California's Year 2000 Dragonfly Sightings

Initials prefer to those reporting the sighting as listed at the end of this page.

[NOTE: As of June first, I used either Common or Scientific Names, not both, unless it was an uncommon, seldom seen species. I used which ever the sender sent me. Hopefully this won't be an inconvenience for anyone using this site. - Kathy Biggs]

*= new flight data for species in CA
**= first sighting of species of year in CA
***= first sighting of year in CA
 93 species
were reported to this site as flying in CA in this first year of the new century.
 County records are underlined and in orange text

There were 62 new county records  this year.
County records should be substantiated with specimen or photo and notes.


Imperial Co. - Robert Behrstock:
Nature walk at Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge, SE Salton Sea
*Roseate Skimmer (Orthemis ferruginea)* - one female seen, sighting only. Perched in sunny opening in Tamarisks. New late flight date for CA!

Riverside Co. - Robert Behrstock:
Lincoln Rd. at 70th Ave. N. end Salton Sea, near Mecca
Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum) - one male with white checkered abdomen and bicolored stigma. Sighting only.
Imperial Co. - Robert Behrstock:
Nature walk opposite headquarters of Wister Wildlife Unit, E side Salton Sea
Roseate Skimmer (Orthemis ferruginea) - one female seen. Sighting only. Perched on shrubs (Tamarisks) along trail.

Sonoma Co. - RM:
Mid-county, seen along road
Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum)


Sonoma Co. - DE&DHo:
Willow Creek Rd, out of Bodega.
Shadow Darner - one male seen over marsh area [a new late date]

Sonoma Co. - Harry Conley:
Backyard garden in Sebastopol.
A dull reddish-orange colored dragonfly seen

Sonoma Co. - KW+6:
Delta Pond, Santa Rosa Creek/Willow Creek Rd, Sebastopol -
On his beginner's bird walk Ken Wilson and part of his group observed an American Bittern catch and eat a Variegated Meadowhawk! The Bittern just reached out and up at a ~45 degree angle, and snatched it, mid-air. In a 2nd movement it swallowed the dragonfly, wings and all. The Bittern was observed attempting to catch several other dragonflies, inc. some Aeshnas that were possibly Blue-eyed Darners. No other species of dragonflies were seen.
Also seen, one Sora.
Sacramento Co. - TM+many:
Tim Manolis led a field trip to Stone Lakes NWR on a rather nice, sunny day: Quite a few dragonflies were out and about, mostly S. corruptum, including quite a few tandem/ovipositing pairs, some A. junius (including tandem/ovipositing pairs) and bluets, no doubt E. civile. Also saw a *Wandering Glider*, the first he's ever seen in November, though they remain fairly common around there through October. [new late flight record for the Glider in CA!]

Sonoma Co. - KB:
Laguna Wetlands Park, Sebastopol
It was sunny, 74 but windy -
Aeshna sp. - 2 males, probably Blue-eyed Darners by behavior and prior experience (see 10-27)
Variegated Meadowhawks - 2, one old & battered male seen well
Also seen, Cinnamon Teal Ducks.


Sonoma Co. - DE&DHo:
Along Willow Creek Rd. out of Bodega-
American Rubyspot - one old battered male seen
Shadow Darner - several seen

Sonoma Co. - KB:
Laguna Wetlands Park, Sebastopol
It was beautiful & a sunny 68 out with no wind so I thought I'd see what might still be out after our week of wind and then rain -
Bluet sp. - one male seen on the Laguna de Santa Rosa
Aeshna sp. - one very green form female seen perched and flying
Blue-eyed Darner - 1-3 males, 2 of which were seen very well. They were staking out territories on one of the ponds and a female came in and immediately they 'wheeled' off into the cattails
Meadowhawk sp. - 1, either Variegated or Striped
Also seen, one Sora.

Butte/Yuba Co. - TM:
South Honcut Creek (the Butte/Yuba county line) along Los Verjeles Road south of Bangor.
Argia vivida - a few
Hetaerina americana
Sympetrum corruptum
Archilestes californica - 8-10 (a male collected)
Aeshna sp. - 5-6 that, by their patrolling behavior and appearance I judged to be A. walkeri or A. umbrosa.
*A. walkeri* - one netted (and kept) a male - first record for Yuba County
Oroville Wildlife Area along Rabe Road just east of Larkin Road. In dried sedge marsh bordering the pond were good numbers of Lestes congener and Sympetrum pallipes (seemed to be nearly all, if not all, males, one of each collected and a few S. corruptum.
Sonoma Co. - DE & DHo:
Seen near the coast by Bodega-
Pacific Forktail - one female
Red Rock Skimmer - one male
**Cardinal Meadowhawk** - one male [this date extends by one day their oldest known fight season date from 1938. Please let me know if you see one after this date - kb]
Variegated Meadowhawk - several

Sonoma Co. - K&DB:
Lichau Rd/Copeland Creek (out of Cotati), 4:30 PM, 75 degrees-
Great Spreadwings -12 males and 3 females, but no ovipositing witnessed
Vivid Dancer - one female
Aeshna sp. - 1-2
Striped Meadowhawk - 1 or 2
Variegated Meadowhawk - one female
Robert's Rd/Copeland Creek -
Aeshna sp. - one at exactly the spot where I saw Walker's Darner last month and flying exactly the same circuit, but this time it didn't perch, darn!
Siskiyou County - BC:
Cayuse Pond -
Archilestes californica, California Spreadwing - seen
Aeshna sp. -at least 2 seen after several fall storms & frosts. Last date seen.

Sacramento Co. - TM:
Stone Lakes NWR (Extremely windy) -
Quite a few S. corruptum, A. junius, E. civile, I. cervula and a few P. flavescens

Siskiyou County - BC:
M.A. Fisher's Pond near town of Klamath River
Archilestes californica, California Spreadwing - pair seen in tandem

Sonoma Co. - DE & DHo:
Seen at/near the coast -
Northern Bluet - at Hole-in-the-head, Bodega Bay
Pacific Forktail - M & F, at Hole-in-the-head, Bodega Bay
Variegated Meadowhawk- one only seen along Salmon Creek Rd, Bodega
Black Saddlebags - at Hole-in-the-head, Bodega Bay & Bodega

Siskiyou County. -BC:
Eagles Nest Golf Course, Klamath River
Variegated Meadowhawk - last sighting for the county. Several seen in wheel away from the water. This species had been fairly common thru the summer into Oct.

Colusa Co. - K&DB:
We stopped for 25 mins at Bear Creek on our way home from Mt. Shasta. It was threatening to rain, about 60 degrees out with strong wind gusts and 80% overcast at the time.
Dave saw one (only) Anisoptera type flying (perhaps Meadowhawk sized) just as we drove in, just before the cloud cover sent the area into shade.
Then the only other thing we found was one damsel. It was a dancer which was out on the rocky out-cropping and so cold it looked purplish. I almost caught it in my hand but it sort of 'flipped' off....I found it upside down, helpless, low down in the sedge at the water's edge and picked it up and brought it home to ID. It is a male CA Dancer.
The really interesting thing we did see were the exuviae we found! Having collected just 4 Giant Darner exuviae last time we went by Bear Creek (Aug 13) in the whole 1/4 mile stretch that David Pryce and I had collected 24 exuviae in on July 14th, we were AMAZED to collect 10 just in this one little back water area about 25' long. The only other exuviae found were 2 of Green Darners, on the very same cattail stems as the Giants.

Siskiyou Co. - K&DB:
The McCloud area was REALLY disappointing-
Bluet sp., one female, possibly a Tule, gleaning insects from the sage at 4,500' on Mt Shasta
1-2 Aeshna sp each at Mud Creek and Friday's Fly Fishing Resort
Anax junius, one at Friday's
plus a probable Meadowhawk

Butte Co. - TM:
Made a day long trip to Butte County Friday for one last (probably) round of odonating there this fall. Nothing too exciting found, and numbers were very low. I tried to cover a lot of ground in a few hours, though, and wasn't able to spend a lot of time at any one place.
Started out up in the high country. Butte Creek House Meadows was very dead, -
Anax junius a handful flying around
Aeshna (at least umbrosa and multicolor), a few
White-faced Meadowhawk, one male
Variegated Meadowhawk, one
Bluet -- one female
At nearby Summit Lake -
White-faced Meadowhawks, a few including an ovipositing pair
Tule Bluets, a handful
Anax junius, some
Aeshnas (again, probably mostly umbrosa), some
Down in the foothills, at Rock Creek -
Archilestes californica, some
Rubyspots were still out along the creek
Variegated Meadowhawks, some
At Butte Creek Ecological Reserve near Hwy 99 just south of Chico-
Am. Rubyspot - some
Argia vivida- some
Enallagma civile - some
E. carunculatum- some
Ischnura cervula- some
Aeshna umbrosa- some
Anax junius- some
Sympetrum pallipes a small number
S. corruptum- some
Pantala flavescens - at least one. I tried unsuccessfully to catch it as it is the one species on the Butte County list not yet supported with a voucher specimen.

San Joaquin Co. - Cheri Pillsbury:
I saw a "big blue dragonfly" being eaten by a kestrel durning winter- like weather. [TM says this probably was the Common Green Darner -- the abdomen could be described as "electric blue" and would probably be the last bit left that a kestrel would eat, as they probably start with the head first. Common Green Darners fly into November, at least. They are common fall migrants through northern California (and much of the rest of North America) and are common fare for birds, including Merlins, Kestrels, etc., at that time.]

Sonoma Co. - K&DB:
Seen at Kay's small pond south of Freestone -
Northern Bluet - many, inc. wheels and ovipositing
Tule Bluet - some
Shadow Darner - 1-3 males came in looking for females
Cardinal Meadowhawk - one male on territory
Variegated Meadowhawk - one quick 'fly-by'


Sacramento Co. - TM:
Seen at some small wetlands (a seep spring-fed stock pond and a couple of other small, drying impoundments) in arid foothill area of open oak woodland and grassland in southeastern part of the county at Howard Ranch, a TNC property that is part of the Cosumnes River Preserve:
Vivid and Aztec Dancers -(a few of the latter collected, the first I have seen in Sacramento County [there are previous records in collections])
Black-fronted, Western and Pacific Forktails, and Familiar Bluets - only the dancers which were present in the vicinity of the seep-spring fed drainage, were in any good numbers.
Common Green Darners were "on the move" in modest numbers everywhere, with some Black Saddlebags and Wandering Gliders thrown in.
Striped Meadowhawks were the most common small dragonflies around the ponds, perhaps 20 seen
Variegated Meadowhawks- a few were also seen.

Sonoma Co. - KB:
East of Cotati
*Giant Spreadwing* - one female observed well at the junction of Lichau Rd. & Copeland Creek
Anax junius - several seen on Sonoma State University campus
Walker's Darner - one male seen at the Roberts Rd bridge over Copeland Creek
Seen at Bigsnest Pond in Sebastopol -
Shadow Darner - two emerged during the night. A mature male checked the pond for females later in the morning.
Siskiyou County - BC:
Eagle Nest Golf Course, Hwy. 96/Klamath River -
Anax junius, Common Green Darner -last date seen

9/24-25 -
Lassen County Co. - TM:
Odes were rather scarce, and variety was limited. The only dragonflies seen were darners and meadowhawks. The best of these was a Canada Darner I netted at the south shore of Eagle Lake. It was one of a number of darners (at least some of the others were Variable Darners, one or two seen well while perched) patrolling along a narrow fringe of sedges/rushes along the lakeshore (bordering this emergent vegetation was a modest fringe of rock-strewn grass grading into sagebrush and pines) near a heavily used marina. I didn't recognize it until after I had netted it. This is a first record for Lassen County.

Los Angeles Co. - K&DB:
We stopped for just 15 mins at the Hansen Dam Rec. Lake, JUST off the 205 and looked quickly for dragonflies.
We found at least 7 species in our quick foray and recommend this site!
Forktail sp. (Ischnura) = 2-6 individuals, unidentified
Common Green Darner (Anax junius) = dozens and dozens inc. tandem pairs
Western Pondhawks (Erythemis collocata) = 12+, inc. males and females
Flame Skimmers (Libellula saturata) = dozens of males patrolling territories
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) = ~6 males on territories
Mexican Amberwing (Perithemis intensa) = at least 4 males on territories
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata) = ABUNDANT! Everywhere! Tandem pairs and ovipositing witnessed
Sacramento Co. - TM:
Reichmuth Park, in south Sacramento-
Familiar Bluets
Striped and Variegated Meadowhawks
Common Green Darner
Wandering Glider
At a nearby spot along the Sacramento River, I collected a female Wandering Glider. Aside from one on Larry Serpa's list for the Cosumnes River Preserve this would be a first specimen for Sacramento County

Orange Co. - K&DB and Trude Hurd:
Seen at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary -
Forktail sp. (Ischnura) = 1-2 males, unidentified
Common Green Darner (Anax junius) = dozens, inc. tandem and ovipositing pairs
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) = 1 female caught and released
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata) = many

Siskiyou County - AR &/or GG:
Ischnura denticollis - Parks Creek at Soda Spring, 6mi NW Weed

Sonoma Co - KB:
Went to Lake Ralphine in Santa Rosa today. Saw lots of Bluets. The 3 males I caught were all Arroyos. Also a couple Flame Skimmer males, a pair of ovipositing Black Saddlebags, Green and Blue-eyed Darners, and some very dark darners with little color and tilting flight - I assume ShadowDarners.

Sonoma Co - K&DB:
Bigsnest Pond, Sebastopol-
Vivid Dancers - a few on some days
Northern Bluet - just a few daily
Pacific Forktail - a few. Newly emerged exuviae found on sunny days.
Western Forktail - a few, including mature, pruinose females.
Blue-eyed Darners - they come in quickly and the males leave quickly while the females stay and oviposit into the Creeping Primrose or occasionally the Mare's tale. There is almost always at least one at the pond. I'm seeing both green and blue forms of the females. No exuviae found since August.
Cardinal Meadowhawk - one male whenever it is warm enuf, occasionally in tandem with ovipositing female
Variegated Meadowhawk - one male who fights with the Cardinal M. for a territory

Siskiyou County - BC:
Shasta Valley Wildlife Area-
Widow Skimmer - several seen. This species is fairly uncommon and occurs mostly at still waters in Siskiyou Co.
Flame Skimmer - his last sighting of this species
Sonoma Co - AW:
I went up Pine Flat Road out of Healdsburg for a few hours
I saw several Green Darners but nothing else. The level of the pond near the top is quite low and the only Odonata present were two Green Darners. At Pine Flat, there were several Green Darners foraging over the grassland. I caught one and looked at it closely. It must have been a female, since it had an abdomen that was colored brown and pink. The thorax was all green without stripes - like a bunch of translucent green bubbles! It was really neat to look at it up close. [I've inquired as to whether it could have been a young female- kb]

Santa Clara Co - Richard and Bracey Tiede:
In the east hills of San Jose about 200' elev. a couple miles south of Alum Rock Park -
A Paddle-tailed Darner was caught in our garage two days ago. Not as blue as Blue-eyed. Upper surface of rear end of thorax was electric blue and the abdominal segments had subdued blue bands. 70+ mm. Big and strong. Of course, we let him go.
Flame Skimmer over the pond. Bright red. Common.
We also have smaller blue and green damsels, but haven't caught any to ID them yet.

Sonoma Co - K&B:
Laguna Wetlands, Sebastopol -
It was warm and sunny but the only dragonflies out were Bluets, Blue-eyed Darners, Green Darners and Variegated Meadowhawk, all in small numbers.

Sacramento Co - TM:
Went to Sacramento Bar along the American River today. Windy and warm. Actually saw much the same as I saw there August 19.
California Dancer -- 1 male netted, 8-10 probable others seen
Vivid Dancer -- fairly common, some tandem pairs, one very teneral one seen (i.e., so still some emerging)
Familiar Bluet -- fairly common, many tandem pairs ovipositing at some ponds
Tule Bluet -- at least a few seen, one male netted, one teneral male seen, one tandem pair netted; but seemed not as common as E. civile
Pacific Forktail -- 8-10 seen, one tandem pair netted
Black-fronted Forktail -- one male seen
Western Forktail -- a couple of males seen
Common Green Darner -- 15-20 seen, including one tandem pair at water; but most flying high, foraging widely away from water
Blue-eyed Darner -- 2-3 seen
Western Pondhawk -- 1 male seen
Blue Dasher -- fairly common at one pond, about 30 seen
Common Whitetail -- 1 male seen patrolling a pond
Flame Skimmer -- 2-3 males seen patrolling at water
Wandering Glider -- one seen
Spot-winged Glider -- 1-2 seen
Black Saddlebags -- 10-15 seen, some away from water, but a few males patrolling the shores of ponds (with some aggressive interactions), and one tandem pair ovipositing
Variegated Meadowhawk -- 4-5 seen, most away from water in weedy areas, one male flying low over a pond.

Imperial Co - JC:
I managed to get out to the Colorado River over the Labor Day weekend. Things have been unseasonably cold in L.A., I haven't seen anything flying around here. The weather was warm at the river, though, and quite a few species were out.
Palo Verde County Park, elev. 71 meters, 33.398 deg. N, 114.724 deg. W, 3 mi. S of Palo Verde on SR78.
Aeshna multicolor (Blue-eyed Darner) - general, this species was everywhere, flying well after dusk; common, one male found at rest on bush at night
Anax junius (Green Darner) - general; common
** Orthemis ferruginea (Roseate Skimmer)** - shaded perches in desert, also flying along river; common
Erythemis collocata (Western Pondhawk) - on cattails along river; uncommon
Pachydiplax longipennis (Blue Dasher) - on cattails along river; common
Argia moesta (Powdered Dancer) - Tamarix woodland; scarce
** Ischnura hastata (Citrine Forktail)** - moist grasses; uncommon
** Ischnura ramburii (Rambur's Forktail)** - moist grasses and on cattails along river; common
Enallagma civile (Familiar Bluet) - on cattails along river; scarce
Libellula luctuosa (Widow Skimmer) - desert scrub; 1 male only
Tramea lacerata (Black Saddlebag) - desert scrub, river; common
** Enallagma basidens (Twin-striped Bluet) ** - moist grasses; 1 teneral female only
Pantala hymenaea (Spot-winged Glider) - desert scrub; uncommon
** Perithemis intensa (Mexican Amberwing)** - large bushes, perch on very top; rare

Riverside Co - JC:
Palo Verde Dam, elev. 99 meters, 33.730 deg. N, 114.512 deg. W, 11 mi. N of I-10 on US95.
Anax junius (Green Darner) - desert scrub; one female perching in bush
** Stylurus plagiatus (Russet-tipped Clubtail) ** - desert scrub, mostly large bushes; uncommon
Erpetogomphus compositus (White-belted Ringtail) - desert scrub, mostly on tips of dry twigs; scarce
Pantala flavescens (Wandering Glider) - desert scrub; one at rest in large bush
Argia moesta (Powdered Dancer) - desert scrub; common
Argia sedula (Blue-ringed Dancer) - desert scrub; common
Enallagma civile (Familiar Bluet) - desert scrub; scarce
Sonoma Co - K&DB and Jody Biggs:
Bullfrog Pond at Armstrong Grove Redwoods, near Guerneville
damselfly -- one female seen
Blue-eyed Darner -- several males seen, a few females
Shadow Darner -- one female seen, ovipositing into floating dead material in pond; possibly one male also
Blue Dasher -- one male seen
and that was ALL :-( not even a bullfrog!

Riverside Co - JC:
Whitewater Cyn., elev. 431 meters, 33.957 deg. N, 116.646 deg. W, 3 mi. N of Hwy. 10 on Whitewater Cyn. Rd.
I only spent about ten minutes here, and I all records are sight records, I didn't have my net with me.
Aeshna multicolor (Blue-eyed Darner) - near shallow rivulets; scarce
Anax junius (Green Darner) - riparian, desert scrub; scarce
Libellula comanche (Comanche Skimmer) - pool in river; 1 male
Libellula saturata (Flame Skimmer) - riparian; common
Argia agrioides (California Dancer) - by road and at seep; scarce
Argia vivida (Vivid Dancer) - on rocks and banks of river; common
Enallagma sp. (Bluet)- 1 female along bank of river
Hetaerina americana (American Rubyspot) - along shallow rivulets; adults and larvae seen, rare


various dates during the whole summer but prior to Sept:
Kings Co - Jeff Munoz:
Common Green Darner
Common Whitetail
Flame Skimmer
Blue Dasher
Wandering Glider
Spot-Winged Glider
Black Saddlebags
[Thank you Jeff!]

Contra Costa Co. - CH:
Seen/photographed in Oakley in the Delta
Green Darners - breeding
Meadowhawk sp.
Black Saddlebags - breeding


Glenn Co. - GK:

Stony Creek 39.7666° N 122.1954° W

Argia emma  Emma's Dancer – mated pair collected OC#: 312223 CA Chart# 28

pelagic - west of SF - AW & RS:
I was on a pelagic trip today to Cordell Bank. About a half an hour or so out of Bodega Harbor a dragonfly appeared, circled around the boat looking like it was trying to find a place to land, and then flew off. Rich Stallcup said it looked like a Meadowhawk. I thought you would be interested. I remember seeing a Monarch butterfly at Cordell Bank once.

Siskiyou County - BC:
Eagles Nest Golf Course, Klamath River
Sinuous Snaketail - none seen this date or thereafter

Tehama Co - BD:
Redding Wastewater Treatment Plant: Finally saw a sitting darner, actually a mating pair. I've determined they were Blue-eyed Darners (Aeshna multicolor).

Butte Co - TM & KB:
Butte Creek near Durham
American Rubyspot -- some seen
Emma's Dancer -- uncommon
Sooty Dancer -- one seen
Vivid Dancer -- a few seen
Familiar Bluet -- fairly common
Pacific Forktail -- uncommon
Common Green Darner -- some
Pale-faced Clubskimmer -- a couple of males on the creek
Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- a male seen
Flame Skimmer -- 1-2 seen
Wandering Glider -- some seen
Spot-winged Glider -- some seen
Variegated Meadowhawk -- some seen
Black Saddlebags -- some seen
Butte Creek Canyon, along the creek below the Honey Run Covered Bridge were good numbers of Green Darners and Black Saddlebags, seemingly flying in steady procession downstream. Also a few Emma's Dancers and Bluets along the creek's margins
At some seep springs along the Centerville Road were:
Vivid Dancer -- common
Western Pondhawk -- a few
Blue Dasher -- at least one seen
Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- a female seen
Flame Skimmer -- a couple
Black Saddlebags -- some seen
Variegated Meadowhawk -- some seen
Upper Bidwell Park, Butte Co.
At a spring seep near the Diversion Dam were:
Vivid Dancer
Familiar Bluet
Pacific Forktail
Western Forktail
Common Green Darner
Comanche Skimmer -- 1 female seen well
Neon Skimmer -- 1 male seen, perched in the shade
Flame Skimmer -- 2-3
Variegated Meadowhawk -- some seen
Black Saddlebags -- some seen
Along Big Chico Creek at the beginning of the Yahi Trail were:
Vivid Dancer -- some seen
Emma's Dancer -- some seen
Sooty Dancer -- moderately good numbers
California Dancer -- good numbers
Common Green Darner - flying downstream, ~ 4 ft above the water at a rate of ~ 1 every 2 seconds: migrating?
Flame Skimmer -- 1 male seen
Black Saddlebags - flying downstream, ~ 20 ft above the water in clumps of 3-4 at a rate of one clump every 30 seconds or so: migrating?

Lassen Co. - TM:
Long Valley Creek near Hallelujah Junction,
Emma's Dancer
Vivid Dancer
Tule Bluet
Western Forktail

Common Green Darner -- common, migrating(?) south along creek
Blue-eyed Darner
Paddle-tailed Darner
-- one female netted
Eight-spotted Skimmer -- one male seen patrolling pool in creek bed
Western Meadowhawk -- a few seen
Striped Meadowhawk -- a few seen
Plumas Co - TM:
Feather River near Clio,
American Rubyspot -- a few seen along river
Spreadwing sp? -- possibly Spotted, seen only
Emma's Dancer
Western Forktail
Pacific Forktail
Darner sp?
Lily Lake, Lakes Basin Recreation Area,
Common Spreadwing -- common, many in tandem, female collected
Western Forktail -- some seen
Common Green Darner
Paddle-tailed Darner -- male netted
Variable Darner -- some seen
Striped Meadowhawk -- a few seen
Grass Lake, Lakes Basin Recreation Area,
Western Forktail
Darners -- out over the lake, probably Paddle-tailed, Variable, etc.
White-faced Meadowhawk -- scarce
Striped Meadowhawk -- scarce

Sacramento Co - TM
Sacramento Bar, American River Parkway, about 2:45-4:30 pm breezy, warm, sunny
Vivid Dancer -- fairly common along a small creek, including tandem pairs and at least one teneral individual
California Dancer -- 3-4 males along the "usual" trail between ponds
Pacific Forktail -- fairly common, 20-30 seen
Bluets -- rather scarce, fewer than 10 seen, some in tandem. Probably E. civile
Common Green Darner -- only about 8-10 seen at ponds, one ovipositing female
Blue-eyed Darner -- at least one seen, but darners rather scarce
Western Pondhawk -- 6-8 seen, most males at pond, but also a couple of females, including one ovipositing
Common Whitetail -- 1 male at pond
Flame Skimmer -- 1 male at pond
Blue Dasher -- 10-12, most males, at ponds
Wandering Glider -- 3-4 seen away from water
Spot-winged Glider -- 1-2 seen away from water
Variegated Meadowhawk -- scarce, 4 seen, away from water
Black Saddlebags -- fairly common, including at least 3-4 tandem pairs over one pond.

Shasta County - KW:

Ajhumaui State Park (near Fall River)
Pacific Forktail
Blue-eyed Darner
Common Green Darner
8-spotted Skimmer
Flame Skimmer
Blue Dasher
Western Meadowhawk
Striped Meadowhawk
Black Saddlebags

Siskiyou County - BC:
Klamath River, Hyw 97/Klamath River
Widow Skimmer - one seen at his home along the river

Siskiyou County - BC:
Eagles Nest Golf Course, Klamath River
Sinuous Snaketail - very few seen
Shasta County - BD:
Redding, McConnell Foundation's Lema Ranch property on Shasta View Blvd.:
several Black Saddlebags, some Blue Dashers (green eyes, white face), and some mosaic darners.

Siskiyou County - BD:
Cantara Loop (on the Sacramento River a few miles below Box Canyon Dam):... things were very quiet, but I did see my first Green Darner.

Butte County - TM with Jim Snowden:

Had a nice but too brief day in the Butte County high country. Went first to a series of snow lakes I had visited back in '98 (August 12, to be exact, so almost exactly two years ago). Jim showed me a small, sedge-filled pond just 100 yards or so over a ridge from the largest of the snow lakes (which Jim calls Bufflehead Lake, although you won't find that on any map). Caught a Common Spreadwing near the pond (they were common at the pond) and a Variable Darner at the pond, both first records (long overdue) for Butte County. At Bufflehead Lake itself, water levels seemed much lower than they had been in August '98 (but if you remember, that year saw a lot of unusual late winter and spring precipitation). In August '98, American Emeralds were the common ode over Bufflehead Lake. This year, they were replaced by darners (another male Variable netted, probably mostly this but Paddle-tailed (not yet definitely recorded in Butte County) and Shadow also possible). I saw a few 4-spotted Skimmers in '98, none this year. There were lots of bluets around the lake in '98, only 1-2 (male Boreal netted) this year, but fair numbers of Common Spreadwing this year, none in '98.
We then spent the early afternoon at the meadow at Butte Creek House. Odes here were:
Common Spreadwing -- good numbers seen (none seen there in August '98 or in July of this year)
Western Red Damsel -- 1 male seen
Vivid Dancer -- a few, including tandem pairs
Bluets -- a few
Western Forktail -- uncommon
Pacific Forktail -- a few
Common Green Darner -- abundant, in swarms
Blue-eyed Darner -- good numbers, swarming with other darners
**Shadow Darner** -- a male netted
darner spp? -- possible Variables and Paddle-tails seen
White-faced Meadowhawk -- fairly common
Striped Meadowhawk -- some seen
Spot-winged Glider -- 3-4
(No Libellulas left up there!)
A quick stop at Butte Creek near Durham (also in Butte County, but down on the Central Valley floor) at 3:30 p.m. while en route home produced:
American Rubyspot -- 5-6 along the creek
Emma's Dancer -- a few males along the creek
Bluets (probably Familiar?) -- fairly common
White-belted Ringtail -- a male on the creek
Common Green Darner -- a few seen
Flame Skimmer -- 2 males
Red Rock Skimmer -- 1 male along the creek
Glider Sp? -- a few
Variegated Meadowhawk -- fairly common
Black Saddlebags -- 1-2 seen
Colusa County - DE&DHo:
Bear Creek geographic coordinates:
39 00.490' N 122 22.105' W alt: 1015 feet
23 species seen -
[note: Doug said they surveyed the creek the whole ~ 5 miles alongside dirt Bear Creek Rd and the saw the same species and #s of dragonflies the whole route!]
Hetaerina americana
Argia agroides
Argia emma - one small male collected
Argia lugens
Argia vivida
Enallagma carunculatum
E. cyathigerum - many
I. perparva
Telebasis salva many up stream on the algae mats
Erpetogomphus compositus
Progomphus borealis
Aeshna multicolor
Anax junius
Anax walsinghami
Macromia magnifica
Brechmorhoga mendax
Erythemis collocata
L. luctuosa
L. saturata
Pachydiplax longipennis
Pantala flavescens
P. hymeneae
Paltothemis lineatipes
S. corruptum
Tramea lacerata

various dates:
Placer County - Rodi Fregien:
Lake Folsum/American River
Argia lugens - common
Anax junius - seemed to be everywhere in the canyon of Middle Fork of American River; a perfect specimen was brought in
L. nodisticta - along the creek
Tramea lacerata - along the creek

Colusa County - K&DB:
Bear Creek geographic coordinates:
39 00.490' N 122 22.105' W alt: 1015 feet
a quick stop made to collect exuviae from same area as collected from on 7-14 (assuming these individuals had emerged since then,
Giant Darner - 4 exuviae collected, one may have been from an area we missed previously however.
Western River Cruiser - 1 exuviae collected, under the bridge where we had found them before.
tbd - 14 exuviae collected, I need to learn how to ID them!
Tehama County - K&DB:
Jelly's Ferry Rd close to Sac. River:
Anax junius, Common Green Darner- - 12
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk- - 3
Pachydiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher- 1 female collected as first specimen record for the county.
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk -- ~20 males, one very red, totally pruinose male collected.
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags -- 6 males

Siskiyou County - K&DB:

Medicine Lake Highlands areas (Pumice Stone Well pond; Little Medicine, Blanche and Bullseye Lakes) -
Lestes congener, Spotted Spreadwing -- a few males collected at the Lakes
Lestes disjunctus, Common Spreadwing -- a few males collected at the Lakes
Lestes dryas, Emerald Spreadwing -- many present and ovipositing; a female collected at Blanche Lake
Enallagma boreale, Boreal Bluet -- a few males collected at each of the Lakes; present in low #s: one seen caught and eaten by a Robber Fly at Little Medicine Lake
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail -- a few males seen at Little Medicine Lake only
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail -- a few, mostly females, at Little Medicine, Blanche & Bullseye Lakes
Aeshna interrupta, Variable Darner - - 1 female caught at Pumice Stone Well pond, another, a male caught at Little Medicine Lake; another male collected from the water at Blanche Lake: present in good #s also at Bullseye lake - all males patrolling the edges of the lakes
Aeshna sp., Mosaic Darners- - several seen but not identified at Pumice Stone Well pond, and on the lakes. Some appeared to be Blue-eyed Darners.
Anax junius, Common Green Darner- - 2 seen at Pumice Stone Well pond, 1 male collected at Little Medicine Lake
Cordulia shurtleffii, American Emerald -- one female caught & released at Little Medicine Lake; another observed ovipositing unassisted at Blanche Lake - no others seen!
Libellula pulchella, Twelve-spotted Skimmer- - 1 seen at Blanche Lake, no other skimmers seen at all except as noted below:
Sympetrum pallipes, Striped Meadowhawk- abundant at all lake sites at different stages of development at each lake! At Blanche Lake several tandem pairs were seen ovipositing alongside a log that was laying on the ground, ~ 20 feet from the waters edge. The female never really touched the ground but appeared to be releasing her eggs ~ 6-8" above the soil level. Others were seen ovipositing into the water. #=to or >50 at each ~ 1 ache lake.

Siskiyou County - K&DB:

McCloud, Mt. Shasta City and Mt. Shasta along Rd. to the former ski area (warm, calm day):
Mud Creek at Pilgrim Creek Rd:
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancers- - ~6 pairs seen ovipositing in tandem in ditch along north side of the road
Anax junius, Common Green Darner- - ~ 50 female &/or young males seen flying over the wetlands just east of the creek and south of the road.
Libellula nodisticta, Hoary Skimmer- - 1 male seen
Mt. Shasta at ~6,000 ft elevation just below Bunny Flat:
Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner - ~25 in a feeding swarm: 2 caught were both females. All appeared to be the same.
Panther Meadows at Mt. Shasta, ` 8,000 ft:
Aeshna interrupta, Variable Darner - 1 female caught
Aeshna sp., Darner species- ~ 25 darners of varying sizes and hues hawking insects over the wetlands.
Larry Wheyerman Environmental Education Area (~ 1/4 mile south of Lake Siskiyou, Mt. Shasta City). At a pond ~1/2 size surrounded by cattails, fed by a small stream and surrounded by marshy cattailed areas:
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail - 10 females and 5 males
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer- ~30 inc. in tandem
Enallagma, sp. Bluet species- 1 teneral emerged
** Aeshna canadensis, Canada Darner** - 1 male caught - a new county record & only 3rd site known for this species in CA!
**Aeshna palmata, Paddle-tailed Darner** - 1 male caught
Aeshna sp., Darner species- ~ 25 darners of varying sizes and hues hawking insects over the pond, possibly inc. Blue-eyed Darners. Another 25 darners, a mixed group of Aeshna and Anax were flying off over an adjacent field.
Anax junius, Common Green Darner- ~ 20-30 males and females patrolling around the middle of the pond.
Libellula pulchella, 12-spotted Skimmer- 1-2
Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk- 3-6 males
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags- 1-2 males
Mt. Shasta City, Ream Rd & Barr Rd:
Anax junius, Common Green Darner- ~ 25 males in a feeding swarm low over the tall feeds. Possibly feeding on grasshoppers!
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags- 1 male flew over the swarm

Colusa County - K&DB:

Highway 20 just as you come down from the hills into the Sac. Valley, 8 pm:
Anax junius, Common Green Darner- ~200 males in a feeding swarm. One 'caught' by our antennae!

Placer County - TM & Scott Roush:

Tahoe/Truckee area, including the marsh along Taylor Creek at the south end of Lake Tahoe.
**Sympetrum costiferum, Saffron-winged Meadowhawk** - quite a few
**Sympetrum danae, Black Meadowhawk** - quite a few
**Sympetrum obtrusum, White-faced Meadowhawk**- quite a few
Sympetrum pallipes- quite a few
Aeshna umbrosa -one netted
Aeshna multicolor, -one
Aeshna sp - I suspect many of them were interrupta, from the looks of them
Anax junius - swarms along the Truckee River between Lake Tahoe and Truckee were probably(?) migrants.

Sonoma County - KB & Stuart Irons:

Pine Flat Road/Russian River at Alexander Bridge (20 species seen):
Socrates Mine pond:
Black Spreadwing (?) - 1 male
Vivid Dancer - males and females along dirt path
Northern Bluet - very few
Western Forktail - males and females
Blue-eyed Darner - many patrolling males
Common Green Darner - many patrolling males, 1 female or young male
Western Pondhawk - 1 male
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - 2-3 males
Flame Skimmer - many males; 1 ovipositing female
Cardinal Meadowhawk - a few
Striped Meadowhawk - at least 2; one young male collected, scanned & released
Black Saddlebags - 1-2 males
Pine Flat Road (other than pond):
There were many feeding swarms of Darners (Aeshna) and Gliders, each swarm consisting of 6-<50 individuals. Gnats could be seen flying as the food source. >
Common Green Darner - several males, seen singularly (not in swarms)
Darner sp. - many in swarms; some but not all appeared to be Blue- eyed
Walker's Darner - one male was seen flying and then it perched but not caught
Pacific Spiketail - 1 fantastic male patrolling back and forth near the pond by the house where the dogs bark!
Spot-winged Gliders - many in each swarm; both males and females collected
Wandering Gliders - there appeared to be a few interspersed in each swarm; one caught as voucher for Sonoma County distribution record.
Red Rock Skimmer - one male landed on paved roadbed ~ 1/2 way up the road: a new species for the road/Audubon Mayacamis list!
Black Saddlebags - 1-2 males seen separately from feeding groups
Russian River, Alexander Valley Road bridge:
American Rubyspot - a few males and females
Bluet sp - a few just emerging at 5 pm
Macromia magnifica - 1 or 2 patrolling just north of the bridge
Pale-faced Clubskimmer - 1 zoomed by

Riverside County- DE:

near Blythe along the Colorado River:
**Powdered Dancer, Aeshna moesta** - many; one male collected
Vivid Dancer - many; one male collected
Arroyo Bluet - many; one female collected
Siskiyou County - BC:
Klamath River, Hyw 97/Klamath River
Sinuous Snaketail, #s dwindling, becoming uncommon

Inyo County- JC:

Dirty Socks Hot Spring, elev. 1113 m., 36.3291oN, 117.9486oW, 5.4 mi. NE of I395 on SR190. 4.viii.2000:
Argia alberta, Paiute Dancer - at spring-fed seeps, uncommon
Enallagma carunculatum, Tule Bluet - at pond, common
Enallagma civile, Familiar Bluet - at pond, common
Enallagma clausum, Alkali Bluet - at pond, 1 male captured
** Ischnura barberi, Desert Forktail** - general, abundant. Many pairs in copula. Extremely abundant at this locality.
Aeshna sp., possibly, multicolor, Multicolored Darner - 1 seen only, flying among emergent vegetation in spring-fed seep.
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - desert scrub, spring-fed seeps, scarce
**Libellula composita, Bleached Skimmer** - desert scrub, uncommon. Perched only on the leeward side of bushes to avoid strong winds.
Libellula subornata, Desert Whitetail - at pools, common. Tireless flier, very wary when perched.
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk - at pond, common
spring along SR168, elev. 1833 m., 37.2346oN, 118.2005oW, 8 mi. NE of Big Pine. 4.viii.2000.
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer - sage scrub, riparian veg., common
Stylurus olivaceus, Olive Clubtail - sage scrub, 1 male captured, in teneral condition
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - riparian veg., one female seen at rest on twig near moist ground.
Sympetrum occidentale, Western Meadowhawk - sage scrub, 1 male seen
CA, Inyo Co.; Owen's R. at Five Bridges Rd., elev. 1273 m., 37.4113oN, 118.3953oW. 5.viii.2000:
Enallagma civile, Familiar Bluet - Typha sp. in pool along river, uncommon
Sympetrum occidentale, Western Meadowhawk - sage scrub, rare
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk - sage scrub, river, common
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebag - at pool along river, uncommon
McNally Canal at Silver Cyn. Rd., elev. 1277 m., 37.4018oN, 118.3388oW. 5.viii.2000:
Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner - canal, rare
Anax junius, Common Green Darner - canal, scarce. Many acts of aggression towards other species.
Argia nahuana, Aztec Dancer - emergent veg. in canal, scarce
Enallagma anna, River Bluet - canal, common. Males skim close to water surface.
Enallagma carunculatum, Tule Bluet - canal, common. Several pairs in tandem seen flying above emergent vegetation.
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail - veg. along canal, scarce
Ischnura denticollis, Black-Fronted Forktail - veg. along canal, scarce
Libellula forensis, Eight-Spotted Skimmer - Typha sp. in canal, 1 male captured.
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - Typha sp. in canal, common.
Sympetrum occidentale, Western Meadowhawk - canal, sage scrub, common. Pair in copula observed flying along dirt roads and perching in large bushes.
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk - sage scrub, scarce
Creek Crossing Silver Cyn. Rd., elev. 2073 m., 37.4018oN, 118.2288oW. 5.viii.2000:
Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner - at creek, uncommon
Aeshna palmata, Paddle-tailed Darner - at creek, scarce
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer - along dirt road and at creek, uncommon
Cordulegaster dorsalis, Pacific Spiketail - at creek, 1 female captured.
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - along dirt road, at pools in creek, uncommon. Males patrolled pools, females found along road.
Owen's R. at Collins Rd., elev. 1221 m., 37.2820oN, 118.3168oW, 8.25 miles SE of Bishop. 6.viii.2000:
Argia emma, Emma's Dancer - along dirt rd., in nearby irrigation canal, uncommon
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer - at pool along river, scarce
Enallagma anna, River Bluet , at nearby irrigation canal, along dirt rd., common.
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail - veg. along nearby irrigation canal, rare.
Stylurus olivaceus, Olive Clubtail - veg. along riverbank. 1 male captured, very teneral.
Taboose Cr. at Taboose Cpgr., elev. 1207 m., 36.9981oN, 118.2569oW, 12.5 mi. S of Big Pine along Tinemaha Rd. 6.viii.2000:
Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner - sage scrub, at creek, scarce
Pantala flavescens, Wandering Glider - sage scrub, common
Pantala hymenaea, Spot-winged Glider - sage scrub, uncommon
Sympetrum occidentale, Western Meadowhawk - sage scrub, common
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk - at creek, rare
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebag - sage scrub, rare
Division Cr., elev. 1750 m., 36.9347oN, 118.3164oW, 4 mi. W of Tinemaha Rd. on Division Cr. Rd. 6.viii.2000:
Sympetrum occidentale, Western Meadowhawk - riparian vegetation, common

San Luis Obispo County - SI:

Tramea lacerata , Black Saddlebags - Morro Rock, Sequoia NP, sighting only

Tulare County - SI:

Libellula saturata , Flame Skimmer - 3 Rivers, sighting only

Orange County - SI:

Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner - Disneyland, Los Angeles, sighting only
Libellula saturata , Flame Skimmer - Disneyland, Los Angeles Park, sighting only

Ventura County- TM:

Little Sespe Creek @ Squaw Flat Road, about 4.5 mi. N of Fillmore
**Lavender Dancer,** Argia hinea-- 8-10, a few tandem pairs
Vivid Dancer -- fairly common, ovipositing
Desert Firetail -- 8-10, one pair ovipositing
Flame Skimmer -- 2-3
Cardinal Meadowhawk -- 1 male


7-various dates:
Sacramento County- T&AM:

Seen at the Olympic trials in Sacramento:
Mostly swarms of Spot-winged Gliders - there are lerp-infested eucalypts around the stadium that attract them
A few days ago a Red Rock Skimmer was flying over the stands
Darners - probably Blue-eyed, are occasional visitors
Annette and I saw a probable Wandering Glider - no sign of wing spots and a very bright yellow-orange abdomen.

San Diego County - SI:

Pachydiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher - San Diego Wildlife Park
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - San Diego Wildlife Park
Libellula saturata , Flame Skimmer - San Diego Wildlife Park sightings only

Orange County- TM:
San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, Irvine
Bluet spp. -- a few (3-4) seen
Common Green Darner -- 8-10
Blue-eyed Darner -- 4-5
Spot-winged Glider -- 10 or so seen
(This is a large wastewater pond complex, with open water, marshes, riparian vegetation, but amazingly few odonates. Why?)
Siskiyou County - BC:
Lower Shasta River
River Jewelwing - none seen this date or thereafter
American Rubyspot - fairly common
Emma's Dancer - fairly common
Vivid Dancer - fairly common

Orange County- TM:

Aliso Creek, Leisure World, Laguna Hills
Vivid Dancer -- 15-20
Bluets, spp. -- 10-12, possibly Tules
Black-fronted Forktail -- fairly common
Common Green Darner -- 1 male patrolling creek
Neon Skimmer -- 3-4 males
Flame Skimmer -- 6-8, males patrolling, engaging in aerial interactions (also interacting with the Neon Skimmers)
Red Rock Skimmer -- exuviae found on rocks in creek, but no adults seen

Glenn County - AR &/or GG:
Argia lugens - Stony Creek
Telebasis salva - Grindstone Creek at Stony Creek

Orange County- SI: Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags - Millstream Lane

Shasta County - AR &/or GG:
Pantala hymenaea - Dan Hunt Mdw.

Lassen County- TM:
Silver Lake area -
Common Spreadwing -- modest numbers at some lakes and bogs in the area
Emerald Spreadwing -- fairly common at most lakes, bogs
Taiga Bluet -- male collected at Cowboy Lake; small numbers at a small lake near Silver Lake; common in the Cooper Swamp; first records for LASSEN Co.
Boreal Bluet -- at least one Boreal examined in the hand
Northern Bluet -- widespread and common
Western Forktail -- some seen, most common at Cooper Swamp
**Sedge Sprite** -- abundant at Cooper Swamp
mosaic darners -- modest numbers seen, both Paddle-tailed and Variable, presumably (exuviae appearing to belong to each species were collected), possibly Shadow Darner, too.
Common Green Darner -- a male at a small lake near Silver Lake
American Emerald -- a female netted at Cooper Swamp; a few other emeralds seen were probably this (or possibly Somatochloras)
**Crimson-ringed Whiteface** -- a few at Cowboy Lake, two collected; some at a small lake near Silver Lake; some at Cooper Swamp; first record for Co.
Hudsonian Whiteface -- some at various small, unnamed lakes; abundant at Cooper Swamp.
Dot-tailed Whiteface -- a few at Caribou Lake and Cooper Swamp.
Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- modest numbers throughout area, fairly common at Cooper Swamp
Four-spotted Skimmer -- common and widespread
Spot-winged Glider -- one at Silver Lake
Variegated Meadowhawk -- uncommon
meadowhawk sp., probably obtrusum and possibly pallipes, danae, costiferum, etc. -- small numbers of tenerals at various spots
Clear Creek -
Spotted Spreadwing -- fairly common
Emerald Spreadwing -- fairly common
Western Red Damsel -- a few seen
bluet sp. -- some seen
Western Forktail -- fairly common
Blue-eyed Darner -- a few seen
Eight-spotted Skimmer -- common
Four-spotted Skimmer -- some seen
Common Whitetail -- a male seen
Spot-winged Glider -- 6-8 seen
Variegated Meadowhawk -- some seen
**White-faced Meadowhawk** -- common
Western Meadowhawk -- common
Siskiyou County - BC:
upper Klamath River area
Sinuous Snaketail - #s dwindling

Lassen County- TM:

Honey Lake Wildlife Area -
Spotted Spreadwing -- some seen
Emerald Spreadwing -- fairly common
Tule Bluet -- some seen
**Alkali Bluet** -- fairly common, female collected
Northern Bluet -- some
Pacific Forktail -- fairly common
Western Forktail -- some
(California Darner -- possibly seen)
Blue-eyed Darner -- some seen
Common Green Darner -- fairly common
Western Pondhawk -- 3-4 seen
Eight-spotted Skimmer -- common
Common Whitetail -- a few seen
Spot-winged Glider -- some seen
Variegated Meadowhawk -- fairly common
Red-veined Meadowhawk -- fairly common, male collected
Western Meadowhawk -- fairly common
Striped Meadowhawk -- 1-2 seen
Black Saddlebags -- a few seen
Willow Creek at County Road A27 -
American Rubyspot -- fairly common
Emma's Dancer -- some
Modoc County- DJP:
Along the road 1 mile south of Fort Bidwell
Pantala flavescens - 1 adult seen

Modoc County- DJP:
Pit River at USGS river measurement station downstream of Canby
41o 24.134'N 120o 55.937'W (elev. 4305')
Argia emma - many exuviae
Ophiogomphus occidentis - 6 exuviae
Gomphus kurilis - 1 exuvia
**Stylurus olivaceous, Oliveceous Clubtail** - 3 exuviae collected
Sympetrum sp. - 1 exuvia
Shasta County - DJP:
Little Cow Creek at the Coronado Mine
40o 43.792'N 122o 04.647'W (elev. 1026')
Hetaerina americana - 2 males seen
Lestes disjunctus - 5 exuviae
Argia emma - numerous, 1 exuvia collected
Argia lugens - several males and females seen, 1 male caught
Cordulegaster dorsalis - 2 exuviae collected
Octogomphus specularis - 2 exuviae
Ophiogomphus occidentis - 7 exuviae
Aeshna palmata - 4 exuviae
Paltothemis lineatipes - 4 males and 1 female seen, 1 male caught & 6 exuviae collected
Modoc County - DJP:
Hot Spring north east of Cedarville
41o 35.692'N 120o05.512'W (elev. 4534')
The temperature of the hot spring at the source was 58.8oC or 137.8oF, decreasing to 42.2oC or 108.0oF about 1/2 mile downstream. The dragonflies appeared to be breeding in the cooler marshy edges of the stream.
**Argia alberta** - fairly common, 3 males caught
Argia emma - 1 male seen
Ischnura cervula - several seen
Ischnura denticollis - several seen, 1 photographed
Ischnura perparva - several seen, 1 female photographed
Aeshna multicolor - 1 male caught
Erythemis collocata - many seen, 2 males caught, tenerals observed
Libellula comanche - several males and females seen, 1 male caught
Libellula forensis - numerous, 1 male caught
Libellula nodisticta - 2 females seen, another female found dead in the water (cooked)
Libellula pulchella - 1 male seen and photographed
**Libellula (Plathemis) subornata** - numerous, 2 males and 2 females caught
Sympetrum corruptum - 1 male caught and released
Sympetrum occidentale - 2 males seen
Sonoma County- DE:
Pine Flat Road
Hoary Skimmer - first one seen at this site this year
others as usual

Sonoma County- K&DB, AW and Ron Robertson:
Despite sprinkles and temperatures in the 60s, on a hike in The Cedars near Cazadero we saw:
Emma's Dancer - ~20, males and females inc. in tandem
Vivid Dancer - ~6 males and females
Sooty Dancer - ~50, males and females
Bluet sp. - 1 female
Bison Snaketail - ~6, males and females; one of each collected to scan
Pacific Spiketail - 1 cool male collected to scan from tall grass while 'sleeping'
Red Rock Skimmer - 2 (3?) males and 1 (2?) females seen inc. in wheel and ovipositing
At Bigsnest Wildlife Pond, Sebastopol
Vivid Dancer - a few males and females
Pacific Forktail - a few males and females
Western Forktail - a few males and females
Aeshna sp - a male flew over
Western Pondhawk - 2 males and a female
Common Whitetail - a male and a female
Blue Dasher - a male
Cardinal Meadowhawk - 3-4 males and a female; ovipositing seen
Sonoma County- RM
Red Rock Skimmer seen near Glen Ellen

Mendocino County - DJP:
East Fork Russian River above Lake Mendocino, Ukiah
39o 14.565'N 123o 07.651'W (elev. 760')
Hetaerina americana - 2 males seen
Argia lugens - several females seen
Argia emma - many seen
Tramea lacerata - 1 male seen
Marin County
Stafford Lake, 2 miles west of Novato, manmade water supply reservoir ~ 1 mile long, 3/4 mile wide
Lestes congener - 1 male and 1 female specimen
Lestes stultus - 1 male specimen
Enallagma praevarum - 1 male specimen
Enallagma carunculatum - 2 male specimens
Ischnura cervula - several seen
Ischnura perparva - numerous
Aeshna sp. - several males patrolling (probably A. multicolor)
Anax junius - one male seen
Libellula luctuosa - 1 male caught
Libellula lydia - 1 male seen
Libellula saturata - 1 male seen

Napa County - KB & DJP:

12 species seen/collected at Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga -
Argia vivida - several
I. cervula -one female seen
I. perparva - one male collected, several females seen
I. dentricollis - one male collected
Aeshna sp.- a few
Ery. collocata - 3 emerging from geyser pond, 1 exuvia collected
L. forensis - at least 2 males
L. pulchella - 1 exuvia found and collected
L. quadrimaculata - one male
L. saturata - a few males
P. hymenaea - several
S. illotum - a few
Sympetrum occidentale -1 female collected
T. lacerata - a few
Colusa County- KB & DJP:
We spent several hours at Bear Creek whose geographic coordinates we now know:
39 00.490' N 122 22.105' W alt: 1015 feet
We recorded 25 species there -
Hetaerina americana - many, some examined in hand
Argia agroides - male and female collected
Argia emma - many ovipositing pairs, examined in hand
Argia lugens - fair numbers, a male collected
Argia vivida - many ovipositing pairs, examined in hand
Enallagma carunculatum - some, a male collected
E. civile - one male collected
E. boreale- male specimen collected
E. cyathigerum - many
I. perparva - one male seen
Telebasis salva - a few pairs, one pair collected
Erpetogomphus compositus - many, one male collected
Progomphus borealis - many, 2 males and one pair collected
(no Aeshna seen!)
Anax junius - a few males seen
Anax walsinghami - many males seen, one female seen as a male took off with her. One male collected + ~24 exuviae
Macromia magnifica - 2+ seen, ~ 30 exuviae collected (many under bridge)
Brechmorhoga mendax ~2 males seen
Erythemis collocata - one female seen, many males possible
L. luctuosa -~5 males, 1 female seen
L. saturata - dozens, one male collected
Pachydiplax longipennis - one male collected, many possible
Pantala flavescens - a few, none collected, but we tried!
P. hymeneae - many seen, one collected
Paltothemis lineatipes - one male, one female seen south of bridge
S. corruptum - many, some held in hand
Tramea lacerata - many, inc. ovipositing pairs
Nevada County - KH:
Northern Spiketail

San Mateo County - DJP:
Seen near Coyote Point at the Ditch at Humane Society, Burlingame
[37o 34.984'N 122o 20.195'W (elev. 7')]:
Ischnura cervula - 6-10 seen
**Ischnura gemina** - 2 males, 2 females
Sympetrum illotum - 3 males
Seen at Half Moon Bay - AJ:
Argia vivida - 20+
Enallagma civile - 2 males, one male collected.
Ischnura cervula - 10+ males, 3 females
Aeschna multicolor - 20+
Sympetrum illotum - 1 male
Pantala hymenaea - 40+, one female collected for a first specimen for the county

San Mateo County - AJ:

Seen at Montara
Pantala hymenaea - 40+
Argia vivida - 1 male

Siskiyou Co. - BC:
His home along Hwy 96/Klamath River -
Hoary Skimmer - uncommon, the only one he saw in the county all summer!

Merced County - TM:

I went looking for Canyon Rubyspots near Atwater and found only Americans - Canal Creek at the
intersection of Fox and Bellevue roads just a few miles east of Atwater.
American Rubyspot -- 20-30 [note- one suspect report of Canyon Rubyspot from this spot long ago- kb]
Bluet sp. -- a few
Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis -- 2-3 seen first sight record
Western Meadowhawk -- male netted and collected.
Flame Skimmer -- 1 male

Kern Co. - TM:
I saw a few Western Meadowhawks at the east end of Lake Isabella in the Kernville area on 7 July. Also a first sight was a Comanche Skimmer near Kernville on 6 July.

Santa Clara County - AJ:
Coyote Creek, downstream from HWY 237. West of Milpitas:
Pantala flavescens- one, sex unknown

Siskiyou County - DE:
Seen at Little Medicine Lake:
Crimson-ringed Whiteface -50-60
American Emerald - 5 or 6, inc. some females
Seen at Collier's rest stop ~ 8 miles north of Yreka:
Sinuous Snaketail - 8 -9 that were as unwary as those seen a few days earlier by K&DB & B&PC in a spot only a few miles away.
Glenn County
Seen in various sites along eastern edge of foothills:
Spot-winged Gliders - ~10,000 - they were everywhere also neighboring counties. Concentrated on hill tops but also foraging near bridges. This was right after a big weather front with lots of rain.
Widow Skimmers
Flame Skimmers
Black Saddlebags

Tuolumne County - RM:

River Ranch Campground east of Tuolumne
American Rubyspot
Dancer sp. - common; males photographed
Mosaic Darner sp. -some seen, probable California
Common Green Darner - a few seen
Pacific Spiketail - a teneral female photographed in hand
Bison Snaketail sp. - males photographed
Grappletail - males and females; a male collected
Western River Cruiser
Common Whitetail - some males seen
12-spotted Skimmer - a few seen and photographed
Flame Skimmer - some males seen
Common Whitetail - some seen
Red-rock Skimmer - a few seen and photographed
Wandering Glider - a few seen
Spot-winged Glider - some seen
Striped Meadowhawk sp. - a female photographed
Black Saddlebags - some seen

7:1-3 -
Plumas County - JC:

Butterfly Valley Botanical Area. 1.vii.2000:
Argia vivida (Vivid Dancer) --common, in boggy meadow and along road
Enallagma sp. [Bluet] --1 teneral female, in boggy meadow. Yet to be determined.
Ischnura perparva (Western Forktail) --common, in grass and over water in boggy meadow
Cordulegaster dorsalis (Pacific Spiketail) --common along trails, roads, forest clearings and in boggy meadow
Octogomphus specularis (Grappletail) --1 in bushes at margin of boggy meadow
Ophiogomphus bison (Bison Snaketail) --2 on ground along side of road
Leucorrhinia intacta (Dot-tailed Whiteface) --scarce, flying low in boggy meadow
Libellula pulchella (Twelve-spot Skimmer) --scarce, on twig perches in boggy meadow
Libellula quadrimaculata (Four-spot Skimmer) --common, on twig perches in boggy meadow
Sympetrum pallipes (Striped Meadowhawk) --uncommon, along road and in woodland
Tanypteryx hageni (Black Petaltail) --1 on log in boggy meadow
Bucks Summit Trail, 2.vii.2000
Argia vivida (Vivid Dancer) --common, at seeps along trail
Sympetrum corruptum (Variegated Meadowhawk) --common, on chaparral vegetation along trail
Tanypteryx hageni (Black Petaltail) --common, at seeps and on ground along trail
Grizzly Creek. 2.vii.2000:
Amphiagrion abbreviatum (Western Red Damsel) --common, on veg near water and in meadow
Enallagma cyathigerum cyathigerum (Circumpolar [Northern] Bluet) --common, over open water
Ischnura perparva (Western Forktail) --common, in grass by open water
Cordulia shurtleffii (American Emerald) --common in meadow, many pairs in copula
Lestes disjunctus? (Common Spreadwing) --scarce, in forest clearing adjacent to meadow, all teneral, none taken
Leucorrhinia hudsonica (Hudsonian Whiteface) --scarce, in meadow
Leucorrhinia intacta (Dot-tailed Whiteface) --rare, in meadow, along cr.
Haskins Creek at Bucks Lake. 2.vii.2000:
Ischnura perparva (Western Forktail) --common, in grass along ditch
Leucorrhinia hudsonica (Hudsonian Whiteface) --scarce, at ditch
Libellula quadrimaculata (Four-spot Skimmer) --uncommon, at ditch
Pantala hymenaea (Spot-winged Glider) --common, especially at end of ditch sheltered from wind
Willow Lake. 3.vii.2000:
Aeshna sp. [Mosaic type Darner] --1, on log in forest, teneral female with damaged eye and wing, not taken
Amphiagrion abbreviatum (Western Red Damsel) --rare, in grass along Willow Creek
Argia vivida (Vivid Dancer) --common along Willow Creek
Enallagma cyathigerum cyathigerum (Circumpolar [Northern] Bluet) common, in grass along lake margins, in floating bog
Ischnura cervula (Pacific Forktail) --abundant, everywhere
Ischnura perparva (Western Forktail) --common, in grass along lake margin and along Willow Creek
Cordulia shurtleffii (American Emerald) --rare, along grassy path, over large pond in bog
Ladona [Libellula] julia (Chalk-fronted Corporal) common, on logs and rocks near shallow ponds
Leucorrhinia hudsonica (Hudsonian Whiteface) -- common, on floating bogs, especially near ponds
Leucorrhinia intacta? (Dot-tailed Whiteface) --1 female, in grass by Willow Creek. I need to check this one to make sure.
Leucorrhinia proxima (Red-waisted Whiteface) - -common, at ponds in floating bog
Libellula quadrimaculata (Four-spot Skimmer) --common, everywhere
Sympetrum corruptum (Variegated Meadowhawk) --scarce, in meadow. All individuals teneral, none taken
Sympetrum sp.[Meadowhawk] --scarce, in meadow. All individuals teneral, none taken
Siskiyou County- K&DB; B&PC:
Along the Shasta River, ~6 miles north of Yreka:
River Jewelwing - one male and later one female; male caught and released - a most beautiful 'LIFER' for us!
American Rubyspot - a few; males and females caught and released
Emma's Dancer - abundant; males and females caught and released
Vivid Dancer - some; males and females caught and released
Northern Bluet - common; males and females caught and released
Western Forktail - a few males seen
MosaicDarner sp. - some seen, probably not Blue-eyed
Common Green Darner, a few seen
Pacific Spiketail - one female seen
Pacific Clubtail - several seen; male caught and released - he was eating a Dancer!
Sinuous Snaketail - abundant and so 'tame' that we could catch them in our bare hands &/or put our finger out and have them climb on!
Western Pondhawk - one male seen
Eight-spotted Skimmer - some seen
Common Whitetail - some males seen
Flame Skimmer - some males seen
Seen at Castle Lake near Mt. Shasta City by K&DB:
Boreal Bluet - common; male specimen taken
American Emerald - some seen; male caught and released
Four-spotted Skimmer - a few seen
Seen at Friday's Fly-fishing RV Park south of McCloud by KB:
Western Red Damsel - some
Northern Bluet - some
Western Forktail - a few
Mosaic Darner sp. - some seen, probably not Blue-eyed
Common Green Darner - many seen
Pacific Spiketail - one male seen
Grappletail - several seen
Beaverpond Baskettail - many seen, male caught and released
Western Pondhawks - males and females seen
Dot-tailed Whiteface - some seen
Common Whitetail - some seen
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - some seen
Flame Skimmer - a few seen
Black Saddlebags - some seen
Seen along the Klamath River below Scott River & Hamburg (~Kuntz Creek)-
American Rubyspot - several seen
Pacific Spiketail - This species seems widespread in the county but rather uncommon & perhaps more 'local' than many species

Sonoma County - AW:

Dragonflies/damselflies seen at Salt Point State Park:
Flame Skimmer - 3
Darner sp. - >= 3
Bison Snaketail - 1
Pacific Forktail - 1, male
Black Spreadwing - 1, male
Swift Forktail, Ischnura erratica [county record] - at least four males and four females at a small pond on the San Andreas Fault. Photographs taken.

Sonoma County - AW:

Socrates Mine pond, Pine Flat Road:
Flame Skimmer - 1, male
Cardinal Meadowhawk - 1, male
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - 3, at least 1 male and 1 female
Common Whitetail - 2, males
Widow Skimmer - 1, male
Black Saddlebags - 2, 1 male and 1 female
Blue Dasher - 1 male
Western Pondhawk - 1 male
Bluet sp. - 2
Vivid Dancer - >= 2
Western Forktail - 2, 1 male and 1 female
Black Spreadwing (?) - 1 male, photographed
Pine Flat Road (other than pond):
Flame Skimmer - 2, 1 male and 1 female
Cardinal Meadowhawk - 1, male
Widow Skimmer - 1, male
Black Saddlebags - >= 10
Darner sp. - >= 4
Bison Snaketail - 1
Pacific Spiketail - 1
Vivid Dancer - several
Russian River, Alexander Valley Road bridge:
American Rubyspot - 4, 3 males, 1 female
Santa Clara County - AJ:
Coyote Creek, downstream from HWY 237. West of Milpitas:
Libellula luctuosa - one male
Glenn County - BD:
Plaskett Meadow off Alder Springs Road - Dot-tailed Whitefaces, a few Four-spotted Skimmers, and several mosaic darners. I despair of ever being able to identify these. [need to get them in hand]


Glenn County- AR &/or GG:

Argia agrioides - Stony Creek at Hwy. 99 bridge in Orland

Plumas County - DE:

I got a call last nite from Doug Ellis who had just been to Willow Lake the day before and he didn't see much at Willow Lake. He only reported seeing Western Forktails, Western Red Damsels and 4-spotted Skimmers but he did see and photograph Chalk-fronted Corporal! . He looked for Sedge Sprites but couldn't find any. But he did see more along Hwy 36 towards Susanville and just inside Plumas Co at a little pond/ditch created next to the train tracks: Dot-tailed and Crimson-ringed Whitefaces, 4, 8, & 12-spotted Skimmers, a female Western Meadowhawk . He also saw No. Bluets & Western Red Damsels there.
Yolo County - AR &/or GG:
Pantala flavescens -Cache Creek at County Rd. E4 near Capay,
Progomphus borealis - Cache Creek at County Rd. E4 near Capay (we already had a YOLO/SOLANO record for this species, but this is firmly in YOLO county).

Sierra County - KH:
Antelope Valley-
Northern Spiketail
Siskiyou Co. - BC:
Grass Lake -
Four-spotted Skimmer - This species only seen in the Cascade Mts. meadows, not along the Klamath River all summer.

Siskiyou Co. - BC:
Mtn. meadow Hwy 89 east of Bartle -
Emerald Spreadwing - seen
San Diego Co. - LM:
Red-veined meadowhawk (Sympetrum madidum) - photographed at Paroli Homestead

Butte County - TM:

Seen at the boggy meadows at the north end of Snag Lake:
Boreal Bluet-- common, a male collected (first specimen for the county came from here last Thursday)
Blue-eyed Darner -- 2-3 (other Aeshnas seen at a distance possibly this or other species)
Common Green Darner -- 2
American Emerald -- 2-3, one male collected.
Dot-tailed Whiteface -- ~8 seen, male collected; first for BUTTE County.
Eight-spotted Skimmer-- 1 male seen
12-spotted Skimmer -- 12, mostly patrolling males
Four-spotted Skimmer -- 4 seen
Variegated Meadowhawk -- 3-4
Seen at a small, drying, sedge and grass-filled depression along Humbug Summit Road 1.1 mi. NE of Snag Lake:
Emerald Spreadwing -- 50-100 -- most young, some adults (more of the latter way from water in brushy clearing nearby), at least one tandem pair; first record for BUTTE County.
Aeshna sp? -- 1 flyby
American Emerald-- 1 male
Four-spotted Skimmer -- 1-2
Red-veined Meadowhawk -- 1 female
Seen at Summit Lake:
Boreal Bluet -- ~60 (one male collected)
Aeshna sp? -- 1-2
American Emerald -- 8
Dot-tailed Whiteface -- 10
Eight-spotted Skimmer-- 1
12-spotted Skimmer -- 10
Four-spotted Skimmer -- 6
Seen at Butte Creek House (meadows and spring bogs along Butte Creek):
Boreal Bluet -- fairly common (could also have been Northerns, which I have netted here in the past, but the only males I netted and examined today were Boreals)
Dancer sp? -- male seen briefly looked like Vivid.
Western Red Damsel -- Fairly common, many tandem pairs (75- 100 seen)
Western Forktail -- 1 female seen
**Taiga Bluet** -- a few seen, including an ovipositing pair; one male collected; first record for BUTTE County.
Blue-eyed Darner -- a few males seen
Pacific Spiketail -- one cruising along Butte Creek
American Emerald -- some seen
Mountain Emerald -- male collected, probable others seen (second record for county; I collected the first last summer nearby at Humbug Summit)
Hudsonian Whiteface -- fairly common at one small boggy spot (30+), including tandem pairs; two males collected; first record for BUTTE County.
Dot-tailed Whiteface -- 2-3 seen
12-spotted Skimmer -- some seen
Four-spotted Skimmer -- 25-30 (many young ones)
Cardinal Meadowhawk -- a male netted and released. I was somewhat surprised to find this at ~5800'.
Striped Meadowhawk -- 2-3 seen.

Sonoma County - RM:

Spot-winged Glider seen near Kenwood

San Diego County - JC:

End of Quiet Oaks Trail, near Julian. 10-
Aeshna multicolor (Blue-eyed Darner)--1 in flight over trail
Aeshna walkeri (Walker's Darner) --scarce, in flight over trails and chaparral. I examined a male specimen collected by Larry Hummer
Enallagma carunculatum (Tule Bluet) --rare, among forbs along trail
Cordulegaster dorsalis (Pacific Spiketail) --rare, in flight over trail, seen only
Lestes congener (Spotted Spreadwing) --1 collected among forbs along trail
Lestes stultus (Black Spreadwing) --uncommon, among forbs along trail
Libellula lydia (Common Whitetail) --1 in flight over trail
Paltothemis lineatipes (Red Rock Skimmer) --1, a female shown to me, collected by Larry Hummer trail
Sympetrum madidum (Red-veined Meadowhawk) --scarce, in chaparral vegetation along trail
Pond 3 mi. S of SR78/79 on Pine Hills Rd.
Anax junius (Common Green Darner) --one patrolling pond
Enallagma carunculatum (Tule Bluet) --scarce, flying low over pond and resting on short emergent grasses.
Lestes stultus (Black Spreadwing) --common, on Typha sp. along margin of pond, numerous pairs in copula and in tandem.
Libellula saturata (Flame Skimmer) --a couple, patrolling the pond and the surrounding grasslands
Siskiyou County - BC:
Klamath River by Bogus Creek Hatchery
Black Saddlebags - This species also seen sparingly from Iron Gate Lake thru Klamath River corridor to at least Happy Camp. Uncommon, usually solitary.
Tehama County - BD:
Red Bluff, My YARD: David caught a dragonfly in the pool which I have "picture-keyed" to a juvenile male Striped Meadowhawk (Sympetrum pallipes).

6-15, 17, & 18:
Colusa County - K&DB, RM:

22 species seen near intersection of Bear Creek and Highway 20 -
Hetaerina americana, American Rubyspot - some
Argia lugens, Sooty Dancer - a few
E. cyathigerum, Northern Bluet - a few
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail -some
Aeshna multicolor Blue-eyed Darner - some
Anax junius, Common Green Darner - some
Anax walsinghami, Giant Darner - 4 male, 1 female ovipositing
found exuvia - ~57 mm!
** Erpetogomphus compositus, White-belted Ringtail** - many males
Progomphus borealis, Gray Sanddragon - many males, pairs seen also
Rod reports that they didn't appear on the water until it reached 80 degrees out
C. dorsalis, Pacific Spiketail - one female seen, ovipositing
Macromia magnifica, Western River Cruiser - 3 seen
Brechmorga mendax, Pale-faced Clubskimmer - 2 males and 1 female seen
E. collocata, Western Pondhawk - males and females seen
Libellula luctuosa, Widow Skimmer - 2 males seen on 15th and one photographed on 18th
Actully it turns out they were at this site last year but not reported, and the picture in my book was taken here!
Libellula lydia - a few seen
Libellula puchella, 12-spotted Skimmer - abundant, ovipositing
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - abundant, ovipositing
P. longipennis, Blue Dasher - males & females seen
P. lineatipes, Red-rock Skimmer - 1 male seen
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk - males and females seen
Sympetrum madidum, Red-veined Meadowhawk - males and females seen
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags - 2-3, inc. in wheel

Yuba County - T&AM:

In the Lakes Basin country north of the Sierra Buttes, at Oregon Creek Day Use Area, along Hwy 49 south of Comptonville:
Vivid Dancer -- about 10
Emma's Dancer -- 3-4
** Western River Cruiser ** -- 3-4, cruising at waist-height over open weedy area, allowing close approach. I should have netted one, as this is the first (will have to remain a "sight" for now) record for YUBA.
Flame Skimmer -- 1 female
** Red Rock Skimmer ** -- 1 male, first sight record for YUBA.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- 4-5.
Just a mile or so E of Hwy 49 on the road to Dobbins, we had a Pacific Spiketail cruising the parking lot of a trailhead.
SIERRA County -Up in the Lakes Basin we saw:
**Emerald Spreadwing ** -- 3-4 at ponds near Lusk Meadows, a teneral at Sandpond.
Vivid Dancer -- some at Sandpond.
**Taiga Bluet** -- a few males seen, one collected, at Sandpond.
Northern Bluet -- bluets of the Northern/Boreal type were widespread and abundant at some spots. Around the borders of some of the small lakes, back a number of yards from the water in open, brushy areas, we often found clouds of hundreds of tenerals. Only a few mature individuals, some already breeding, e.g., at Sandpond. A male netted and examined in hand was Northern.
Pacific Forktail -- some at Sandpond
Western Forktail -- fairly common at Sandpond, a few at other spots
Blue-eyed Darner -- a definite male at Sandpond
A few other Aeshnas there, possibly other species (California? Variable? Who knows!)
Snaketail sp? -- a big surprise for me was one of these on a rock in a clearing around a high mountain lake. I got one swing at it and missed O. bison is the only Ophiogomphus known for SIERRA Co., but I wouldn't want to speculate
** American Emerald ** -- These were common at a number of the small to medium-sized lakes and little ponds in the area. Most were teneral or immature (didn't have the bright green eyes yet), and away from the water in open areas in the woods. A female collected is a first record for SIERRA Co
**Mountain Emerald** -- I netted a male, and saw 4-5 probable others, at Sandpond. I released the male for some reason, then discovered it would have been a first specimen for SIERRA! It will have to do as a first sight (in-the-hand) record for the county.
Dot-tailed Whiteface -- a few around small ponds near Lusk Meadows along the road to Upper Salmon Lake
Hudsonian Whiteface -- a few around small ponds near Lusk Meadows along the road to Upper Salmon Lake
Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- this and the next were the most common skimmers, at nearly all bodies of water
Four-spotted Skimmer -- probably the most common dragonfly in the area
Eight-spotted Skimmer -- 2-3 at a small, un-named lake near (opposite side of road from) Snag and Haven lakes
Variegated Meadowhawk -- a few seen at various spots.
probable Red-veined Meadowhawk -- 1-2 males that looked to be this were seen out of net range at a small, unnamed lake near Snag and Haven lakes.

Siskiyou County - K&DB:

At a spring next to Mud Creek/Pilgrim Creek Rd, (off Highway 89 ~3 miles east of McCloud):
Western Red Damsel, A. abbreviation - many, ovipositing
CA Dancer, A. agrioides - many, ovipositing, male examined in hand and then released
Northern Bluet, E. cyathigerum - a few, ovipositing
Western Forktail, I. perparva - a few, ovipositing
MosaicDarner sp, Aeshna - some seen, probably not Blue-eyed
Common Whitetail, L. lydia - many seen, inc. ovipositing
Hoary Skimmer, L. nodisticta - photo record, inc. tandem ovipositing (5 males, 2 females seen)
Twelve-spotted Skimmer, L. pulchella - many seen, inc. ovipositing
Four-spotted Skimmer, L. quadrimaculata - many seen, inc. ovipositing
At Widow Springs Pond (off Widow Springs Rd ~4 miles east of McCloud):
Western Red Damsel A. abbreviation - abundant, ovipositing
E. cyathigerum, Northern Bluet - a few
I. perparva, Western Forktail - a few
MosaicDarner sp, Aeshna some seen, probably not Blue-eyed
Pacific Spiketail, C. dorsalis one seen
Common Whitetail, L. lydia some seen
Twelve-spotted Skimmer, L. pulchella many seen
Four-spotted Skimmer, L. quadrimaculata a few seen
At Friday's Fly Fishing RV Park, Squaw Valley Rd (off Highway 89 ~5 miles south of McCloud):
Western Red Damsel A. abbreviation - many, ovipositing
Northern Bluet, E. cyathigerum - abundant
Western Forktail, I. perparva - a few
MosaicDarner sp., Aeshna some seen, probably not Blue-eyed
Common Green Darner, Anax junius - many seen
Pacific Spiketail, C. dorsalis - one seen
Grappletail, O. specularis several seen, inc. in wheel
Beaverpond Baskettail, Epitheca canis - many seen
Western Pondhawks, E. collocata - males and females seen
Dot-tailed Whiteface, L. intacta - many males seen
Common Whitetail, L. lydia - many seen
Twelve-spotted Skimmer, L. pulchella - many seen
Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata - a few, ovipositing
Four-spotted Skimmer, L. quadrimaculata - a few seen
Variegated Meadowhawk, S. corruptum - some seen
Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata - many seen inc. in wheel

San Francisco County - DF:

We recently found Ischnura denticollis over at Sutro Baths in San Francisco. Darren
Siskiyou Co. - BC:
Seen at his home along Hwy 96/Klamath River -
Common Whitetail - first time seen at his home. This species fairly common at ponds or show waters thru mid-summer.
Shasta Co. - BD:
Shasta Co., Battle Creek Wildlife Area: Other dragonflies I saw there were Flame Skimmers, Eight-spotted Skimmers, Green Darner, Dot-tailed Whiteface, Western Pondhawk and a Clubtail which was possibly a Sinuous Snaketail [which if proven would be a county record, hope he can go back! - kb]

Sonoma County - KB, DE, DHo and others:

~16 hardy and eventually very HOT souls identified 15 species of dragonflies at Spring Lake, East of Santa Rosa on a Madrone Audubon Beginning Dragonfly Walk. By the end of the field trip around noon, it had reached 100 degrees outside and even some of the dragonflies were seeking the shade. Identified were
Tule Bluets - many, seen ovipositing. Examined in hand.
Northern Bluets - only a few
Pacific Forktails - only a few
Western Forktails - only a few
Blue-eyed Darners - many, seen in wheel
California Darners - some
Green Darners - many, seen in wheel
Western Pondhawks- many, seen ovipositing
8-spotted Skimmers - many, seen ovipositing
Widow Skimmers - many, including females
Common Whitetails - abundant, seen ovipositing
Flame Skimmers- many, seen ovipositing
Blue Dashers - some, seen ovipositing
Cardinal Meadowhawks - a few
Black Saddlebags- many, seen ovipositing. Examined in hand.
One unidentifiable Darner with green thoracic side stripes was seen.
Butte County - TM:
I just had a mostly lousy day in the Butte County high country. Got lost on poorly-marked roads, found said roads all washed out and had to take big, time-wasting detours, and ended the day high in the mountains with a flat tire. But enough of the fun stuff. Did collect a tandem pair of Boreal Bluets , first Butte County record, to put the county list at an even 60 species.
Siskiyou County - BC:
upper Klamath River area
Sinuous Snaketail - dozens seen here and elsewhere away from the water. Abundant thru June and into early July, then slowly dispersing.

San Joaquin County - TM:

Had an urge to find some county records today so picked on a nearby county (San Joaquin) with a meager list (29 species on our spreadsheet, and only 8 of them zygopterans) in need of improvement. Visited the fishing access area along the Mokelumne River just downstream from the fish hatchery at the base of Camanche Dam, from around 9:30 a.m. to Noon (before it got too hot). I found:
** Argia agrioides ** -- a few (3-4) seen, a male collected, first record for the county.
Argia vivida -- 3-4 males seen.
** Enallagma praevarum ** -- common, hundred+ seen, male collected. This was the most common and widespread damselfly. Other Enallagma may have been present, but all the males I netted were this species, and all I saw looked similar.
Ischnura cervula -- about 20 seen
Ischnura perparva -- 30-40 seen, male and female collected, first record for the county.
Telebasis salva -- 30-40 seen, male collected, first record for the county.
Aeshna (probably multicolor?) -- 1 seen
Northern Bluets - only a few -- common, 100 or so seen, around marshy lagoons and ponds.
Libellula luctuosa -- common, 70-80 seen, at ponds and lagoons
Libellula lydia -- 15-20 seen
Libellula saturata -- 2-3 seen
Pachydiplax longipennis -- probably the most common dragonfly, 100s seen, but a male collected is the first record for the county(!).
Tramea lacerata -- about 10-12 seen, including a couple of ovipositing pairs
This struck me as a rather depauperate fauna, and one dominated by species that can exist in rather poor, heavily modified environments. The riparian habitat didn't look that bad, though, and I would have expected Hetaerina americana, Argia emma, and even Zoniagrion, but saw none. Had to settle for adding 4 species to the San Joaquin County list.
Siskiyou County - BC:
near his home on Hwy 96/Klamath River
Sinuous Snaketail - seen in wheel, mounting in #s

San Mateo County - AJ:

Alpine Pond, Santa Cruz mountains:
Argia (likely agrioides). Three females were seen with a "Y" on the thorax.
I am not certain they weren't Aztec Dancers but I gather that is less likely. I was not in a situation where I could collect one. I shall return to the area to confirm the ID. Either way, it appears to be something new for the county from the list I have. [yes, either will be a county record]
Ischnura cervula - 12 males
I. perparva - one orange female
Aeschna multicolor - 10 or so
Anax junius - one female egg laying
Erythemis collocata longipennis - one male. After looking at many Pachydiplax I gather that this may be new for the county. [yes!]
Libellula forensis - 4 males
Libellula lydia - one male
L. saturata - 3 males
Pachydiplax longipennis - 15 males.

Sonoma County - K&DB and others:

At Lake Ralphine, on a PeeWee Audubon outing we lead,
many Cardinal Meadowhawks, Flame Skimmers, Western Pondhawks, and 8- spotted Skimmers were present.
Widow Skimmers and Common Whitetails were abundant.
one male Blue Dasher was seen along with a few Pacific Clubtails (inc. one teneral!)
Blue-eyed, California and Green Darners were sighted.
Also seen were a few Black Saddlebags.
Many damselflies were on the lake inc. Tule Bluets and some Dancers (which weren't caught). We didn't try to ID the damselflies.
Siskiyou Co. - BC:
Klamath River, near Ash Creek -
Pacific Clubtail -seen

Riverside County - Michael Klein:

Libellula nodisticta Specimen collected from Canyon Lake east of Lake Elsinore. Michael and Claude Edwards also saw them regularly on this site throughout June and early July.
Marin County - K&DB; many observers:
Audubon Canyon Ranch
We lead a group of ~12 ACR volunteers on a dragonfly walk, teaching them about the dragonflies and inventorying the species present. It was a sunny but breezy day and we recorded 10 species:
Many Cardinal Meadowhawks were present and several ovipositing pairs were noted on both Monday/Tuesday Ponds and Parsons Pond.
Several very teneral [newly emerged and still unable to fly well] Striped Meadowhawks were seen emerging from Parsons Pond and the Brewer's Blackbirds were observed with them in their beaks headed towards their nests on at least two different occasions.
Two male Western Pondhawks were at Monday/Tuesday Ponds, but no females were seen.
Both California and Blue-eyed Darners were caught and examined in hand. Tandem pairs were noted.
A few Western Forktails (f&m) were seen on Parsons Pond. The females were ovipositing.
1 Pacific Forktail male was seen near each pond and a teneral female was seen at M/T Ponds late in the afternoon.
1 male Northern Bluet was held in hand at Parsons Pond. Only a very few others were seen.
Vivid Dancers were common around M/T Ponds and were seen ovipositing.
Joe Smith located a lone male Grappletail near the bird blind. Vivid Dancers were also seen on rocks in the creek behind the blind and Darners were seen hawking above the picnic area and nearby wild area.
Parsons Pond yielded a few damselfly and skimmer nymph for our examination.
Today's outing was another where VERY FEW damselflies were present.

Siskiyou County - BC:
Eagles Nest Golf Course-
**River Jewelwing** - one seen at ~noon, on 5th green
Sinuous Snaketail - several seen

Sonoma County - KB:

Had a great ode day at our Sebastopol backyard pond today.....9 species with 1 Cardinal Meadowhawk, 3 Flame Skimmers (inc. pair in wheel), ovipositing Western Pondhawks (the male not only guarded the female fiercely, but he herded her back to the pond every time she tried to leave!), 4 Blue Dashers (one young male), 1 8-spotted Skimmer male, and 2 Western Forktails (f&m), 1 Pacific Forktail, and I male Northern(?) Bluet who in desperation hooked up with a female Tule Bluet who tried valiantly to get their parts to fit, but couldn't so she just got into position with her tail actually sticking up past his thorax and stayed that way! Other years there have been 10 damsels to every dragon! Today, Dragons=11, Damsels=5!
------------ -
Near the Bodega Coast: DE&Dho:
Not much seen dragonfly wise: male and female Blue-eyed Darners, Pacific Forktail and Tule Bluets

6: 3-5:
Lassen County - TM:

Since the trip to Lassen County from which I just returned was primarily for birds (did a 22-hour Big Day in Lassen County on Saturday, then Breeding Bird Surveys on Sunday and Monday morning) ode time was somewhat limited. Did visit Blue Lake in the southern Warner Mountains (Lassen County, just barely) on Sunday (6/4) afternoon. Had hopes that E. spinigera, the exuviae of which I found in abundance at certain spots around the lakeshore on 6/28/99, might be flying there already. However, ode activity was rather limited and there were few exuviae (and none of E. spinigera that I could find) in locations where such exuviae had been common last year. I suspect I was just there too early this time. Anax junius, **L. quadrimaculata**, L. pulchella, and **Leucorrhinia hudsonica** were present in modest numbers. A tandem pair of L. hudsonica collected document the first record for Lassen County. Damselfly activity was limited to modest numbers ofIschnura cervula and perparva and fairly good numbers of Enallagma (either boreale and/or cyathigerum). On the drive out, however, we spotted what appeared to be an Epitheca flying down the road towards us. Unfortunately, by the time I jumped out of the car and gave chase, it had spiraled up high into the treetops and would not come down! So E. spinigera may indeed have just emerged there.
The suspected species (including most of those mentioned above) were seen at a variety of other places. Libellula forensis and Pantala hymenaea were fairly numerous around the Honey Lake area, where a few Tramea lacerata were also seen. Amphiagrion abbreviatum and Argia vivida were rather common along Baxter Creek near Buntingville, near the northwest corner of Honey Lake, 6/5. Most impressive was a massive emergence of **Sympetrum occidentale** in some marshes along the Pit River Canyon Road just southeast of Pittville on 6/3. Over a small patch of marsh were 100s of recently-emerged tenerals, packed 10-12 per square foot in the tops of the cattails and tules

Sonoma County - AW&DHo:

I went up into The Cedars northeast of Cazadero today on a CNPS hike. David Hoffman and I saw the following:
Vivid Dancer - many
Emma's Dancer - 1
Bison Snaketail - many
**Black Petaltail, Tanypteryx hageni** - one male
There were a couple distant possible Flame Skimmers
It's a very very unusual area....

Los Angeles County - JC:

I finally got to do some collecting yesterday, June 3rd. I went to Piru Creek at Frenchman's Flat, and **Anax walsinghami, Giant Darner** was out there in fairly good numbers. I collected two males.
Sonoma County - K&DB:
We drove up Pine Flat Road east of Healdsburg but were unable to go to the pond which is usually very productive due to a group of young men doing target practice there. None-the-less, it was a productive day. Afterwards we stopped at the Russian River at Alexander Valley where even though it was 4:30, many odes were still on territories. Seen were:
Hetaerina americana, American Rubyspot - Russian River
Argia emma, Emma's Dancer - Russian River
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer - Pine Flat Road
**Enallagma praevarum, Arroyo Bluet** - stream by meadow, Pine Flat Rd.
Enallagma sp, Bluet sp. - aberrant markings, possibly a Familiar Bluet by appendages. We will send it to Dennis Paulson to ID.
Cordulegaster dorsalis, Pacific Spiketail
Ophiogomphus bison, Bison Snaketail - Russian River, 3
Aeshna californica, CA Darner
Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk
Libellula forensis, Eight-spotted Skimmer - quarry
Libellula luctuosa, Widow Skimmer at the bridge & quarry
Libellula lydia, Common Whitetail
Libellula pulchella, Twelve-spotted Skimmer - reported to us as being on the pond by KW who was leading a birding group
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer
Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags

Siskiyou County - BC:
Ealges Nest Golf Course, Klamath River -
Western Pondhawk - seen in wheel. This species fairly common thru mid-summer more at ponds but also on slow waters in Siskiyou Co.
Common Whitetail - seen there and also seen this day at 5000'on Soda Mt (southern Oregon)
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - also seen this day at 5000'on Soda Mt (southern Oregon) along with a 4-spotted Skimmer. This species less common than Eight-spotted early in the season but more common later in the summer
near his home on Hwy 96/Klamath River
Sinuous Snaketail - one seen

Sonoma County - RM:

Seen while outside at work in the Kenwood area:
Widow Skimmers,
Spot-winged Gliders,
California Darners,
Common Whitetail,
Clubtail sp, possibly a Gray Sanddragon

Sacramento County - TM:
Working in the backyard in the morning I saw a female 12-Spotted Skimmer, a Flame Skimmer and a darner ( Aeshna sp?)
Around noon I drove out to an aquatic plants nursery (Flora Tropicana) on the Jackson Highway east of town .... They had a "zillion" Blue Dashers and quite a few Flame Skimmers. As I have noticed elsewhere locally, damsels were scarce, just a few Western and Pacific Forktails and a single BluetOne male Widow Skimmer was seen.
I then drove out towards the Howard Ranch in southeastern Sacramento County to check out a neat pond I had noticed along Highway 104. Unfortunately, there was some ranching activity going on near the pond and I decided to "reschedule" a visit. But I checked some drying roadside ditches nearby (just E of Clay along Highway 104) and found some Black and Spotted Spreadwings, Western Forktails (the most common damsel, but still not abundant), a few Pacific Forktails, Blue Dashers (lots), Western Pondhawks (a few), some Common Whitetails (I salvaged a dead female off of the road nearby), Widow Skimmers, and 1-2 Black Saddlebags
Finally, of interest in the backyard in the late afternoon were a female Western Forktail and a female Blue Dasher, the latter foraging from a perch fairly high in a birch tree.


Sacramento County - TM:

I saw 2 Libellula luctuosa, Widow Skimmers, at least, also a handful of Spot-winged Gliders, Pantala hymenea (a couple of these are roosting on the hollihocks out back as I write this [Sacramento backyard]), Green Darners, Anax junius; Emma's Dancers, Argia Emma etc., in a rather unproductive walk along the American River near Cal Expo. [note that the first Widow Skimmers were seen in both Sacramento and Sonoma County on the very same day!]
---from Tim: It has seemed to me that damselflies have been noticeably reduced in numbers this year. This is not to say I haven't been seeing damselflies, sometimes in good numbers at some spots, but many likely-looking spots have seemed strangely devoid of bluets and forktails, even if dragonflies have been present in good numbers. Bluets and forktails have been the biggest "disappointments." Have you or anyone else noticed this? [Yes, Kathy Biggs has noticed this in Bigsnest Pond, at the Laguna Wetlands, and at Lake Ralphine, all in Sonoma County - we welcome any comments!]
Sonoma County - DE&DHo: [20 species again!]
Up on Pine Flat Road out of Healdsburg -
Hetaerina americana, American Rubyspot
Lestes stultus, Black Spreadwing,
Argia emma, Emma's Dancer - down by the bridge
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer
Enallagma carunculatum, Tule Bluet
Enallagma cyathigerum, Northern Bluet
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail
Cordulegaster dorsalis, Pacific Spiketail, - many
Gomphus kurilis, Pacific Clubtail
Aeshna californica, CA Darner
Anax junius, Common Green Darner
Epitica canis, Beaverpond Baskettail
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk
Libellula forensis, Eight-spotted Skimmer - new to the pond
Libellula luctuosa, Widow Skimmer at the bridge
Libellula lydia, Common Whitetail
Libellula pulchella, Twelve-spotted Skimmer
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer
Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk
Sympetrum pallipes, Striped Meadowhawk
Sonoma County - RM:

A Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata , a female Erythemis collocata,Western Pondhawk and an old, tattered, faded male Gomphus kurilis,Pacific Clubtail were seen along Santa Rosa Creek, Santa Rosa
Siskiyou Co. - BC:
Eagles Nest Golf Course, Klamath River -
Sinuous Snaketail - several seen

Contra Costa County - CH:

I took a walk to my local delta site to photograph what was there. Too many species for me to keep track of! I managed to get some shots of female Western Pondhawks, Erythemis collocata a Mosaic Darner, Aeshna (with yellow markings), and some Damsels, Zygoptera . The real prize are the photos I took of a male Common Whitetail, Libellula lydia . I've never seen one of those up close before except in pictures. I ended up getting soaked to my knees and lacerated by wild black berries, but I finally caught him. If those shots come out half as well as I expect, it will have been worth it. I saw some females of the same species, but was unable to find out where they'd were hiding. The one shot I really regret not getting was one of a Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata that hovered just in front of me, laughed, and took off. I never saw it again.
Siskiyou County - BC:
Lake Toneson (O.K.R.S) -
Anax junius, Common Green Darner - first date seen
Sinuous Snaketail - MANY seen

San Mateo County - AJ:

At the Yerba Buena nurseries, Santa Cruz Mountains, in San Mateo County last Sunday I encountered
Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk
Aeshna californica, California Darner
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail
Sutter County - T&AM:
Along Pass Road through the Buttes, we found Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer, Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer, Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags and lots of Pantala hymenaea, Spot-winged Gliders near a roadside spring seep. I collected a male A. vivida, Vivid Dancer, and a male Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer both first records for Sutter County ( vivida has now been found in every California county). Along Butte Creek near the W end of the Sutter Bypass, just north of the Lower Pass Road bridge across the creek, I collected a Argia emma, Emma's Dancer, which upgrades my previous sight record for the county to a specimen record. At a small rush-bordered pond along West Butte Road .9 mi. N of the intersection with South Butte Road I saw 2 male Libellula pulchella, Twelve-spotted Skimmer (first sight record for Sutter County), and netted a male Lestes congener, Spotted Spreadwing (first record and specimen for Sutter Co.). Also saw a few Pachydiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher (no specimen but previous videotape record for county) andIschnura cervula, Pacific Forktail (previously collected in the county) at ponds along W. Butte Road. Nothing too exotic, but it raised the Sutter County list from 13 species to 17 (9 specimen, eight sight).
Nice to have a county so in need of field work so close to home!
Napa County - K&DB:

Mcallister Water Gardens, Napa Valley
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk
Libellula forensis, Eight-spotted Skimmer
Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata
Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk
Sonoma County - KW:

Black Saddlebags, Tramea lacerata seen up on Pine Flat Road
Siskiyou Co. - BC:
20 miles below Happy Camp -
Sinuous Snaketail - a dozen seen together several hundred yds. from the Klamath River

Siskiyou Co. - BD:
Porcupine Lake off USFH 41N36, NE of Hambone Butte: I explored around a little and found 5 small ponds with lots of Twelve-spotted Skimmers, some mosaic darners, 1 all red dragonfly, and a couple of pairs of blue damselflies.
----- - BC:
Eagle Nest Golf Course, Klamath River -
Libellula forensis, Eight-spotted Skimmer - fairly common
Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk - fairly common on ponds thru the summer.

Sonoma County - K&DB:

Laguna Wetlands Park, Sebastopol:
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer
Enallagma carunculatum, Tule Bluet
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail
Aeshna californica, CA Darner
Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner
Anax junius, Common Green Darner -present in good numbers on 5-27 although none seen 5-26! Our first sighting of the species this year.
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk
Libellula forensis, Eight-spotted Skimmer
Libellula lydia, Common Whitetail
Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk
Tramea lacerata, Black Saddlebags -at least 2 males
and the first Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata of the year/century appeared at Bigsnest Pond this weekend.

Siskiyou Co. - BC:
Eagles Nest Golf Course, Klamath River -
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - This species much more common now.

Sonoma County - KB, DE, Dho:

Spent a very HOT & HUMID day in the field with Doug Ellis and Dave Hoffman upat Fairfield Osborne Preserve, out of Cotati, high in the foothills (~2200ft)! WHEW! Lots of uphill hiking. Saw 19 species of dragonflies and 21 of butterflies. I only wrote down the dragonflies (Doug did the butterflies). I think we saw all dragons known to be out this year in Sonoma Co. except 5 (Am. Rubyspot, Bison Snaketail, Variegated & Striped Meadowhawks, and Exclamation Damsel)!!
1. Lestes stultus, Black Spreadwing, - male collected near vernal pond
- 100s of Spreadwings emerging from a shaded vernal pool under some oaks,others seen at Kelly Pond at ridge
2. * ** Amphiagrion abbreviatum, Western Red Damsel ** * - some
3. Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer - many - held in hand
4. Enallagma carunculatum, Tule Bluet - held in hand
5. Enallagma cyathigerum, Northern Bluet - one male collected
6. Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail
7. Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail
8. Cordulegaster dorsalis, Pacific Spiketail, - a few
9. Gomphus kurilis, Pacific Clubtail - one male at lower pond
10. Octogomphus specularis, Grappletail [new for my county list]
11. Aeshna californica, CA Darner - many
12. Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner - only 1-3
13. Epitica canis, Beaverpond Baskettail - a few here and there
14. Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - just emerging
15. Pachydiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher - one immature male held in hand
16. Libellula forensis, Eight-spotted Skimmer - many
17. Libellula lydia, Common Whitetail - abundant, still 'coloring up'
18. Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - only 2 males seen
19. Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk - numerous, busily mating and ovipositing.
Siskiyou Co. - PC:
Scott Valley -
Libellula forensis, Eight-spotted Skimmer - probably this species.

Contra Costa County - CH:

In his Oakley backyard (within walking distance of the delta) he found and photographed a female Black-fronted Forktail, Ischnura denticollis.

Sonoma County - K&DB, DE, CH, RM, TM, KW, and more:

I had a 'signing' party for my book and its contributors. Click here to 'meet' some of the book's contributors!
Dragonfly species that showed up at Bigsnest Pond for the party included:
numerous Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawks that were busy mating and ovipositing
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - 1 female seen
Libellula lydia, Common Whitetail - 1 female seen
Libellula forensis, Eight-spotted Skimmer - 2 seen, 1 each sex
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - one male seen
Pachydiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher - one male seen
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer
Zoniagrion exclamationis, Exclamation Damsel.

Sacramento County - TM:

Had the opportunity this morning to visit some portions of the Consumnes River Preserve in south Sacramento County that are usually closed to the public. First stop was the Tall Forest along Wood Duck Slough near the Consumnes River (main part of the CRP) from about 8:30 to 11 a.m. Few odes seen, including:
Lestes sp? -- a female in a clearing in the woods (probably L. stultus?)
Ischnura cervula -- a few seen
Enallagma civile -- male netted
Gomphus kurilis -- apparent female(?) seen ovipositing(?) in the slough
Libellula lydia -- a couple of males seen
Next stop was the Howard Ranch, a huge chunk of grassland and oak woodland in the southeastern corner of Sacramento County, from around 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. I had a chance to look for odes around two stock ponds, one of them spring- fed and near oak woods (I'll call it "pond A", the other a typical "stock pond" in open grassland, I'll call "pond B"). I saw:
Lestes stultus -- a male netted at pond A. It was an adult, and I suspect that 5-6 other adults I saw there, including a tandem pair, were this species, too.
**Lestes congener** -- There were good numbers of very teneral spreadwings coming off of pond A, and all those I netted and examined in the hand were L. congener . As has appeared to be the case at other locations where I have found both stultus and congener, the former appears to emerge earlier than the latter.
Enallagma carunculatum -- I netted a male and saw good numbers (100s), apparently these, at both ponds. Much mating activity. Other Enallagmas with more extensively blue abdomens were also see, but not netted.
Ischnura cervula -- 1-2 seen at pond A, 10 or so at pond B.
Ischnura perparva -- fairly common at pond A, a few at pond B.
Ischnura denticollis -- male netted at pond A.
**Telebasis salva** -- quite common at pond A, 75-100 seen, some in tandem.
Aeshna multicolor -- a few at each pond.
Anax junius -- a few at each pond.
Libellula forensis -- a male at pond B.
** Libellula luctuosa** -- 1 at pond A, 3-4 at pond B.
Libellula lydia -- males rather common, patrolling the shoreline, at both ponds.
Libellula pulchella -- 2-3 at pond B.
Pachydiplax longipennis -- males rather common, patrolling the shoreline, both ponds.
**Pantala hymenaea** -- 3-4 seen, including a tandem pair coming up off of pond B.
Sympetrum corruptum -- a few seen.
**Sympetrum pallipes** -- many (30-40) tenerals coming up off of pond A; fewer (10-20) seen around pond B; all very teneral.
**Tramea lacerata** -- 4-5 seen around pond B.

Sonoma County. - RM:

* **Cordulegaster dorsalis, Pacific Spiketail** * - seen on Geysers Rd.

Placer County. - TM:

Visited Sculpture Park, where I discovered * ** Ophiogomphus occidentis, Sinuous Snaketail** * emerging in good numbers last year (on 5/7/99), today for the first time this year. We have had a bit of rrain in recent weeks, including a good downpour on Monday, and the creek seemed high and muddy. I arrived around 10:00 a.m. and left shortly after noon, but didn't see any O. occidentis until about 11:30. Finally saw three different individuals, 2 males and a female, which is about an order of magnitude less than the number present here last year. Ode activity in general picked up as the morning progressed (it got warmer and sunnier, as well) Species seen:
Hetaerina americana, American Rubyspot -- fairly common
Argia agrioides, CA Dancer -- male netted, probable others seen
**Argia emma, Emma's Dancer** -- fairly common
Argia vivida, Vivid Dancer -- common
Enallagma carunculatum, Tule Bluet -- male netted
Enallagma civile, Familiar Bluet -- a few seen
Ischnura cervula, Pacific Forktail -- uncommon
Ischnura perparva, Western Forktail -- a few seen
Zoniagrion exclamationis, Exclamation Damsel -- a male seen
Aeshna multicolor, Blue-eyed Darner -- 8-10 seen (some possible A. californica, too)
Anax junius, Common Green Darner -- one seen
Gomphus kurilis, Pacific Clubtail -- fairly common
**Ophiogomphus occidentis, Sinuous Snaketail** -- 3 seen
Libellula pulchella, Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- a male seen
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer -- one seen
Pantala hymenaea, Spot-winged Glider -- 2-3 seen
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk -- 4-5 seen
**Sympetrum madidum, Red-veined Meadowhawk** -- a female netted.

Sutter County. - TM:

Got out briefly at midday today lured by the weather forecast of clearing skies. Experienced only a few minutes of clearing, though, then the return of sprinkles, so came home early. Essentially I just had time to walk a few spots along the Feather River (Garden Hwy.) near Verona, Sutter County. Saw a few Pacific Forktails, Ischnura cervula; Familiar Bluets, Enallagma civile; a male American Rubyspot, Heterrina americana;Common Green Darner, a few Aeshna sp? (probably multicolor) and a **Spot-winged Glider, Pantala hymenaea**. I've seen the glider in Sutter County before, but there is no specimen, so I tried to catch it. So did a Barn Swallow. We both missed. Waiting impatiently for return of sunny weather. [me too!]

Sonoma County. - DE&DHo:

One Forktail seen, a Bison Snaketail, Ophiogomphus bison photographed again on this cool day. Also seen were CA Darner, Aeshna californica; Flame Skimmer, L. saturata; Common Whitetail, L. lydia on Pine Flat Rd., east of Healdsburg.
They also saw the Bison Snaketail, Ophiogomphus bison next to Santa Rosa Creek along with 6 Forrktails; Striped Meadowhawks,Sympetrum pallipes, and a female Common Whitetail, L. lydia.

Colusa County - AR &/or GG:
Lestes stultus - Goat Mtn Rd.

Yolo County. - GZ:
Today, I saw two Flame Skimmers, L saturata, in the Garden. One was a male but I do not know about the other. [Davis]

Lake County. - DE&DHo:

Seen at Lake Detert: American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana, photographed; Pacific and Western Forktails, Ischnura cervula & I. perparva; Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida; Northern and Tule Bluets, Enallagma cyathigerum & E. carunculatum; Common Green Darner, Anax junius - 1 or two; Eight-spotted Skimmer, Libellula forensis - many; California Darners, Aeshna californica and many more emerging Bluets.
Yolo County. - GZ:
I saw an adult male Common Whitetail, L. lydia today in my Garden in Davis.

Sonoma County. - K&DB:

Seen during a quick 20 stop at Lake Ralphine in Santa Rosa: Pacific Clubtail, Gomphus kurilis; Beaverpond baskettail,Epitica canis; Common Whitetail, Libellula lydia, California and Blue-eyed Darners, and emerging damselflies.
At Bigsnest Pond were Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida; Exclamation Damsel, Zoniagrion exclamationis; CA Darner, Aeshna californica , plus quite a few Pacific and Western Forktails, Ischnura cervula and I. perparva and Cardinal Meadowhawks, Sympetrum illotum. A female Western Pondhawk, Erythemis collocata was the first of her species to visit the pond, and the first female ever noted here.
Seen by Gloria and Harry Conley at their Sebastopol backyard pond were many Pacific and Western Forktails, Ischnura cervula and I. perparva, a feisty male Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum and an ** Eight-spotted Skimmer, Libellula forensis** female ovipositing. Also seen were California Darner, Aeshna californica and many more emerging damselflies.


Mendocino County. - RL:

Western Pondhawks, Erythemis collocata were seen near Willits.
Yolo County. - GZ:
I saw an immature Common Whitetail, L. lydia in my Garden in Davis.
Siskiyou Co. - BC:
Happy Camp, Hwy 96/Klamath River -
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - pairs in wheel seen
Aeshna sp. -first seen.
Seiad Valley; Happy Camp, Hwy 96/Klamath River -
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - some seen
Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk

Siskiyou Co. - BC:
Eagle's Nest Golf Course, Klamath River -
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - female or young male
Seiad, Hwy 96/Klamath River -
Erythemis collocata, Western Pondhawk - several males seen
Marin County. - Larry Serpa:
** *Grappletail, Octogomphus specularis * ** one landed on the vegetation around our small Fairfax (Marin Co.) pond yesterday, the first one we have seen there.
Sonoma County. - AW:
I had a nice day on Pine Flat Road Saturday, April 29. The pond near Socrates Mine was very good for Odonata. I saw the following there:
Pacific Forktail, [Ischnura cervula] - 1
Western Forktail, [Ischnura perparva] - >= 3, inc. ovipositing prunoise females
Bluet sp., [Enallgama] sp.- many, third abdomen segment > 50 % blue
Vivid Dancer, [Argia vivida] - 2 (mating pair)
Common Whitetail, [Libellula lydia] - >= 4 males
Cardinal Meadowhawk, [Sympetrum illotum] - >= 3
Beaverpond Baskettail, [Epitica canis] - 1
Common Green Darner, [Anax junius] - 1 male
Darner sp., [Aeshna sp.] - 1, flying by, looked roughly like Blue-eyed Darner, [A. multicolor ] photo in your book

Sonoma County. - AW:

**Bison Snaketail, Ophiogomphus bison** photographed on Pine Flat Rd., east of Healdsburg.

April 25-27:
San Diego County. - K&DB:

We did as much dragonflying as we could, but Anza-Borrego Desert had only received 3 of its usual 6" of rain, so water was scarce already. On Tuesday (4-25) at the pupfish pond at the Visitor's center we saw our first Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata of the year, a lone male. We hiked on into Palm Canyon. The pupfish pond at the base of the trail had several male Western Pondhawks, Erythemis collocata (our first of the year, but interestingly, Tim Manolis was seeing the same species and MORE species in the Sacramento Valley at the same time!) and a pair of ovipositing Black-fronted Forktails, Ischnura denticollis - a much overdue lifer for us! Up in the palm grove (hiked despite temps reaching 100 for first time this century!)we found another male Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata and many Aztec Dancers, Argia nahuana. On our return to the base of the trail we found a newly, and wrongly, emerged female Pondhawk....poor thing....poor guys!
On Wednesday (4-26) we drove to Coyote Canyon (106 degrees!) where there was no water at all at the 1st crossing of Coyote Creek. At second crossing we saw the usual Flame Skimmers, Libellula saturata; American Rubyspots, Hetaerina americana; and **Aztec Dancers, Argia nahuana** (examined in hand) plus Familiar Bluets, Enallagma civile this time. We thought it unusual to find a lone male Black- fronted Forktail, Ischnura denticollis there as the water was moving. At 3rd crossing where we'd seen Aeshna before, there were none, but in- between 2nd and 3rdcrossing we did find one male ** *Gray Sanddragon, Progomphus borealis * **. At 2nd crossing I saw what I think might have been a Marl Pennant, Macrodiplax balteata : at first glimpse I thought it was a Black Saddlebags, but then saw that the body was too light colored, it was too small and didn't have enuf dark color on the hind wing. So I wondered if it was a Spot-winged Glider, but its 'droopy diapers' flight posture was weird and then I saw it had too much color on the hind wing. It never reappeared and Marl Pennant didn't dawn on me until later. Darn! If so, it would have been a county record and new earrly flight data, so maybe not and I'm just dreaming! ;-)
On Thursday (4-27) when it was again HOT (106) we drove up to the Julian area to cool off at several mt. lakes. On the way we stopped by several overlooks into San Felipe Creek and watched for signs of the Giant Darner, which was seen there by Dennis Paulson many years ago, but all we saw were Flame Skimmers, Libellula saturata and Blue-eyed Darners, Aeshna multicolor . Not even Common Green Darners were seen. There did seem to be suitable habitat, but only for about 1/2 mile now as things are so overgrown with willows, and there was no water at all in the camping area when you first enter from Scissors crossing. We did go down under the bridge on the way in, but saw nada. Perhaps there is not enuf habitat remaining for Giant Darners? Although it might just have been too early. We didn't see much at the nearby lakes at all, rather disappointing: Flame Skimmers, Libellula saturata, Tule Bluets, Enallagma carunculatum, and Black-fronted Forktail, Ischnura denticollis again (interesting that having evaded us for 2+ yrs, we then found them on 3 separate occasions this trip!).

Siskiyou Co. - BC:
Eagles Nest Golf Course, Klamath River -
Libellula saturata, Flame Skimmer - probably this species

Sonoma County. - DE
-from phone message: * **Striped Meadowhawk, Sympetrum pallipes** * was photographed at Spring Lake in Santa Rosa. This date adds a new month to its known flight season. Also seen were Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata, California Darner, Aeshna californica, and at the coast near Bodega Dunes campground, a teneral Spreadwing, Lestes.
Humboldt County. - PH
Alder Grove Park, Arcata:
Swift Forktail, Ischnura erratica - one pair only, seen and photographed.
Sympetrum illotum, Cardinal Meadowhawk - 1 male photographed

Solono County. - DE
-from phone message: In Del Puerto Canyon there were Flame Skimmers, Libellula saturata , Blue-eyed Darner, Aeshna multicolor and American Rubyspots, Heteratrina americana.
Sacramento County. - TM:

Walked around Sacramento Bar, American River Parkway, from about 1-3:30 p.m. A warm, sunny breezy day. Saw:
Argia vivida , [Vivid Dancer] -- common
**Argia agrioides , [California Dancer**] -- common
Enallagma civile , [Familiar Bluet] -- fairly common
Enallagma carunculatum , [Tule Bluet] -- some seen
Ischnura cervula , [Pacific Forktail] -- common
Ischnura perparva , [Western Forktail] -- a few seen
Aeshna multicolor , [Blue-eyed Darner] -- one seen
Anax junius , [Common Green Darner] -- 8-10 seen
Epitheca canis , [Beaverpond Baskettail] -- about 15-20 seen
**Erythemis collocata, [Western Pondhawk]** -- 2 males at ponds; 2 away from water
Libellula lydia , [Common Whitetail] -- 4-5 males patrolling at ponds; 6-8 teneral females away from water
* ** Libellula pulchella , [Twelve-spotted Skimmer]* ** -- 5- 6 tenerals away from water
Pachydiplax longipennis, [Blue Dasher] -- 3-4 males at ponds; 1 teneral female away from water
Sympetrum illotum, [Cardinal Meadowhawk] -- male on territory along creek.
Los Angeles County. - K&DB:

Visited Legg Lake in the Whittler Narrows area from about 11 - 11:45 while en route to the desert. Also a warm, sunny day.
Enallagma sp., probably Tule Bluet, E. carunculatum -- a few seen at a distance
Ischnura cervula , Pacific Forktail -- dozens ovipositing
Aeshna multicolor , Blue-eyed Darner -- several seen
Pachydiplax longipennis , Blue Dasher -- 4 males seen [note that this species was first seen just the day before in Sacramento]
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk 2 seen
Tramea onusta , Red Saddlebags -- 3 males seen on territory.

Sacramento County. - TM:

Worked in the backyard today (Easter, 4/23) and saw a few odes, including a female Lestes stultus, [Black Spreadwing] (netted and examined in-hand), a male and female Ischnura cervula,[Pacific Forktail] and an * **Aeshna multicolor, [Blue-eyed Darner]* ** and Libellula saturata, [Flame Skimmer]. Ode variety is starting to pick up. [Sacramento]
Imperial or Riverside County. - RS:
The ** *Tramea onusta Red Saddlebags* ** impressed my Salton Sea birding group.

Sacramento County. - TM:

Any reports of * **Flame Skimmers, [Libellula saturata]* ** yet? I had one in the backyard this afternoon. [Sacramento]
Lake County. - GAK:
Epthica canis, [Beaverpond Baskettail] collected on Knoxville Public Lands.

Tuolumne County. - ACR:
* **Lestes stultus [Black Spreadwing] ** * taken at the pond at the Jct. Hwy 120 and Green Spring Rd., 1 mi. W Keystone - a new county record, and the first new record of the year/century for CA! Other than that Andy has not seen much flying yet, just the expected stuff (A. californica, L. lydia, I. perparva, I cervula, S. corruptum, A. vivida, E. civile, E. carunculatum [CA Darner, Common Whitetail, Western & Pacific Forktail, Variegated Meadowhawk, Vivid Dancer, Familiar and Tule Bluet).

Sacramento County. - TM:

Got out for a couple of hours (approx. 1-3 p.m.) to Sacramento Bar [on American River]. It was supposed to get into the 80s here today and it felt like it. It actually felt more like late May than early April. Anyway, I had my first double-digit ode day of the year:
Argia vivida [Vivid Dancer]); -- pretty common, 50-100 seen. Saw some very teneral Argia that, through binoculars, appeared to have forked humeral stripes, and, as these were in an area where later in the season I typically see A. agrioides, [CA Dancer], that may have been what they were, but they were too teneral to catch (would have been mush in the hand)
Enallagma carunculatum [Tule Bluet] -- fairly common, 100+ seen; only males caught were these, but other Enallagmas [Bluet]a might have been present.
Ischnura cervula, [Pacific Forktail] -- common, 100s seen.
* ** Ischnura denticollis, [Black-fronted Forktail]** * -- about 10 seen.
Ischnura perparva, [Western Forktail] -- fairly common, perhaps 50 seen.
Anax junius, [Green Darner] -- 3-4 patrolling males over ponds.
Epitheca canis, [Beaverpond Baskettail] -- the common dragonfly, about 20-30 seen.
Libellula lydia, [Common Whitetail] -- two very teneral females seen.
** * Pachydiplax longipennis, [Blue Dasher]* ** -- one teneral seen.
Sympetrum corruptum, [Variegated Meadowhawk] -- one teneral seen
Sympetrum illotum, [Cardinal Meadowhawk] -- a nice male patrolling a short stretch of a small creek (chased off an E. canis, [Beaverpond Baskettail]); my first observation of this species at this site, actually.
Anyway, last year I didn't seen 10 species until 4/21, so things are definitely a bit ahead of schedule, compared to the past two years at least.
Sonoma County. - RM
While surveying for his work at Santa Rosa Creek near Willowside Rd. in Sebastopol, Rod recorded the following species:
Vivid Dancers, Argia vivida many
Western Forktails, I. perparva
Exclamation Damsels, Zoniagrion exclamationis
American Rubyspots, Hetaerina americana -- very teneral
CA Darners, Aeshna californica
Pacific Clubtail, Gomphus kurilis, including one exceptionally green male
Cardinal Meadowhawks, Sympetrum illotum
Beaverpond Baskettails, Epitica canis
[temperature in low 70s]

Sonoma County. - DE
At Spring Lake in Santa Rosa a thousand or more Fortails, Ischnura, both Pacific and Western were present along with Northern Bluets, Enallgama cyathigerum, 50 - 100 Beaverpond Baskettails, Epitica canis , many CA Darners, Aeshna californica , two Green Darners, Anax junius and some Cardinal Meadowhawks, Sympetrum illotum, .
At Santa Rosa Creek near Willowside Rd. in Sebastopol the following were observed: Pacific Clubtail, Gomphus kurilis, Vivid Dancers, Argia vivida, many Western and Pacific Forktails,I. perparva and cervula, Northern Bluets, Enallgama cyathigerum and a new ode for the year with yet again early flight data: * **American Rubyspots, Hetaerina americana** * were just emerging (VERY teneral, first flights)

Sonoma County. - K&DB/RM
At the Azalea Gardens (Sonoma Horticultural Gardens) in Sebastopol a hundred or more Exclamation Damsels, Zoniagrion exclamationis were seen. Also present were many CA Darners (males and females), Aeshna californica , plus quite a few Pacific and Western Forktails, Ischnura cervula and perparva . All Cardinal Meadowhawks, Sympetrum illotum, seen were females.

Sonoma County. - K&DB
At the Lake Ralphine in Santa Rosa a teneral female Pacific Clubtail, Gomphus kurilis was collected. Also present were CA Darners Aeshna californica , plus a few Pacific and Western Forktails, Ischnura cervula and perparva

San Francisco County. - Darren Fong
One of the Biologists saw **SF Forktail [Ischnura gemina]** on Presidio near last year's site on April 7th!

Sonoma County. - KB/RM
There were 6 species at Bigsnest Pond today! The newcomer was a female Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida. Also seen were several Exclamation Damsels, Zoniagrion exclamationis and CA Darner males, Aeshna californica , plus quite a few Pacific and Western Forktails, Ischnura cervula and I. perparva of which many females were ovipositing. At one point 5 pairs of Cardinal Meadowhawks, Sympetrum illotum, were tandem ovipositing at the same time while two single guys tried to disrupt the proceedings! Also the very first Anisoptera exuvia of the year (century?) for the pond was found today. It appears to be that of a Cardinal Meadowhawks, Sympetrum illotum. It was a very good day! :-)
Rod reported seeing another Beaverpond Baskettail, Epthica canis earlier in the day. It was flying high at treetop level and its behavior was very reminiscent of a Wandering Glider.

Sonoma County. - DE&DHo
Several * **Pacific Clubtails, Gomphus kurilis** * were seen along Pine Flat Rd. out of Healdsburg at a pond by a residence and further along the road. This is the first sighting this year and a new early flight record. Also seen for the first time and earlier than previous years was the * **Common Whitetail, Libellula lydia** *, the first Skimmer of the year. A male was seen. Seen also were Vivid Dancers, Argia vivida; Western Forktails, Ischnura perparva; and California Darners, Aeshna californica.
Sonoma County. - RM
A Beaverpond Baskettail, Epthica canis was seen again both perched and flying at Trenton-Healdsburg Rd., off River Rd, Healdsburg. Also seen were probable Exclamation Damsels, Zoniagrion exclamationis and Bluets.
Colusa County - AR &/or GG:
Lestes stultus - Goat Mtn Rd.

Sacramento County. - TM
I got out a bit in the beautiful weather yesterday (4/3), to the Consumnes River Preserve in south Sacramento Co. Walked the Lost Slough boardwalk trail from about 3-4 p.m. Saw 100+ Pacific Forktails I. cervula (many tandem pairs), 30-40 Variegated Meadowhawks, Sympetrum corruptum (some tandem pairs), modest numbers (15-20) of bluets, the only males netted being Tule Bluets, Enallagma carunculatum but others appeared possibly to be Familiar; and a couple of patrolling male* ** Common Green Darners, Anax junius** *. [This is new early flight data for the darner]. The "one that got away" was a male forktail of the denticollis/gemina variety, seen but not netted (I tried). Probably Black-fronted, as gemina is not known this far inland, but I wonder if gemina might not occur in the lower Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

4-01 & 02:
Mendocino County. - K&DB
It has been unusually warm in Coastal Northern California and Dave and I decided to drive up the Mendocino Coast for our 31st anniversary. It was in the 80s which is just unheard of! We started out driving up inland on Hwy 101 and stopped by at Real Goods Trading Co. in Hopland to check out their ponds (which have always been highly prolific in the past) to see if there were any newly emerged dragonfly species there. We saw a few CA Darners, Aeshna californica , and Cardinal Meadowhawks, Sympetrum illotum, plus quite a few Pacific and Western Forktails, Ischnura cervula and I. perparva. There was one new species flying however, it was **Northern Bluet, Enallagma cyathigerum ** in good numbers.
The next morning on the coast at Mackerricher State Park, north of Fort Bragg we stopped at Cleone Lake where again we saw a few CA Darners, Aeshna californica, and Cardinal Meadowhawks, Sympetrum illotum plus quite a few Pacific and Western Forktails, Ischnura cervula and I. perparva. flying. We were searching for the elusive Swift Forktail, Ischnura erratica but found none.
On our way home we stopped at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens to hike around (and show them my book, of course!). In the midst of a hike thru a wooded area next to a swiftly running mud-bottomed creek, 2 large dark damsels flew up! I thought at first that they might be Exclamation Damsels, Zoniagrion exclamationis, but they weren't. We spent a half hour or more trying to find some cooperative enuf to ID, and when they did we were amazed! They were the size of ZoneX!!, easily 1 1/2 times the size of adjacent Pacific Forktails. The blue on the top of the abdomen tip was only on segments 8-10, the thorax was blue with stripes that reminded us of a Bluet's typical markings. The lower appendages were quite long and pale colored (visible thru binoculars); the females were all dark on the abdomen (no blue tip to 'tail') and a dull forest green with stripes on the thorax. Although the habitat was completely different than that described in the Paulson/Cannings paper, we're quite certain that they were ** Ischnura erratica, the Swift Forktail! ** A lifer for us!


Sonoma County. - RM
A **Beaverpond Baskettail, Epthica canis** was seen flying at Trenton-Healdsburg Rd., off River Rd, Healdsburg. This 1st of the season flight record is earlier than that of the last several years.
Sonoma County. - DE
Pacific Forktails, Ischnura cervula were seen in good numbers along with many California Darners, Aeshna californica near Willowside Rd.
[California Darners, Aeshna californica were even seen at the bank parking lot in 'downtown' Sebastopol - KB]
Sonoma County. - K&DB
At Bigsnest Pond there were 3 pairs of Exclamtion Damsels, Zoniagrion exclamationis ovipositing into the undersides of Creeping Primrose leaves plus 2 more males. Also seen were 2 male Pacific Forktails, Ischnura cervula, and an ovipositing pair of Cardinal Meadowhawks, Sympetrum illotum plus one other male, which strangely is colored ORANGE! The high # of Cardinal Meadowhawks so far this year has been 6 including 2 ovipositing pairs. The aberrantly colored male was present last week also and photos were taken. A friend who lives 2 miles away also reported an orange- colored male Cardinal Meadowhawk at her pond.

San Bernardino County. - SPo

A Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula was seen and photographed at a pool at Zzyzx (that is not a misprint). There were only a few Odonates around so a return visit is in order. The only thing that may make life difficult is the large number of Mojave Chub in the pools at this location. Life must be tough for the nymphs...

Sonoma County. - RM

Today [snip] I saw a California Darner [Aeshna californica] feeding on insects and landing on the ground to eat them. I have not seen this behavior, ..... - Glen Ellen
- K&DB:

A male Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum stayed low on the beach rocks around Bigsnest pond most of the afternoon even though it was cool and windy. His efforts were rewarded when a female approached. They were soon tandem ovipositing into the pond. That taken care of, he flew off to warmer areas!
Hallberg Butterfly Gardens, Graton - K&DB with Louise Hallberg:
Forktails, Ischnura,
and a male Exclamation Damsel, Zoniagrion exclamationis were seen.
San Diego County. - RL:
I found some I. cervula, Pacific Forktail in Torrey Pines State Preserve. The female's eyes didn't have the color I thought a mature specimen would have but her body color looked mature. It had definitely not emerged that day.

Sonoma County. - KB:

I went out to look at Bigsnest pond and discovered a damselfly caught in a spider web (again). It looked slightly different, and still alive so I retrieved it and it turned out to be a male* **Western Forktail, Ischnura perparva * ** . This is the first sighting of the year and adds 10 days (and a new month!) to its flight season. Also seen was a Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum who flew by to check things out and a male Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula.
After an appointment in Santa Rosa during the afternoon I checked out Lake Ralphine where I found many dragonflies last year, however it was overcast and breezy and all I saw was one teneral damselfly just a few inches above its exuvia.

Sacramento County. - TM:

Had a young (not yet blue) male Enallagma [Bluet] in the yard today that looked like **civile [Familiar]**, but I didn't net it to be sure. It was either that or carunculatum[Tule].
Sonoma County. - KB:
Both a Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum and a few California Darners, Aeshna californica flew by to check out the pond briefly today. It is interesting how quickly these Odonates disperse! There were also Pacific Forktails, Ischnura cervula.

Sacramento County. - TM:

I went down to the Sacramento Bar area of the American River briefly from about 4-5 p.m. I put off going earlier because it was so windy here. It was still a bit windy, but less so, in the late afternoon. A modest number of [Pacific Forktail,] I. cervula were out and a few teneral [Bluets,] Enallagma (prob. carunculatum), but that was about it.
Sonoma County. - DE, Dho:
From a phone message: ~ a half dozen Vivid Dancers, Argia vivida were seen up on Geysers Rd., east of Geyserville, this time they were all males! Also seen was the very first * **Cardinal Meadowhawk, Sympetrum illotum ** * of the year (a male - photos taken). This is almost a whole month earlier than our previously recorded early date of April 11th!
Sonoma County. - KB:
When I came home at noon today I was delighted to find a male ** *Exclamation Damsel, Zoniagrion exclamationis * ** staking a territory on our Bigsnest pond. This is actually one day earlier than the new early date ascertained last year. Obviously this male had emerged several days ago as he was already mature. There were also 2 Pacific Forktails on the pond, one male and one female. It was 82 out so I decided to head to the nearby Laguna Wetlands Park, in Sebastopol. There were many Pacific Forktails, and at least 3 Darners. I couldn't catch any, but based on their small size, blue-green eyes, greenish blue face and lack of top thoracic stripes, I'm certain they were **California Darners, Aeshna californica** . This is the first sighting of the year, but 2 days later than the earliest sighting reported in other years. All 3 were on patrol but no females were seen. One's wings were very glossy as if it were quite 'new'. On another pond in the park there were** *Tule Bluets, Enallagma carunculatum, * ** . There were at least 3 males and one tandem pair; this is also a first sighting of the year and a new early flight date by 9 days. When I returned at 3 p.m. it was 87 out!! There were also Pacific Forktails, Ischnura cervula at both Sebastopol sites. Of interest was that no Variegated Meadowhawks were seen.

San Francisco County. - Laureen:

[Excerpts from several emails] This morning I found a dragonfly lying in the middle of a sidewalk in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf area while I was walking to work. Since it was alive I put it in a pot of plants outside a store. Now it is 11:00 p.m. and I just went back to see if it was still there. It was still alive in the same stupor. It is 2 1/2 inches long from head to tail tip and each wing is about 1 1/4 inches long. It is black and brown with a pattern on its body that is like African art with a tiny bit of white, tan and brown between black bands. The wings are clear with a very short line of black on the front edge of each wing near the ends. [she is asked to check out the photos of Variegated Meadowhawks at the website]
4-19 - The dragonfly does look like a variegated meadowhawk, [Sympetrum corruptum,] and it did die while I was at work. I do wonder how it ever got to my neighborhood or why it would come here. Maybe with all the wind it just got blown off course.
[Interesting that this one was dying of apparent old age and that they are not now being seen in the #s reported during the winter months -KB]

San Diego County. - Lynn Monroe:

* **Flame Skimmer** *, female, Mountain Palm Springs, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
* **Red-veined meadowhawk (Sympetrum madidum)** * - photographed at Mountain Palm Springs

Sonoma County. - DE, Dho:

From a phone message: ~ a half dozen Vivid Dancers, Argia vivida were seen up on Pine Flat Rd., east of Healdsburg. Some were just emerging and looked like wiggley worms still, while others were already hardened and blue and black colored. This is a new early flight record for the species in CA. by 16 days.
Alameda County. - SP:
I have the week off and was out working in my yard yesterday when along came this lovely damselfly. It had a light gray body [by Fisher!] with 4 black spots on the dorsal side. There was a final longish black mark on its penultimate section, just before the tail end. Not sure just what manner o'ode it was, but it was real and accommodated me by perching itself on a rock next to me. [sounds like a male Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula] - Livermore backyard.
Sonoma County. - KB:
Sebastopol - A male Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula joined the female at Bigsnest Pond today. A possible teneral Vivid Dancer, Argia vivida flew off from the road side ditch nearby where only Vivid Dancers have been seen before.

Contra Costa County. - CH:

The first weekend without rain on CC county, So I checked my usual haunts around Mt Diablo. I managed to spot and photograph two species of damsels, [* **Vivid Dancer,] Argia vivida ** * and [Pacific Forktail,] Ischnura cervula.. I'll email photos when the roll is finished and developed. Haven't seen any dragons yet. [This is 19 days earlier than Vivid Dancers have previously been recorded as flying in CA]

Marin County. - GdN:

I have been seeing damselflies here for a couple of weeks; no dragons yet. Audubon Canyon Ranch, Bolinas
Sonoma County. - KB:
The first damselfly to 'hang around' the pond arrived today - a presumably lonely female Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula. Bigsnest Pond, Sebastopol.

Sonoma/Marin County. -RM:

A phone message said there were still many Pacific Forktails, Ischnura cervula emerging and also a pair ovipositing at the Sonoma/Marin County line, close off of Hwy 101, the same spot where they were first seen the 1st.

Sonoma County. -AW:

Petaluma - I walked the loop at Shollenberger Park this afternoon (3/12) and found one Pacific Forktail, [Ischurna cervula]: very small overall size, dark abdomen except for two blue bands near tip, thorax sides blue, thorax top black with four blue dots at corners - front dots very small. No other Odonata.
Siskiyou County. -BC:
Variegated Meadowhawk, Sympetrum corruptum - 2nd sighting of the year here.

Sonoma County. -K&DB:

Two teneral damselflies seen, probably Pacific Forktails, Ischnura cervula.. 7 Variegated Meadowhawks, Sympetrum corruptum seen, inc. one pair ovipositing; one male netted and examined in hand: mature in coloration but not an aged individual. It appeared to be 'fresh'. - Laguna Wetlands Park, Sebastopol
Also seen was the first damselfly to emerge from Bigsnest Wildlife Pond. - Sebastopol backyard.

Sacramento, Sacramento County. -TM:

Didn't have to go too far to see my first definite I. cervula [Pacific Forktail] of the year; one in the backyard this afternoon while doing yard work (me, not the bug). - Sacramento backyard
Sonoma/Marin County line. -RM:
After yesterday's brutal thunderstorms the # of damselflies at the site Rod first visited on the 1st was greatly reduced, but there were still dozens. A male and a female Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula were collected. Pond on cow pasture, near Highway 101.
Sonoma County. -KB:
Two damselflies seen. One was positively IDed as a female Pacific Forktail, Ischnura cervula.. Interestingly, no Variegated Meadowhawks were seen today although more than 4 were seen last month, inc. a pair ovipositing. Laguna Wetlands Park, Sebastopol

Highway 101, Sonoma/Marin County line. -RM:

A phone message said there were 100s of damselflies emerging near the Sonoma/Marin County line, close off of Hwy 101 in a cow pasture with a pond. They are * ** Pacific Forktails, Ischnura cervula ** * . He saw a Male and a female in tandem so presumably these individuals emerged in February.


Sacramento, Sacramento County. -TM:

...1-2 S. corruptum, [Variegated Meadowhawk] in the backyard today.

Bodega, Sonoma County. -AW:

I went out to Salmon Creek Road north of Bodega on Saturday afternoon. I saw five species of butterflies and quite a few dragonflies. The dragonflies that I got a good look at were all similar: small/medium overall size; abdomen a green/red mosaic; thorax sides dark with two short pale-yellow stripes; eyes reddish. These appear to be Variegated Meadowhawks, [Sympetrum corruptum] also. Are there other possibilities?
[probably not!]
Sebastopol, Sonoma County. - K&DB:
It reached just about to 70 for the 2nd day in a row so Dave and I decided to drive out to the nearby Laguna to see if any Pacific Forktails, I. cervula had emerged yet. Alas, no not yet. But, while there, Dave said, "I see one!" He was looking out into the middle of the old sewer pond so I wondered how it could be that he was seeing a cervula there. But he said, "It's a Sympetrum corruptum [Variegated Meadowhawk]!" And sure enuf. There it was! And acting fairly territorial too! So we were pretty excited. Then a few mins. later another male flew out and chased him! Then we found another male just a few yards up the path and then Dave yelled, "Kathy, look! There's a tandem pair!" And right there before our unbelieving eyes she started ovipositing! Two other males came in to challenge, but they got no where. The tandem pair spent 6-10 mins ovipositing before splitting up. We could hardly believe it! And I thought April 1st was early at this same site last year when I found a pair ovipositing then! We saw some more Variegateds as we walked around the 2 other ponds on the site. So there were at least 4 (all seen in one view) and probably 7. Pretty exciting! We keep wondering if these are over-winterers or migrants (surely not newly emerged!).
Siskiyou Co. - BC:
Dogget Creek -
Variegated Meadowhawks, Sympetrum corruptum - first dragonfly of year in Siskiyou Co. [of interest is that it appeared at just about the same time in far northern CA as central CA!]

Bodega, Sonoma County. -DE:

Along Salmon Creek Road near Bodega, we saw S. corruptum , Variegated Meadowhawk, about half a dozen. There again appeared to be both males and females as one was a bright red while another was grayish.

Sacramento, Sacramento County. -TM:
Annette and I were walking out the front door at about noon today, and Annette spotted an S. corruptum , [Variegated Meadowhawk] perched on the front porch! It looked "old and gray," definitely not a recent emerger (although they may tend to look less colorful in winter because of the cooler temperatures, rather than "old age"; what do you think?).
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Sacramento County. - TM:

Today (Wednesday) was so nice and sunny I made a quick visit from around 4-5 p.m. to George Dunmore Park (vernal pools in valley grassland) and finally saw my first dragonflies of the year, 1-2, unfortunately too distant to positively ID, but Sympetrum corruptum , Variegated Meadowhawk seemed the most likely suspect (It was my first positively IDed dragonfly last year at the same spot, but at the considerably later date of April 2). If weather conditions hold (periods of showers interspersed with relatively warm, sunny spells) it may be an earlier year for stuff than last year was.
Bodega, Sonoma County. -DE:
Today on Salmon Creek Road near Bodega, we saw several dragonflies which surely were S. corruptum , Variegated Meadowhawk. There appeared to be both males and females as one was a bright red while another was grayish.



Sebastopol, Sonoma County. -DH:

A single unidentified dragonfly was seen in a vineyard on Burnside Rd.

Sonoma County . - AW:

A couple of ***Sympetrum corruptum , Variegated Meadowhawks*** were seen after the warm, wet storm blew through.
[ed. Note: Andy Rehn has seen that (or heard of it) almost every year and one year he even caught a Variegated M. on January 2, right after a warm southern storm.]

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TG=Terri Gallion
LBG=Leda Beth Gray
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KH=Keith Hansen
CH=Chris Heaivilin
DH=David Hofmann
SDI=Steven Dean Irvine
AJ=Alvaro Jaramillo

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SL=Steve Linsley
DL=David Lukas
RL=Ron Lyons
TM=Tim & Annette Manolis
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GZ=Gary Zamzow

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