The BELOMO 10x Triplet, Loupe and lanyard:
Azalea Creek's Retail Price: ONLY $34.95

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Buy the lens and lanyard already put together!

Belomo size, when closed, is ~1" wide, 1" deep and 1.5" long.

This is the best 10x loupe for the price I have ever found. I have seen many reviews on this loupe and they all refer to the great quality for the great price. I personally prefer this to my more expensive loupe.

The lens on this triplet is 21 mm diameter, 19 viewable, which is almost exactly twice the viewable area of a many other loupes.

You get to see MORE bug!

The true 3 element achromatic lens provides a bright and crisp view without color distortion. The housing is metal so it will not break like some other "cheap" hand lenses. Focal distance is 28 mm. It can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

For $34.95 you can't go wrong with this one. Buy two or three, you won't regret it.

What makes this loupe better than the others?.....The screws are treated to help ensure that they will not loosen with usage; the view is crisp.
Mike May, co-author of the Dragonfly & Damselfly Manuals says, It really is excellent - widest field triplet I've seen.

About the lanyard:

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The lanyard has some very nice features:
It has a side release buckle that allows you to remove the loupe from the lanyard without having to take the lanyard off of your neck.
This is GREAT for sharing in the field. NEW is an added "capture feature" on the lanyard to hold the loupe in place. This provides extra protection from the elements and the tough webbing material now extends all of the way around the loupe to hold it in place while not in use. You won't find this feature on ANY other lanyards anywhere. The lanyard length is 36" (See the pictures above.)

Price only $34.95

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