess is that it emerged shortly before we first encountered it.
Most other odonates seen were also tenerals, including 6-7 Argia vivida and a female Enallagma (sp?). But some non-teneral individuals of Ischnura cervula and I. perparva were also seen. Bruce Webb, with whom I was hiking, saw another dragonfly (which he described as "large" -- a darner perhaps?) in flight, but I did not see it.
If this warm weather continues, we may be in for many early emergers.
Sonoma Co. - K&DB:
15 CA Darners emerged from the pond last night and another 7 are emerging this evening! Amazing! Also at the pond were Cardinal Meadowhawks, Pacific Forktails and Vivid Dancers - Bigsnest Wildlife Pond, Bloomfield Rd, Sebastopol

Sonoma Co. - KB:

What an anniversary gift: a pair of Cardinal Meadowhawks were ovipositing in the pond today! The male was so `fresh' that he was still orange colored! Also seen in the pond were Pacific Forktails and the 5th CA Darner exuvia was found this morning. A male Vivid Dancer was in the backyard - Bloomfield Rd, Sebastopol
Also in Sebastopol: 7 darner exuvia found on the Conley's pond, Lynch Rd.

Sonoma Co. - KW & KB:

At the Sonoma Horticultural Gardens off Hessel Rd. in Sebastopol, we found 5 young female CA Darners and one young female **Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum**. All were seen sunning on the north-east side of Blucher Creek. None were on the water. No Exclamation Damsels were seen yet. The female darners were photographed.

Sonoma Co. - KB:

This morning I found a darner exuvia on the pond, then this afternoon I saw a CA Darner female in the front yard and at 4:15 I saw the first Vivid Dancer in the back yard! When I got home at 10 PM from giving a dragonfly program in Benicia, I found another CA Darner emerging from the pond. All this in my yard here in Sebastopol.
Solano Co. - Mary Shaw:
Mary reported noting the first damselfly she'd seen this year today in Benica.

San Mateo Co. - AJ:

They are finally here! Had a Sympetrum corruptum flying about at the base of Montara Mountain this morning. Just a fly-by, but good enough to see it was not a teneral. I have yet to see a teneral S. corruptum early in the season. My guess is that these are odes that move into our area from other sites further south, but that is just a feeling.

Kern Co. - TG:

The first dragonfly of the season was sighted today.

Sonoma Co. - RM & KB:

Several CA Darners were seen on Green Valley Rd near Mt. Giliad in Graton. A male was collected and several other males and females were seen. Also seen on the road nearer to Hwy. 116 were 2 male Pacific Forktails.
The first darner exuvia for the year, a CA Darner, was found today on Bigsnest Pond in Sebastopol.

San Mateo Co. - K&DB:

At ~11:00 we stopped near Coyote Pt. in San Bruno where we'd seen San Francisco Forktails in other years. Although it was overcast and only 61 out, we were able to find at least 6 females and 3 males. Two males were examined in hand and both were found to be * **San Francisco Forktails, Ischnura gemina** *. One male specimen was collected.The females examined were in both the brown and the reddish color forms. All were seen within 10 feet of the ditch, but none were on the water.
Contra Costa Co. - CH:
I saw my first damselfly for the season this morning. A Pacific Forktail, I believe. Time to dust off the camera and go for a hike!

Sonoma Co. - RM:

Two CA Darners seen on Green Valley Rd near Graton, one was a male at 8:30 a.m.!

Sonoma Co. - KB:

The first Pacific Forktails of the year appeared in Bigsnest Wildlife Pond in Sebastopol today: 2 males and 2 females. The females were ovipositing into the Elodea, Marestail and even into a brown, dead Live Oak leaf! This compares with first sighting dates of 3-11-00, 4-2-99, 3-16-98 & 3-7-97.
Sacramento Co. - TM:
At Sacramento Bar along the American River in muggy, 80+ degree weather with water levels there are already at mid-summer (i.e., almost dry ponds) levels, there were a fair number of Pacific Forktails, including mating and ovipositing pairs around ponds. I saw two pruinose (i.e., not real young) female **Western Forktails, Ischnura perparva**.

Sonoma Co. - BO&KW:

Several immature forktails seen in the area between the creek and ponds at Fairfield Osborne Preserve east of Cotati and one * **California Darner** * which flew in and hung on the branches near them, giving them a good look at the black line across its face. This is the first confirmed sighting of a CA Darner this year. All the forktails described had pale yellowish stigmas and probably were immature Pacific Forktails.
Sonoma Co. - K&DB:
We christened our new kayak at Spring Lake near Santa Rosa today. Seen were several dozen Pacific Forktails, inc. a few females ovipositing. No other dragonflies were seen although we looked for them!

Marin Co. - BO:

Several immature forktails seen at Five Brooks.

Sonoma Co. - BO:

Several immature damselflies seen at Fairfield Osborne Preserve east of Cotati.

Sacramento Co. - TM:

I was out at George Dunmore Park (vernal pool site south and east of Sacramento) from about 2:25-3:15 and saw one male Pacific Forktail and 2-3 Variegated Meadowhawks, all around pools. One of the meadowhawks was a reddish male patrolling the edge of the pool. It went up and after another meadowhawk that flew overhead.

early March:
San Diego Co. - LM:

We saw two or three Pacific Forktails at a small pond at Paroli Homestead, South Culp Valley in Anza-Borrego DSP.

Sonoma Co. - RM:

**Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula** teneral seen on his garage wall in Rohnert Park.

Yolo Co. - TM:

A possible Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympeterum corruptum, seen at the Yolo Bypass (Vic Fazio Wildlife Area) east of Davis. It was flying at a distance low over a flooded field.


2-25, 26, 27:
Sonoma Co. - RM:
Several Variegated Meadowhawks, Sympeterum corruptum, seen during this warm weather at Pepperwood Ranch on Franz Valley Rd, Santa Rosa.

San Diego Co. - LM:
A Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympeterum corruptum, at Henderson Canyon Road along side the orchards in Anza-Borrego DSP.


Sonoma Co. - K&DB:

We went up Pine Flat Rd above Healdsburg but were unable to locate the Vivid Dancers seen Jan. 2nd. However, it was only 58 and slightly overcast with ice still on shaded puddles. We did see 2-3 Variegated Meadowhawks however. They were all on sunny SE slopes.
Especially sad news is that Doug Ellis passed away suddenly the day after discovering the Vivid Dancers mentioned below.

Sonoma Co. - Dho & DE:

7 * **Vivid Dancers** * found on Pine Flat Rd above Healdsburg here in Sonoma Co. today!!! A mature male specimen was collected. Females were also seen both in tandem and in wheel with males. The temp was 71 up there with a low of only 40 as an inversion layer has been keeping the valley's cool and the hills warm. This is quite an extension/deviation from their usual flight period of March-November. Also seen, netted but released was a mature male Variegated Meadowhawk.
San Mateo Co. - AJ
While jogging today I glimpsed * **a smallish Aeshnid** * of unknown species at Princeton Harbour, San Mateo Co. I was caught off guard, without binos, net or even thoughts of odonates. If I had to guess I would have said it was an Aeschna but my look was poor. It definitely was not a Sympetrum corruptum. I wonder what the cumulative degree days are so far this winter here on the coast, certainly higher than it should be. Maybe these odonates are already in March mode? [sounds like a possible California Darner!-kb]

Los Angeles Co. - JC:

I went out hiking on new years day, and I saw a * **Variegated Meadowhawk** * at Chantry Flat, San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles Co. No damselflies were there, but be assured, I looked. There was quite a bit of water in the stream there, it looked good for giant spreadwings in the fall.

Contributions of sightings have been made by these people, please contact Kathy Biggs if you have questions:

DA=Doug Aguillard
KB=Kathy Biggs; DB=Dave Biggs
BC=Bob Claypole; PC=Patti Claypole
JC=Jeff Cole
G&HC=Gloria &/or Harry Conley
GdN=Greg de Nevers
BD=Bruce Deuel
WD=Wendy Dreskin
DE=Doug Ellis
DF=Darren Fong
TG=Terri Gallion
LBG=Leda Beth Gray
PH=Pete Haggard
KH=Keith Hansen
CH=Chris Heaivilin
DHo=David Hoffman
SDI=Steven Dean Irvine
AJ=Alvaro Jaramillo
GK=Greg Kareofelas
David Lukas
RL=Ron Lyons
TM=Tim Manoli; T&AM=Tim & Annette Manolis
RM=Rod Miller
LM=Lynn Monroe
BO=Becky Olsen
SP=Sue Padgett
SPo=Steve Potter; Spo&CP=Steve & Connie Potter
ACR=Andy Rehn
AS=Art Shapiro
RS=Rich Stallcup
SS= Susan Steele
CS=Carolyn Straub
AW=Alan Wight
KW=Ken Wilson
GZ=Gary Zamzow

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